I was a poslaju shrink

Continuation of my lor-lor-soh-soh-fickle thoughts.
Translated as : philosophical thoughts
meaning : meeting trouble with level-headed detachment.

So, read on if you need to hear lor sor things. Otherwise, come back again another day when I came bounching back.

First of all, a great shot, in my humble opinion, of the bridge over Pulau Banding which I captured on my last trip. I put it as my desktop to remind me that there is always a bridge to cross when we come to it.

Finally, I got several things off my chest.

First : This is the before photo.

And the now photo:

So, here are the differences I made :

I had written to my grief support group and apologised that I really cannot put myself into the group for the time being. Several newly bereaved parents join about the same time, from a 19 years old son to a 2 months old baby. For the first time, I dare not dwell into their sorrows and the many co-incidences, accidents etc. They understand and they know I will come back to them real soon. Moreover, many of the older members are special people who can take care of the others.

How can I talk about grief when I want to talk about hope? On and off, I do get phone calls/emails from parents who have children fighting for their lifes in the ICU. So, my current focus is on HOPE. Someone called me her ‘pos laju shrink’ before because we communicated through written letters.

Twinsmom, Hanz and all the others from MMB, you are all running the show now, ok? I will be watching but I promise I will not bring my durian thorns into the forum unless necessary. Because you know how ganas I can become when I had been hearing about children dying all day and suddenly someone whine about the weather too hot or bad hair day. (hahaha, I got bad reputation) I just realised from Twinsmom’s blog that I had been running on full since the last 2-3 years. So gas empty liao, need refill.

As for other matters, (aiyah, I do have lots of matters) I am taking them head on, one by one. In fact, I had two invoices which some parenting magazine company did not pay me for my articles. Shit marn, let me get Twinsmom to be the ‘tai yee long’ ‘cos the stupid company is in KL and I had called them several times. (that’s how messy my life WAS, got money to collect also never bother).

I hope this will be the last of my whiney post. Errr…I don’t think so. Maybe I should. Not yet. Do stop, cannot.. Oh puhleez…. Hahaha. Talking heads in action. I need a shrink too. Which you all are, my blogger shrinks.

Have a great week ahead! Remember – face your problems head on. Tackle it with courage and the problems will fade away. A lor-lor-sor-sor message from 5xmom!

19 thoughts on “I was a poslaju shrink

  1. Wuah your yingris vehlee deep one hor … i read read read orso knot understen …. sigh* regret no go skool much now~

  2. u mind if i link to lu? i mau impless mah fwens bai tellin em i know this hotmama who can type vehlee good yingris one ler~~

  3. Hey.. Lilian.. šŸ™‚
    Go right ahead and whine.. šŸ˜‰ I love to hear you whine.. šŸ˜‰ need some sanity here too.. šŸ˜‰ so i’m not alone.. in whining.. hahahha!!

  4. Lilian, you even write for magazine ah. But ok la, i must admit the your level of English is outstanding as compared to mine.

  5. Hi Lilian
    Okz i think i should get off my butt n do a few things, wish u a gr8 week too tcz

  6. one way to further beautify your photo above.. use photoshop.. increate ‘saturation’ by 50% and drop ‘gamma correction’ for 10%.. and add ‘midshadow’ 40% then you pic will look like professional wallpaper liow :pPp

  7. lilian, since ur living in penang. is there something called “pesta pulau pinang” or the penang festival. do u know when is it?

  8. Wah, ur table actually can be that neat one ah! U posted this at wat time oh~? I slept at nearly 4am also didn’t see this post one.

  9. Muahahaha…I can’t believe jason was right behide so many ppl (OK, OK, still infront of me) :P.

    Lilian, I change wan ah? call which lousy mag never pay wan? I carry my twins together to their office, sit in front of their door, and cry like no tomolo, sing song like tht : “*boohoohoo*…never pay money…no money buy milk…*boohoohoo* how can you big company do this to us? *boohoohoo* sky no eye…floor no heart…”
    lagi “keng” than the dai-yi-long.

    go on do what you need to do, I’ll be the ear, Hanz will be the eye, and fellow passionate mommies will be the mouth (cakap banyak-banyak), muahahaha…*run away from fellow mommies*

  10. ROTFLOL at twinsmom
    twinsmom : u r so cute & imaginative.Remember not to wear nice nice lor,hair must be messy(the messier the better)& if possible,ask ur twins to cry along.
    Auntie Lilian : U have such a good “tai yee long”.Sure can get the $$$ back one.

  11. Oh dear, I wake up early morning (11am) and see these. It will make my day.

    tEo – Hahaha, all my hengtai-cheemui (bro & sistas) very helpful wan.
    Twinsmom – that sei kuai TP lor, still owe me about RM 500+.
    Jason – I posted at 3am in the morning. But I quietly un-RSS so you don’t be the first. hahaha
    Wendy – The Pesta is a hyped up pasar malam held during the month of Nov/Dec. You can google Pesta Pulau Pinang, they have a website.
    Yes, cikgu Munkit!
    MG – you also turned confused lor-sor-fickle liao? (confucian philosophy)

    Sweet spirit – Hi and cheers!
    MrKiasu – I wrote for fun only but had stopped because I cannot edure being edited.

    Mrs T – Nice to have a blog, ya?
    Jx – Wah, the first to drop by.

    Wingz – Wei, your antibiotics make you awake issit? Or which end of the globe you come from? Go lah, go tell lah. The more the merrier.

  12. Oiii…dun un-RSS the thingy mah! Play cheat one ler u!! Hmmph, nvm. I click your blog every 2 hours loh~! very “gu wat” ler u!! Grrrrrrr…..! I could have been the first! I could have!! urrrrrrghhhhhhhh……. bao huet gun liao… *burrrrssssttttt*

  13. now I no more work part time job, me now really Full Time SAHB liao, I am gonna make my comment all no. 1. knn~ play cheat, pkm~ play cheat, i feel so cheated! *booohoohooo*

  14. sai mmh sai ban me from giving me comments ah? aiseh~ potong stim ler. studying one lah~ huhuhu, this stupid exponential graph mau lukis until i vomit blood de

  15. WAH…RM500+…fai-di fai-di, give me the number I’ll call them for you, call every five minutes, hahaha…spam them with phone calls, then I took away the toys from the girls make them cry loud loud in the phone:”wah..wah…give me back…give me back…bei-chin(pay money), bei-chin…”
    err…this “bei chin” sounds like “babe Chin (my girls’ surname) hahaha…

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