The gamblers’ bible

bible, spelt with a small letter, as defined by WordWeb is

A book regarded as authoritative in its field.

Whereas, Bible, the one I commonly read is

The sacred writings of the Christian religions.

So don’t campur aduk the thing and then flame me hor? I made this very clear from the beginning liao, I only H U M O U R. I do not gamble because I believe God provides. But if you got any good tips, I can always tell my atm to strike it rich on my behalf.

Today’s lesson is about The gamblers’s bible. This book here is what I inherited from my late mother-in-law. This bible is also the kind of bible my late mom used to read when I was small. In fact, she was so good in memorising them and I have also acquired some of her skills.

I believe many young people have not seen this very important, very informative and very cun book. Nowadays, Magnum and Da Ma Cai computerised everything liao, no more chiqik. It promises many people hopes, of getting rich, that is. I do not read Mandarin so I do not know who are the figures mentioned below.

If you have dreams, then you seek the bible. You dream of elephants? (after reading my most humourous Tsunami‘s blog?) Then see what the bible says:

I can rattle off several hot numbers like:
932 = money
018 218 = pineapple
(thanks to GUB2 for pointing out.)
569 = coffin
584 = mata keranjang (humsup fler like a certain Mr. Han, lusty male)
606 = phyton
932 = cobra
880 = backside/arse
268 = jamban (latrine/olden toilet)

Phew…I can go on and on. So I shall stop here. But aha, 5xMoM is a very generous person, believing in spreading goodwill, happiness and prosperity. So, if your religion does not forbid you to play with these sort of bible, then go buy RM1 big, RM1 small on 1570, in Sports Toto, Magnum and Da Ma Cai. Check bible what is 570?

Clever boys and girls! Yes, it is durian. A fruit that rhymes with my name. A thorny, pokey, sharp fruit which has a golden, rich and rewarding taste. Very much like what I want my blog to be.

Pssst…Dear God, Can you adjust the stars a bit and make this come true either today or this weekend? If possible, first prize in all 3 Toto/Magnum and DMCai? If they strike, they will belanja me mah. And if they strike it big, they will even sponsor my site. That way, I can become overnight success, breathing and preaching Bible and bible in the same breath. Amen!

27 thoughts on “The gamblers’ bible

  1. ahhaha my gradmom has that with her.. she’s a loser.. loser not bcoz she sucks.. that is bcoz of her whole life buying 4D she hardly wins any šŸ˜› but she used to tell me a lot about the apparent ‘knowledge’ that can be obtained from that ‘bible’ ahaha.. ok.. now what’s the representation for ‘blogs’ in number?

  2. Aiyah…forgot to include one more point. This bible also a good way to learn Bahasa Malaysia. I learnt most of my BM from here when I was small. Last time where got buku kerja and buku rujukan.

  3. 509 – checked liao lur. Two of them are here kao kao chan mah. Hahaha, Jason and Munkit are going to be so curious liao. Nyek Nyek Nyek.

  4. Hoi.509!Apa tu?!!!Faster tell!!!Hoi!!!!Wei!!!Hoi!!!509 stand for apa??!!!

    Eh,who copy your smiley ah?its not registered under ur name or copyrighted.

  5. Hahha..I thought my mum was the only one who is still keeping this book!! Actually Auntie Lilian, this book is quite accurate. My mum dreamt about my late grandmother before and she put in a number 9 in the 4 digits she bought and she won! Not a lot lah but she won lah..hehe..
    The book has weird weird things like dreaming of a “nail”, “longkang” or “pontianak”.

  6. i think this book also got the numbers for bathing and weewee one right?? haha..

    anybody wanna buy this book can go sunshine square and find… hehe… saw it there before.. but pls remember me when you win something k..

  7. Ephinestone – They still sell it? Wow! Mine one koyak liao. There are two version – one is the Tua Pek Kong (mine) and the other is the Hoot Chor Ma. The things and numbers different leh, so can go gila trying to buy both books number.
    Cherry – My mom did strike numbers quite regularly. She won many times buying my eldest son’s birthcert – 1880 (kah chirng) and my #2 son bc too.
    Ok lah, Munkit is not 509 but 584 la.

  8. check out 565 weh..hisap chandu, my uncle has that..and the pictures has colors to it summore…ur version must be an old one adi =P

  9. I remember that book sitting on the book shelf collecting dust at home!! I used to browse through it but couldn’t figure out of what use it is. Now I know.. and I’m over 21.. can gamble already.. but wait.. Kelantan mana ada Toto, 4D, Magnum and DMC? (maybe the underground ones lah) šŸ˜›

  10. Haha, Auntie Lilian, this probably would have come in handy during the CNY holidays. Too bad not many know of it nowdays šŸ˜›

  11. Aiyo, gamble also must read chinese bible one. I only seen this kind of bible once in my life time, that was 20 years ago, now MPH got sell or not?

  12. Auntie, just dropping by to tell you that I am hanging up the blogging boots soon, Brand New Malaysian will be continued by someone else. Finally reached the time that I finished my doctorate in Connecticut. I’ll still drop by regularly. Specifically, please pass on my sadness for Ryan, when he lost his fight, I think I too lost a little heart to blog about things, when I think to myself what good is all my talk when much too often, politics, business and the technology we have still does very little for the one person we always forget. Mothers. My last blog entry will be for my mothers and moms all over. Cheerio and do blog on, it has been a laugh reading your point of views.


  13. Huiyoh! I can remember that bible during my stays with my long-gone granny. I remember that there are more stuffs to read at the back than just those pics with numbers, but cannot quite remember what they are. 5xmom, check yours whether got or not.

    018 = pineapple?
    I’ve always thought that 218 = pineapple.

  14. My mum used it to buy 4D,but me and hubby dun gamble. Last time my hubby car number out on magnum 4d no.1 every ppl said my hubby rich liao lor got kena magnum no.1.My hubby said he didnt gamble, but so many ppl dun believe.haiz.

  15. Sylvia – Awww…wasted. We usually buy our new car number for several months but never kena before.
    GUB2 – 218! Chey…wrong liao. At the back got two digit numbers wan. Old ppl like to buy two digit. RM1 get RM45 or RM60 like dat. But it has to be the first prize number only.
    Mack – Oh, I am going to miss you. I had been dropping by your blog but keep forgetting my Type Key p/w and cannot say anything though I wanted to tell you that I support your thoughts all the time. (those related to religion and racial matters). Best of luck to you and may you return, louder and even stronger!
    Pok Ku – Durian kampung lagi best kan, buah jatuh, sarung naik.
    Izuan – Yalah, nowadays computerised, got ratio and chances of winning, history of the numbers striking 1st prize etc.
    Eileen – Glad you learn something today.

    Doc – 2650 (last time I asked the price)
    Mr Kiasu – Usually in Penang, the bigger newspaper stalls sell it. But not so fun ‘cos the Bahasa Malaysia is modern, not like those olden ones.

    Mrs T – hahaha, almost every Chinese home used to have them here in Malaysia.
    S-Kay – wah, got colour somemore? Never seen a new version before.

  16. I just watch the Astro new that in Penang they caught a largest underground 4 digits syndicate wor, you want to take over or not kikhkikhkikhkikh…

  17. Wut? Really? I want, I want. Last time, my mil is an agent leh. She very daring wan, got police ransacked the house that time, she put those small little chits into her mouth! I love my mother-in-law! Too bad I did not know her well enough before she got stroke. God bless her soul.

  18. Sei lar, twinsmom, dunno police can come and catch me or not for promoting illegal gambling through my blog. *muahahaha*

  19. *pi poh pi poh pi poh* Police siren. Lilian faster run! Hehe. Anyway, my aunts bought numbers for “siu chee” using the “bible” during “pai thee kong” and won wor….

  20. aiya! better look up the bible and refresh memory liao. long time never strike adi. anybody got number to give me? i give my aunt buy, she very ‘ong’ 1 always strike.

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