Orang tua miang and its relation to 5xMoM

Gigolo, orang tua miang, panties…..What do these things have in common? 5xMomM!

Aha! Paul Tan has given me the URL to my apache something. Meaning I do have my own stats registry. And guess what I found in the search strings? Hohohoho, this is so funny. All those people looking for panties and gigolos had crawled to my site. *sigh* Nervous….I am stalked by all sort of people. In bold is the search string, in bracket is my comments.

lilian too : (helllooo, my name is Lilian spelt with one L, that other auntie with bad voice has two LL leh. My surname is Chan and I am Lilian too.)

auntie spanking : (Adoi, someone with a fetish for auntie spanking has stumbled upon me. Is that you Munkit?)

find pro gigolo : (Wei, I don’t offer gigolo service, ok? I only H U M O U R about it, ok?)

gigolo kota padang : (Ini lagi dashyat. Want gigola from padang kota pulak.)

lingerie : (OK lah, this one I agree lah, I did blog it.)

matchmaking : (Oso never mind la. I can get side income and eat pig’s leg.)

mental illness malaysia : (Mental? Nothing mental about my blog. Maybe other blog got la.)

orang tua miang : (Walau-eh, orang tua miang. Kahkahkah, Auntie orang tua miang. Miang keladi pulak tu. Keladi yang masak pengat mya.)

pak tai shaw : (Can someone please tell me what the heck is this?)

panties pms : (Ei, what does panty gotta do with PMS? PMS relates to murder or strangle or something like dat mah.)

17 thoughts on “Orang tua miang and its relation to 5xMoM

  1. haha .. this is one of the main reason why i keep a stat .. there are a lot of “search strings” that makes me laugh like hell .. i even get “Gay main bontot” once..

    ps: i assume u settled ur referer problem lah .. ok .. going back to undercover mode

  2. lilian too itu main fengshui mya auntie.. ini lilian chan tak main fengshui mya.. matchmaking!!! that might have been my request

  3. – auntie spanking : (Adoi, someone with a fetish for auntie spanking has stumbled upon me. Is that you Munkit?)

    mai shiok sendiri la -_-~

  4. lilian says:

    * lilian appears offline and may not reply

    bo liow.. ask you to intro syt only go offline liow..

  5. My internet connection pulak driving me crazy lah. Line cut off la, cannot complete downloading page la, I wrote long long comment on MG’s blog (I HATE DENTIST) all hilang. So, so mad.

    Twinsmom – wei, what toy? toy boy? muahahaha
    Munkit – I kena cut off line and then, now MSN tak jalan pulak, said connectivity problem, i think I had been hacked. Our IM too saucy liao.

    Saintis -Kena main buntut? kahkahkah. I solved it by pasting the code over to another page. Thanks to Mun Kit and all your information.

  6. I think the one who search for “Auntie Spanking” sure is not MunKit one lah.You see hor,MunKit is a bisexual guy.He loves Orlando Bloom and Ruby Lin at the same time.Somemore he “pau” both of them,how can he got fetsih for “Auntie” and “Spanking”?

    The way Twinsmom put the “toy” macam Auntie Lilian found a new sex toy like that.*shivers*

    The “Find Pro Gigolo” must be refering to MunKit one lah.Remember he offered himself to sell his butt in that post?

    Hahaha…Mine only got 2 funny one.
    “Deflowering my cousin”
    “Hustler Cencorship Board”

  7. Not our IM kena hack lah,I also cant connect ler.Auntie,you dun so berat sebelah,intro SYT to MunKit but not me ah!

  8. ET – Not sure got free provider got give or not but with our paid domain, we have a log where they show what drove people to our site. Like in MyMomsBest? All those looking for breasts stumbled into breastfeeding. Very fun wan.
    Jason – Wah, exam over liao, si fook sai, come and ka ka cao cao aunties again la?

  9. shut up penny~ :!(@#_!@#)@!*(#(&*#@%(#$% you even put that as your msn nick!!

    -PeNNyPupZ.rAviShiNg.neT ;p haha munkit’s fetish for auntie spankings! ROFLMAO!!! says:

    she mau mati liow..

  10. Haha. Now Lilian will be cracking her head to think of new words and terms to see what her search engine log will turn up. Its really funny. Eh, what you wrote huh? All lost adi so sayang!!! Your pc oso like mine got sick ah. So fed up when slow like dat, mine was a streamyx and wiring problem now fixed adi. Yahoo! Can blog again.

  11. pak tai shaw is Mr Tai Shaw
    Gigolo kota padang is Gigolo from a town called Padang-Indonesia. Kota is bandar in Indonesian word. hoho

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