Aiyoh…what are Penangites gonna do?

Aiyoh….cham liao….. Our gomen first tell us to clean up. So, I asked my maids to climb up my Land Rover SUVs, Marselis, BMWs to wash cars clean-clean, scrub the porch, hose the road outside my bangalor everyday. I ask my gardeners to plant more flowers and water the garden 3 times day. I also built a swimming pool and koi pond. And then, hor, I ask my nannies to bath the chewren more often.

But now, our gomen said our damn dams half full liao. So, gomen says save water. I think our gomen very confused people leh. One minute clean, one minute don’t clean. But good wor, they very positive thinking wan, half full, cheh wah…

So, I also follow them positive thinking.

Scene 1 : 5xdad came home from work, took off socks and step into a puddle of melted icecream.

5xdad : WTF!
5xmom : Gomen says save water, cannot mop floor.

Scene 2 : 5xdad cannot find clean underwear. 5xmom on the computer, blogging.

5xdad : WTF!!
5xmom : Gomen says save water, cannot wash clothes.

Scene 3 : 5xdad came back from work, damn hungry. No food on the table

5xdad : WTF!!!
5xmom : Gomen says save water, cannot cook.

Scene 4 : In bedroom (under 18 chewren, please close eyes hor.) 5xdad in mood for romance. Sniff, sniff, sniff.

5xdad : WTF!!! Got dead rat in the room ah?
5xmom : Gomen says save water, cannot bathe.

This post is inspired by Viewtru’s blog. And also because 5xmom is damn tired of mopping floor, washing mountains of clothes, cooking endless meals and plotting to take the above steps real soon.

9 thoughts on “Aiyoh…what are Penangites gonna do?

  1. -_-” the gahmen warning water lower low only la šŸ˜› call you to conserve not abstain.


    no water, toilet cannot flush

  2. Something I got from the internet: to conserve water, take shower together! Hmm, tell that to young married couples and the population will increase significantly.

  3. Hi Lilian
    Yes i have to agree with you there, actually i will be having a long night or early morning.It’s a long story so i think i beta clean instead . Cheers wish ya all a nice wkend.

  4. Later when gomen say water not enough to generate electricity,you cannot blog,baru tau!Hmm,does that make sense?I like the suggestion of fish tail though.Ooo…so arousing!

  5. auntie lilian ah.. why you never online.. your kai jai (jason) needs your guidance la.. twinsmom kena flame we all so angry now.. bully our gang member

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