Blink and where is PPS traffic?

Aha….finally I got a little ‘not so lazy’ mood and has blinked almost all the blogs I read. Well, I confess I don’t read all the blogs every day. Only certain days when I have the spare time. As you all know, I am a *ahem* very busy woman and hence, can only steal a minute here and a minute there, in between chores like washing dirty bottoms, ironing underwears, brushing toilet bowls with a toothbrush and counting hairs stuck to the drainpipe cover. On top of running my parenting forum and 3 email Yahoo groups. So, if I have missed out anyone, please let me know? I love to include as many blogs a possible. Easier for me to read. Another thing – sorry that I did not organise the links in any particular order. Truly sorry for that because I have no idea about blogrolling or want to separate out blogs I love and blogs I truly love. So, all the links are pretty rojak. I think I blink 16 years old to 61 years old bloggers, from diverse topics. If you do not want to be placed next to someone you don’t like (kikhkikhkikh), let me know? Or if you bueh tahan (cannot stand) me and wish not to see your blog here, flame me?

Now, I need help from some IT whiz. Can someone please tell me why the traffic from Project Petaling Street is not registered in my OneStat? Previously when I was using my blogspot account, traffic from PPS is registered. But now, with my own domain, it isn’t there anymore. SOS!!!! please help save me? I am desperate to find out. I am hungry for traffic all the time and wonder if my current numbers include traffic from PPS. The code is copied from my onestat at my earlier blog. Can this be the reason?

One more thing – Whoever is in charge of Project Petaling Street, I am really sorry that I sometimes ter-ping double entries. Because I have a fickle mind and after ping-ing, I sometimes added something within a few minutes. I only realised that this will cause double entries. Sorry ya?

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  1. what type of traffic traking system are you using, is it built in to your platform? i think if you are using sitementer (, they are pretty reliable, other than that, maybe ppl just key in your URL to read your site, which is something even better.

  2. never used onestat before, but after quick ‘source view’, your onestat tracker seems to be configured for your blogspot account ..
    did you change your onestat account to reflect your new domain, (if needed lah of course) ?
    it seems that you hosted this website with hulksolutions. Don’t they provide raw apache logs for your use (or an equivalent integrated web stats) ?

    if you do have access to the raw log, u might consider installing your own log analyser on your website .. like awstats (using perl, if supported, cf

    other than that .. no idea more lah (not yet, need to sleep and mimpi first) how to help you on this..
    eh u have other referer or not?

    ps: jason, her links does not fit in my 17″ screen with browser full screen mode šŸ˜€

  3. waaa .. now i understand why you dont have PPS referers stat !!

    simply because, u dont put the code in each of your blog page

    u gave to PPS

    so they click from PPS, they came here, but here got no “spy” .. no spy = no information .. that’s why no PPS in your stat..

    just put in your template the tracker code .. gerenti ok lah..

    but if you have access to raw apache log, use that lah, more reliable and precise !

    note to my self .. waa blum tido dah mimpi woo šŸ˜€

  4. i think you nid to go to your onestat account and reconfigure your url:

    your source:
    ~ Modification of this code is not allowed and will permanently disable your account!
    ~ Account ID : 215155
    ~ Website
    ~ Copyright (C) 2002-2004 All Rights Reserved

    btw i since you have the domain and host of your own, do you have access to cpanel?

    because with cpanel you can actually install many built-in stats.. they’re more detailed. i think most of the hosts would bundle stats along with host when you buy it.

    not bad not bad.. my name is together-gether with mumsgather ahah

  5. Since my name together-gether with munkit, I must post comment together-gether with munkit lah hor. Comment for this post so many jargon, so complcated this auntie no understand, headache liao..bye..

  6. Jason, I still missed out a few. Now, I must go and add more. Wait till they produce 42″ screen ok?
    Eileen – don’t believe a word I said!
    Mrs. T – It is my pleasure.
    Peggy – I do log on to your blog often to hear about the Gold Coast.
    Mr. Kiasu – I had two, Nedstat and Onestat which is copied over from my previous blog. Will explore others now.

    AWWWW…that means the traffic I am looking at now is not the total traffic? I can roughly understand why now. But Munkit and Saintis, the problem is I did not like to kacau the guys who set it up for me. Looks like I better go kacau Paul for this. I like to be inti-pendant, dun like to act dumb blonde like dat.

    BTW, my package does not come with cpanel. I know cpanel ‘cos my other website has cpanel. This site only small fry package so no fancy frills. Urgggh…I think I am getting too obssessed with traffic. But then, who doesn’t, right?

    Thanks for all your inputs.
    Paul!!!! Where are you? Tweak some buttons for me please.

  7. MG – He did not notice that both also M.u. mah, so mah side by side lor. He perasan that he is being favoured and got a top position leh. Actually, I steal some of the links from Twinsmom, Buaya, Pok Ku, Michael Ooi and my site traffic for the week, month and year! You want the link, just copy the code lah, save you a few hours of work.

    SP – It’s my pleasure!

  8. you want me help also can la.. since i’m free. your comment to MG like damn haolian liddat.. -_-”

  9. Whts up mom… any prob with your site meter reading… [dont tell me u dont pay a bill hah] May I know ur Website admin apps u r using now… if ur pack dnt hav cpanel.

    If im not mistaken ur FREE website tracker [thats OneStat acc] need to reconfigure for ur newly domain name. Thats [with www or not ups to you’lah], besides than [from ur ‘ole site].

    So change ur site info @ OneStat, save the changes and generate new html code [if there an option].

    Copy and paste new code to ur blog template… [Im guessing now ur using Movable type right?] at the apprte place. Then again, save the changes @ ur Movable type acc…

    Then, for a while try login to ur OneStat again… and see the differen… Any changes mate??

    Maybe this can help, if not… maybe someone OneStat user out there can help. For now Im using Blogpatrol and eXTReMe Tracking for my site.

  10. hehe,i’m below twimsmom,wai sui loh~hahahha! šŸ˜‰ okok,hao lian and kembang liao.

    munkit and saintis kreko,you 2 damn hebat lah.i also neglected this little thingy but crucial enuff.hahaha,well done lah!never i realized that the little code caused so much big head to auntie. šŸ˜›

    now back to my study. šŸ™

  11. Psssttt…Munkit and Jason ah, you two kenot keep quiet hor? I purposely put both of you high-high la. So that in case some lengluis want to surf blogs, they find your names first mah. But I dun wan ppl say I pilih kasih mah.

    Munkit – I took your suggestion, signed up for a new tracker and 9T9, now I got two counters, so very the kiasu of me. Later on when the new counter is working well, I will delete the old code because it is still in my old blog.

  12. lilian,

    thanks for linking to me. i used to be obsessed with traffic too but nowadays, i rarely check.

  13. this one also call kiasu mer.. you should go n see that loctor got how many trackers šŸ˜›

  14. wah.. then you must write “munkit, cute guy” mah.. ah duh.. liddat also few ppl will click one la :pPp

  15. Auntie Lilian ah,your blog mostly aldy reach adult hood lah.only left me and munkit those youngsters or early adult hood lah!of coz lah kecoh abit,if not,your blog will be not that kecoh mah!

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