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Imagine this, I was caught in a sea of lau ees of the horrifying type on Saturday. Toddler ran like a convict released from prison and I was panting and chasing him, terrified that some burly Ah Beng in the midst of coupling may step on him. So, eyes were on toddler, disregarding the surroundings.

Like a horror movie, the actress was unaware of her surrounding until it is too late. Swarms of rats, spiders, maggots whatever that scares you are all over the place. Yikes….I am one of the lau ees. Who is supposed to be waiting for Nancy Sit, wanting to get thin by just sitting down on a couch and one lumpy footstool. I scramped straight to the 5th floor and took this photo:

I was scared because the old, old men there are real horny chaps who can actually go up on stage and do the twist in order to win some contest. And the lau ees are those wearing too tight blouses and pants. With tattoo eyebrows and talk like they know everything about health. Not to mentioned hair dyed with red and brown hues.

While people watching with my zoom lense, pretending to snap photos of Nancy Sit, I observed something even more terrifying. The Ah Lians are wearing winter clothings! In Penang, where the shitty temperature goes up to 36-38 deg celcius. And with boots up to the knee. And barbie doll hair. Oh shart, can you imagine that? Curly, blonde hair that goes doink, doink as they bopped on their boots?

Puhleez, I know it is winter in Hong Kong and China but don’t these girls have any brains? Must they wear winter clothings with polyester leather, gawdy furs, those scottish quilts and the whole works right here in Malaysia? Awwwww…there are so many shops with these sort of fashion sprouting up. I cannot imagine the eye sore I am going to suffer. If they are wearing low-waist jeans and showing belly button with spaghetti strap, then it is fine with me. I have sons and husband who appreciate that. But these? Puhleez.

What is the lastest fashion, dear lengluis? Those straight-straight hair no longer in fashion, issit? They ‘heng’ curly, blonde hair issit? Tell auntie la, auntie hair auto-curly and already name Ah Lian, I just need find something to scare the black colour out of my hair like that wife of Napolean, what’s her name?

And the, leng chais, tell me what turns you OFF from a girl? Tattoo eyebrows?

(Flame retardant : Don’t flame me wor, I had some pretty bizarre taste in fashion before. And one of my close relative said I looked like a prostitute. But let’s blog about that one day when I can find the approach.)

10 thoughts on “Fashion, oi, fashion

  1. no la.. only AH LIANs wear like that.. luckily my frens are still ok in terms of attire..

    turning off ah.. those lame bising type turns me off.. let’s talk about turn ON.. girls who swear (and have them pronounced correctly), girls with black eye shadow (like avril lavigne type), and finally girls who don’t love animals. ahahah

  2. I know..if u mean Napolean’s mistress…her name is Josephine šŸ˜‰
    Btw, on low cut jeans…I have to admit I admire and at the same time envy those girls with flat tummy, great shape. But those with spare tyre…eweee ~~!! However, I received some feedback from guy friends…they say a little fat at the tummy is kind of sexy wor…hmm…dunno what the rest think leh.

  3. Haha..I agree with you Auntie Lilian. I am always at awe at how the Malaysian girls back home can wear long sleeves and furry jackets with knee length boots in such hot hot hot weather. I find wearing thick jackets and winter clothing here in cold cold UK very very troublesome already and M’sian girls want to wear like that pulak.
    I guess..maybe they dont have chance to go oversease to wear all that so they wear it in M’sia??

  4. Girls that turn me on – Nice body figure,long legs and pretty face. šŸ˜€

    Girls that turn me off – Give me bad impression before i got to know her.

  5. yark….talking bout curly hair..migawd…now damn heng man. I refuse to be a victim to these trends =P

    I’m still gonna straighten my hair because it’s so hard to manage. Don’t care lah outdate ke long look good cukuplah..some ppl..OMG

  6. as long as being confident to ownself..regardless long hair or curled hair..:)am i right aunty Lilian? šŸ˜€

    hee..Jason..Nancy Sit itu hou yee loo..

  7. Face that’s nice to look at, body that’s nice to cuddle up with, and please, no baggy pants and platforms.

    Hair? I like em smooth and straight, length doesn’t matter :p

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