Red egg auntie

Ladies and gentlemen, abang dan kakak sekalian, kor-kor and cheh-cheh, Auntie Maria aka Twinsmom has a pair of twins toddler and yet, she has time to blog and draw comics. My mommy has only one toddler (and 3 big kor-kors who are already independent), that’s me, and yet she hasn’t got time to make some real red eggs for me. So, Auntie Maria has given me these:


Comics from Double Happiness’s blog.


Have you all check out Double Happiness‘s comic strips? No? Aiyoh…quickly go over for some laughs with Auntie Maria.

Thank you Auntie Maria, love Matthew.
*now, going to dig mommy out of bed to boil me real red eggs*

LATEST EDITION : Check out the red eggs in Penang Faces blog.

10 thoughts on “Red egg auntie

  1. Wah seh,very bangga lah now u,Matthew.;)
    Your mummy really one big fat lazy pig hor,until now still dun want to blog,ask u blog blog blog…khikhikhi

  2. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY MATTHEW!!!! May all your wishes come true and God bless!! (psst! i have a sure way to wake up your mum, pour a pail of water on her!!! hahahah! ;P )

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