Send some kisses over, please

Little toddler is scared of fire, beetles, firecrackers, crabs with legs twitching and just about anything unfamiliar. So, toddler freaked out upon seeing brothers lighting the candles. Two candles on an ice-cream cake. Mommy had gotten the cake one day early. Being two years old, you have no right to choose. If big bros fancy some ice-cream cake today, you have to celebrate your birthday today.

After all the frights big bros gave me, I decided to take revenge. My mommy as usual, is not around to save me because she is always behind that damn camera. Even when I am going to pee in my pants due to frights, she will be calling me, like an idiot (mommy, not me),
“Look here, Matthew, smile, baby”
So, I became the big bad wolf, huffing and puffing the candle down. But hey, the fire is gone!

And while mommy is still jumping like a monkey at the other end, snapping so many photos for dunno what, I took the knife and stab and smash the cake. I hate ice-cream so why are you all getting me an ice-cream cake for MY birthday. Ish, I certainly don’t get much rights as a toddler. Wait till next year, I am gonna dictate my own life.

Uncles and aunties, kor-kor and cheh-cheh, please send me some kisses on my two years old birthday. ‘Cos my mommy is not getting me any birthday present, no chicks (like Uncle Buaya’s Sue-Ann, Isabelle and Annabelle, MG’s ‘older woman’ toddler, Mrs T’s Chloe etc) to celebrate with me and not even a new shirt or pants. *muak* Love, Matthew!

25 thoughts on “Send some kisses over, please

  1. Happy birthday,Matthew! šŸ™‚ Everybody loves Matthew,right?
    *how come february got so many ppl birthday ah?I just found another person who shares the same birthday with me today.*

  2. si lilian, i just saw your message on the chatterbox.. damn disheartening man.. ppl improve ma.. if the new self is still as boring as the old self then die lorr.. last time i starter like to report what i did ma.. say here n there… you october 2004 kia.. i january 2004 ho.. faster call me korkor la! šŸ˜›

    btw they probably dono what the hell am i talking about ahahah

    still, happy bday matthew.

  3. Munkit – Want me to leak out the part about ‘I just finished my bath and I am in my bath towel….’ OK, sembah latok munkit la because you are older than me a lot.
    Sylvia – I tried posting comments but dunno why the comment board always hang on me. MG site lagi teruk, my browser terus hang. TQ.
    Cheryl, Sarah, Jason – TQ, TQ.

  4. Lolx…”chan nin wong si” mau take it out to discuss meh?I also went through ALL mun kit’s post ler…haha!!kai ma,mau bully datuk mun kit,call me along! hahaha……

  5. Happy Birthday..Matt..!!!

    From Chloe and AuntieTweety from Canada

    PS :- We chup you to be Chloe’s future b/f hor..???!!??

  6. Matthew, here’s sexymama giving you one sexy kiss…. MWA!!!! Eh, why your mummy so kiamsiap don’t give you present one?

  7. Matthew, here’s kor-kor Ian and mei-mei Jean wishing you “Happy Birthday!”
    Come, auntie give u a kiss! *muaks*

  8. arrrrr.. i dunno what happend with the comment board wor? cause other also can post up their comment. i try to check on it, ok?

  9. ya.. forgot my son and twins daughters wish.Kor kor Carter and mei mei Carol and Carrie give Matthew *big kiss* and sing a birthday song to him.. hehe (my son only know how to sing, cause he saw your son pic got birthday cake then he start singing the birthday song)

  10. Happy belated birthday.. my baby cousin “Thew..Thew”!

    Aunt Lilian, show more pictures of other lovely (and sometimes mischievous) cousins of mine too.

    Should give more attention to the brothers too…. especially the “camera-shy” Jeff..

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