SKIIng revenge

At Parkson Grand members’ day sale:
5xmom – I shud have married a pig’s rearer
5xdad – *Give vile look*
5xmom – Why did I marry a GM instead leh?
5xdad _ *Give viler look*
5xmom – People’s wife bought things 4 times more expensive than me. Two thousarn egg hunled sickty pai (RM2,865) and she paid in crispy RM100 notes sumore. No need to queue up like me, using gold card and bonuslink, chey….
5xdad – *haih* People just throw in one pig only mah, sap sap sui.
5xmom – *5xmom’s better keep quiet before 5xdad vile’s joke go further* (Like for e.g. he got many pigs but I got only one fat little pig with 4 piglets? or something like dat)

After envying Mr B’s and his expensive mistake and another blogger who is showing off his bladder bag, coat, boots and gawd knows what else is coming, 5xMoM decided to go and burn atm’s money a bit. Tadaa…


OK, go ahead and snigger (eleh, miserable skin care only mah…) but this is the very first time, in the last 6 years since I resigned from work, that I spend about RM700+ on just a skincare set.

So, from now on, each night before I go to sleep and each morning when I wake up, I am going to splatter them on my face and chant, “I love burning atm’s money, I love burning atm’s money, because if I don’t help to burn, who knows where his monies will go to?”

Fact : Many women whom went separate ways always have this to say, “Dear Thelma, I had scrimped and saved all my life, denying myself of many things to help my husband. But now, he has found a new model.”

Ladies, go and pamper yourself silly. Don’t worry, be happy.

17 thoughts on “SKIIng revenge

  1. Ei, if not mistaken I see u got one extra small bottle of Miracle Water **poing-ping** I want I want !! It’s gonna take u ages to finish using it. I bought one last March (150ml), now still got some left. Good investment!

  2. Jason – sin choi, sin choi
    Joez – Yeap, I bought above RM650, got free whitening mask 2 pcs, two miniature bottles of that (I haven’t read brochures, dunno how to use oso) and that faux leather casing. But hor, everyone si beh rich wan leh…They can buy exceeding thousands of ringgit wor. Then hor, I compare their faces (they seems like regular users lah ‘cos know the products so well) also kalah to my St. Ives face. Chey….. I radiant-radiant, not so spotty, no wrinkles….but they big-big pores lor. Hahahaha, I am so bitchy and sour grape.

  3. 5xDaD : “Oi! What are you doing?”

    5xMoM : “I’m still deciding whether I should get this SKII or not.”

    5xDaD : “What so susah? Swipe the stupid card only lah!!!”

    5xMoM : “But it’s RM 700+ leh???”

    5xDaD : “Just swipe the stupid card lar…”

    5xMoM : “But you know RM 700+ can buy a lot of diapers leh…”

    5xDaD : “For every minute you waste here to make decision, I lose RM 100 from my business. Why can’t you just swipe the card for the whole blardy shop and be done with it?”

  4. Twinsmom – Kenot, kenot. Tonight I grab and go to sleep, drooling myself.
    Doc – Next life, next life, sin choi, sin choi

  5. fuah…RM 700 ! Show us result hor.
    What about something called La Mer Creme. That miracle cream cost S$200-300 per small bottle. They say miracle cream!

  6. MG – Kenot….bedak sejuk is my mom’s era
    ET – Ya, La Mer, RM680. I hope I don’t get caught in the vicious cycle and follow the crowd. You know lah, women did that all the time. The older they grow, the more vain they become.

  7. Women must know how to pamper themselves, women must always look good. That’s what my mom ALWAYS tells me. My mom always say I should put on some make up- young adult already, but I malaslah. only put on make up on special occasions.

  8. way to go, Lilian! got SKII full set fr DH too cos manyak excuse eg take care of newborn (now DD is 6 mths liao)..lack of sleep..panda eyes, dull skin etc hee… need pampering ma

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