Self circumcision

Imagine this. Toddler playing around with a toy scissor, trying to cut the sofa, paper and just about anything. I encourage living skills, ok? So, there I was, doing my things and keeping an eye at the same time. We were just sitting less than 3 feet away from each other. Do you know that 5xMoM got eyes behind her head and on her butt as well? Dunno ah? Aiyah…all mothers are like that wan…..

And guess what toddler did? He pulled down his pants, now diaperless liao mah, and pulled his foreskin (of the little kkc la) and kiap-kiap-kiap with the scissors. Ish…cilaka mya creative mind. So, what happened when you try to perform self-circumcision? Cry like mad la. I had 3 other kids but none did this before. So how I know that toddler can cut kukuchiao wan? Baby books never teach me, doctors also never warn me mah.

*haih* Lucky it is only a blunt, toy scissor. Otherwise, I will convert him to Islam and find a Malay wife for him next time. And my atm clans will slaughter me for not taking good care of their marbles.

Wanna see the little boy who perform self-circumcision? Nah, now wearing helmet liao, safe and sound.

*sigh* I wish I can get him to wear helmet and a steel armour around the house. Just today, he had learnt to climb the double decker (minus the ladder ‘cos we never instal it). He would go up there and start bouncing on the bed. -__-“””” (cold sweats). He fell down once today, from a lower height. The moment he recovered, I found him standing on our Manchester table (a sort of long table near the door). He doesn’t need any stools or chair, just mere monkey instinct, pulling himself up, needing very little footing.

And while cooking dinner in the kitchen, I heard #1 shouted, “He is taking photos with your camera liao!”

Toddler? He threw my KKC away! Just like when the jabatan agama go to tangkap basah? They just leap away, minus sarong.

Later in the night, I checked the camera and found that really, he did know how to switch on my KKC, and even snapped one photo. Here it is:

Looking at the angle of the photo, he must have stood on TOP of my computer table to take that photo. And he did this right in front of his brothers (whom just turned away for a sec). Don’t ask me where he threw the camera. I heard a thud and as long as it is working, good enuff. Otherwise, I will be looking at a dSLR camera next.

If not for this blog, I would be talking to myself in Tanjung Rambutan. And in my humble opinion, I shouldn’t be cooking, doing laundry or anything else (pangsai oso kenot) except sitting in front of my computer, in the living room so that I can keep an eye on him.

(P/S : Helmet came free with the bike we bought. Toddler never ride a bike. It is way too dangerous. The photo is just main-main posing only.)

22 thoughts on “Self circumcision

  1. self-circumcision? hehe … that’s nothing. self-castration is the cialat one. you might end up with one additional daughter. hehe šŸ™‚

  2. What a scare!! -_-” By the way, look at the bright side, perhaps he is a surgeon in the making?? šŸ˜›
    Ahahaha…. u can still pangsai, take him with you to the toilet lor šŸ˜€

    toddler: mommy, why chao chao? *close nostrils*
    5xmom: …

  3. HAHAHAHA.. becareful la.. keep all your guntinggunting if not next time when his brothers’ asleep he go cut ppl’s one also… then your whole family become eunuchs :p

    “And in my humble opinion, I shouldn’t be cooking, doing laundry or anything else (pangsai oso kenot) except sitting in front of my computer, in the living room so that I can keep an eye on him.”

    yeah yeah an excuse to play computer la! šŸ˜›

  4. ROTFLOLPIP….non-stop…*can’t breath* LOL…
    OK, OK, some mother might go “ow…so dangerous…” then start scold the mother left right center.
    but to us almost go to Tanjung Rambutan mother, as long the kids safe and sound, nothing worst happen, all we can do is just laugh real hard and loud until the lung fall off.
    but seriously now I believe that boy are more michevious than girls, compare Matthew and my belles, shouldn’t brag the girls so mischivious liao.
    *still LOL*

  5. Munkit – What shifu, korn teh (is that how Cantonese call godfather?) better. Wei…..doc, you read this?

    S-kay – Scary guy there.
    Surfnux – We will see about that.
    Romantic – Yeah! Good prospect, either one.
    MG – My fish tank is ‘sealed’ with many rubberbands or else he will go inside and swim with the fish liao.
    Twinsmom – you are right, baby boys are more difficult to take care now but later on, you have to deal with teenage girls, wah susah lor.
    Jason – skary monkey
    Munkit – you saw the little excuse ah?
    momof2 – yes, got ‘chien tor’
    Hazel – your turn will come.
    Hanyi – wah, don’t scare me lor.

  6. Wah,SUNAT(self-circumcision)????~lol~
    Next time when Matthew grows up,he’ll claimed that “I was a great kid” juz like Michaelooi.
    Btw,Mike,r u reading this?Is he going to be a very “successful/great” person in the future(juz like u)?Muahahaha….=P

  7. Ouch! That ought to hurt big time!! But as always, Matthew is so so so adorable! I really want to just carry him and give him a big big hug!! šŸ™‚

  8. lol at “The kid is too hyped up to be a surgeon. But he’ll make a fantastic butcher.” by viewtru ;p

    wah lau must educate him kenot simply take scissors n cut own kkc… what if it was a sharp one??

  9. LOL.. too funny.. Lilian, and the pic of yer #5.. more cute than ever..!! How can not be happy everyday.. with a kid like that..??? so adventurous.. and creative..!!

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