You are keeping a low profile?

“You are keeping a low profile lately?”

I was lost for words. This comes from someone whom had seen me going, going, going against the tide. Someone whom provided me lots and lots of encouragement. I would seek out his opinions whenever I have some crazy ideas to pursue. And all those ideas had either materialised or the deeds done.

At one point, I was like some overnight celeb with newspapers, magazines and hospitals contacting me. Not to mention having to deal with phone calls from strangers etc.

My reply was, “I am tired. Now I am into doing things for myself. Through my blog.”

I am indeed tired. I have a few plans but cannot find the strength or motivation to do it. I do not know what caused the lack of drive. Maybe those are merely my hangat-hangat tahi ayam, spur of the moment jobs or whether I really need ‘me’ time for now.

Some of the things brewing are:
1) My PICU guidebook. To-date, I have not approach any newspapers to help me inform the public about it. I am so tired of being featured in the papers. A few thousand copies of my PICU books are stacking up at my doorway. I am supposed to send some to the hospitals around Malaysia (some PICU nurses/doctors requested from me) but never got around to do so.

2) My coping with grief book. I wrote several chapters sometime back. Unfortunately, I feel that our society is still not very ready to deal with the loss of a child like the Westerners. Anyway, I had written a very large portion about dying children, how to lead them through the passage (in dying), funerals, *sigh, damn depressing, no?*, and etc and will probably put my half-baked theories (gathered from my own experience, our Malaysian parents sharings and references from several books) on the site. As soon as I have the urge to format it into .pdf format.

3. I have also lost my drive in promoting breastfeeding. However, this portion is not worrying as the dedicated moms from MyMomsBest are now self-driven. I used to cart big luggages around hospitals and other places to promote breastfeeding. But now? I think I am temporarily retired. I can make a lot of things happen but for the time being, I will wait for things to come to me to make it happen.

4) I am supposed to write several official letters to the Ministry of Health and it’s respective branches about posters, translations, courses etc but somehow never got into the letter writing mode.

Back to my conversation with the person I mentioned above, I am thrilled that he did read my blog and noted that the blog has an interactive feedback. My eyes lighted up upon hearing about feedbacks and told him gleefully, “Yeah, a blog is like a community on its own. And I actually befriended people from 16 yrs old to 61 years old! It is such a refreshing change from the things I have done.”

However, I am not altogether rotting to death.

1) MyMomsBest is organising a Mother’s Day gift-giving project. We will announce them when we finalised everything.

2) My name will be appearing soon in one of the parenting magazine over a controversial issue – whether one should terminate a pregnancy/abortion? I hope people will fling mud at me to make my days more interesting. kikhkikhkikh

3) From the one single question from Doc. C yesterday, I better get my arse off this chair and start packing the books and send them out.

4) I got a call from LSee this morning because my optometrist cum MMB member said someone is looking for donated breastmilk for a premature baby. I have asked LSee to make the necessary arrangements with Pei2. I am not all lazy bum, ya?

So, shall I go high profile or remain low? Hmmm…tough question. I hate every bit of being high profile but keeping a low one is not helping others.

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16 thoughts on “You are keeping a low profile?

  1. Whatever you choose to do,believe in yourself and God.He will guide you through everything,to be high/low profile.Besides,for what you have done so far for the community,you should take a rest in order to recharge,rejuvenate yourself and also to find stronger strength and better motivation and purpose,to help others in a better way. šŸ™‚

    Lastly,whatever you do,we especially me will support you!

  2. Oi, my blog self publish wan. I am still doing photoshopping and see, oi, the blog publish liao. I just learn a new selection tool- future publishing. Like this, next time I can go for holiday and write one load of blogs and it has timer to publish. Woohoo, shioknya! I can blog for the whole year thimmm…

    Jason – thank you so much!

    Twinsmom – yalor, must learn to *depressed* baru got people *concern* mah. Like dat baru ada style and follow the trend mah. kikhkikhkikh…

    I today kpc in others blog until my own blog not yet comment back. ‘Cos yesterday went to see Dr C mah. He said I low profile so now must go look in mirror long, long and see I got grown shorter or not.

  3. Today’s Our Daily Bread –
    God said in Exodus 23:30
    “Little by little I will drive them out from before you, until you have increased, and you inherit the land.”

    P.S. How do you donate breastmilk?

  4. Hey Lilian. you have been going like a whirlwind for a while..maybe its time to take sometime off just for yourself to rejuvenate. Thanks your most entertaining and reflective blog.

  5. Hi Lilian
    Maybe you need some time out “Some me time”
    I’m sure you will do whats best,
    tcz sweety

  6. Who say your blog never help people? Hmm..lets see…

    got put humour into many ppl’s day

    got help people see whether need to send kids for tuition or not etc etc and lots more issues on bringing up kids from toddler to teenager

    got help open up the eyes of teenagers, housewives, husbands, old people, doc, accountant, those aspiring to be engineer etc etc on various issues

    got help people to bake cake summore

    Yes or not? Lilian, worry not, I think you deserve to do things for yourself and from time to time, your motivation will come, who knows it may even come from blogosphere!

  7. Keeping low or high profile is not important.
    Juz follow ur heart & do what u want.
    Btw,dun look in mirror long,long ah!Later,the mirror crack.=PpP

  8. darn, if i can only be half as active as you …

    i just love to lie on the couch rotting away…

  9. tak boleh.. this lilian too good-natured and kind-hearted already.. taking so many voluntary social responsibilities.. i would perhaps only donate some money.. managing support sites and writing aid books are something i’m not prepared to take on yet.

    cheers.. good luck šŸ™‚

  10. ya, agree with mumsgather. nvm low profile la. we newbies mommies learning a lot from you. difficult to categorise your exp. i would have poo pah’d the dont cane your kid textbook advisers in the papers or the real life; score 100% or you die type. so, you help make more of the better mama’s. definitely still within the radar of doing a lot of good!

  11. I think being busy seems like what you are born to do? Just reading about your projects make me pengsan.. šŸ™‚ I can’t see you being low profile leh..not even in your blog.. You go, girl! šŸ™‚

  12. ET – I think I have undiagnosed ADHD and HDD (hyperactivity). One time, both yr dajie and I wonder if we also have dylexsia! ‘Cos we seems so pandai but flopped in exams. Hahaha.
    Mrs B and MG – thank you, thank you.
    MunKit/Jason – kam siah
    Mike – some people like me are born kpc, I guess
    Cherry, Sweetspirit, romantic – thanks for the encouraging notes.

    Donate breastmilk? – It is not encourage bcos some diseases like AIDS can be transmitted through breastmilk. However, if the mothers know each other well, with the approval of the doctor, the baby will drink the milk of another woman. Sort of like a ‘nai mah’. In premature babies, they cannot digest the formula milk (because these are from cows mah) and breastmilk will be the life saver.

  13. Hey.. Lilian,
    Watever you wanna do.. just do it lah..! donch worry about wat ppl think lah.. or say lah..! Kannot pls everyone lah.. gotta please yerself.. ok.. šŸ˜‰ and you deserve some “ME” time.. ok..;)

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