Day when good guys turned bad and bad guys turned good.

Doc and Mike have pulled off the biggest prank in the blogging world. A day when all the bad guys (referred in a fond manner) turned angelic and came up with comforting words to Mike and Doc. The outpouring of support is tremendous and I am sure many hearts are melted to read all those fuzzy, wuzzy words from the usual macho guys. Then, when the joke was announced, all the usual prim and proper bloggers spewed all the alphabets and signs not normally uttered in their own blogs. It brings out the best of everyone, even in the area of four-letter words.

I think no one else can repeat this joke for a very long, long time from now. Moreover, not many people can plot and plan the whole thing with such finesse.

How do I feel being taken for a ride like this? Here’s a quote from Mike:

I initially suggested to include aunty lilian … but doc said it would be fun to fool her… so, *shrug*

What did I do?

Reply to a few IMs from bloggers and in comment boards : Leave Mike alone as Doc said he will handle the matter. I was afraid of speculations being blown out of hand.

However, I have always played the protective part to this joker Mike and posted this:

Doc and Mike blogs are NOT meant for entertainment. Their blogs reminded us that there are two sides to every human and how we can be on the good side of things and yet able to laugh at our own foolishness.

Of which, I am rather proud of my own words, even now.

We can and should laugh. Oh yeah, some poor bloggers did feel embarassed and malu-fied for having taken Mike’s ‘predicament’ too seriously. I think there is nothing embarassing about it as it simply shows that we are more caring than others, right?

Now, the more I think about this, the more amusing it is. I had:
1) Asked doc to rephrase his announcement to make it more ganas (ala 5xmom mya gaya) using legal countermeasures – tiuu you #1
2) Both Buaya and I had told each other to pray for them. – tiuu both of you #2
3) Doc had told me so seriously that he is having appointment with so and so at noon today. – tiuuu #3
4) And yet, when the time comes, he was sitting in front of his computer and pretend buat dunno. – tiuu #4
5) Lastly, when he put up his blog (doc), I only read the few lines and did not catch Mike’s prank and thought that REALLY, THIS IS THE END! – tiuu 5x

Anyway, my last comment to Mike:

*muahahaha* Mike, how do you know I do not know what I am not suppose to know? See what I had been telling the forum? I so kesian poor Hanyi who pray and pray. Poor, poor Hanyi, the fattest sui yee. And poor Wingz and Alphonso, the kambing korban. I can still laugh over this, after several hours.

Posted by: lilian at March 7, 2005 07:15 PM

And his funny reply:

lilian – hahahhh… this is too much… I’m in tears …. when I teringatkan your Rambo reaction …”Dun lar .. disturb Michael Oooooi and Barney Shin Chan…”

The best laugh for a long, long time. Long live bloggers! Cheers!

15 thoughts on “Day when good guys turned bad and bad guys turned good.

  1. Ahhh…all the friendship that I have made since I started blogging…all the virtual yet strong bond! Nevermind lah. Make it as March Fools day loh~ I will never forget today that I was seriously fooled and i didn’t realize how important the 2 person’s blog to me. šŸ˜€

  2. Dear Larling, what goes around comes around …. WE WILL HAVE AVER VENGENCE !!! lets form a small group and start making plans shall we ? kakakaka!!! makai i so kwan sum them sommo itu mikel say i making ghey comments!!! diuleiyeemouwchowfarhaiah!!!! Excuse me *burp*

  3. it is not about embarrasing, it actually hurts…
    and it is not that this is a very well plan and plot that nobody can think about, it is just nobody will want to fool around with others’ feeling.

  4. Now now now… Don’t cry. It’s never negative to show concern for fellow friends. Please, be proud of yourselves.

    During this prank, you’ve earned special places, and respect, in each others’ heart, especially in Michael, Emily’s and my heart.

    Thank you.

    We are still smiling, though, but be assured that it’s a warm smile rather than a cold-hearted laugh.


    Stay tuned for tomorrow’s “The Making of Quit Blogging”. šŸ˜‰

  5. Doc to say thank you sincerely must accompany with eksyen one la … at least ah soon kor abalone or buddha lompar dinding den only can show how sincere you are mah!

    *toks are cheap bcoz supply exceeds demand* šŸ˜›

  6. Wingz : How many hours are there in a day? The supply exceeds demand part only applies to you – housui dogo char. Kihkihkih.

  7. Hi, i’m new in blog world *big bow to everyone*

    Really touched by the strong bonding between all of you. Really toouched…

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