Site under construction because….

Munkit : You need to do X, Y,Z blahs
5xmom : Wait, wait, toddler sudah jadi gila (gone mad)
Munkit : Not finish yet wor, still got 1,2,3, pages to change
5xmom : Toddler’s punggung and kaki (backside and leg) also on my keyboard liao
Munkit : OKOKOK
5xmom : I put him to nap first, later I come back and use my orang tua eyes and brain to figure out the rest, ok? CYA!!!!
Munmit : OKOKOK

But the fact is toddler never take naps anymore. Unless I drug him…..*muahahaha* So, with that, my site is currently under construction…. Thanks to Munkit for the design.

16 thoughts on “Site under construction because….

  1. Eh! Why your lulian colour like dat wan? Looks like coconuts or tits (hmmm come to think of it you advocate breastfeeding, maybe suitable hor) or anything else but lulian.

  2. Wah lew…Mun Kit must be damn bangga now.Then which ever SAHM mau design her website,can call for MunKit!

  3. I am here, I am here! Just need to paste the rest of the pages to make them nice nice.

    But then hor, Munkit says he wants leng luis to comment more, not aunties or Jason. So, got lengluis, quickly puji MunKit and go to his blog to ogle Keanu Reeves?

  4. *give way,give way*
    The leng lui is here.Here i come.
    Puji MunKit?Cannot lah,or else he’ll kembang.

    Btw,the banner looks really nice.

  5. Errrmmmm….actually the credit also go to another leng chai la. The original was green thorns but this leng chai said red nicer, reminds him of breasts. Humsup guy like that la. Then, I think, think, yahor, it blends with my color tone of reddish.

    So, that’s how got red liulian lor. But in Sabah, they have red flesh durians la.

  6. what is liulian, is it durian? **mun kit** is graphic designer? So pandai draw one.

  7. ok ok lenglui is here…erm,I mean..lenglui-ed lor….erm..maybe “ed” also not lah…hehehe…

    ay, you are renovating oso…! New look yeah? Durian…..YUM!!! Mine oso lian-related..but MG said ‘alien’.

    Yah..Munkit is fantastic. Boy scout spirit. One day help two orang tua. I’m going to change his title at my side bar to “Smart Munkit” liao..

  8. anyone using firefox here? coz its kinda screwed in ff… the banner is only half of wht its supposed 2 show ler

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