Lazy to blog


Photo taken 28th February 2003

Today is Feb 27th, 2005. 5xMoM is too lazy to blog due to oversleeping and a potential flu bugs invasion.

Shoo, bugs, shoo. Stop eating my brains.

More later……

P/S : Twinsmom!!!! Draw a red egg for me, ok? In case I forgot to boil some myself.

13 thoughts on “Lazy to blog

  1. wah,ni lagi hebat…2 years old only aldy can write fluent manglish woh!can even use the computer and write comment….kerek giler!

  2. Paul Tan did not read fine prints leh. You think 5xmom just gave birth to new baby, eh? That photo is a photo of Matthew, #5 son taken few minutes after his birth on February 28th two zero zero THREE.

    Jason : Talking heads in action.

  3. Happy Birthday To You, Matthew !
    You are – hey, 2 years old liao..!
    Be mommy’s good boy okay? Btw, I heard you
    stopped wathching Barney 3 days liao…
    Don’t forget ok! must watch again..heeheehee..
    Mommy feels lonely when you do not play Barney now..

    May you grown up to be a good good boy !

  4. Wah ET you are early. But KS Tang is even earlier. Thank you, thank you. I have put up the blog meant for tomorrow, today.

    Wah, Anwar, you are only 18. So, does it makes you nostalgic of yourself as a baby? Put up your baby photo and share?

  5. Donch blmae you for being lazy to blog.. šŸ™‚ i have the bug too.. šŸ™ so like you .. i can’t think straight..!!

  6. Happy Birthday Matthew….that also means Auntie mama22beas has known your mommy for two years. Your mommy dissapeared for a few days, tup-tup we got announcement that you were born.

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