Don’t ask why is my durian red.

If you notice anything new with my blog, it is the banner.

If you want to know why is the durian red, it is because I like my things being different. I also like red colour. Very the ‘ong’. Also gives me the fire element.

If you want to know what liulian is, it is Hokkien for durian, a thorny fruit with very sharp thorns. Usually, the thorns may hurt if you get poked. And the wounds take a while to heal.

But inside, it is one of the rarest fruit on earth. If you can penetrate the thorns, you will be rewarded with the golden treasure inside.

But…..not many people appreciate durians. Only the very special, connoisseurs do.

You either love durians or stay away. Amen.

Anything else? Don’t ask. If you notice it, you know it. If you don’t, you don’t.

This banner is designed by MunKit. Go see his very cute drawing today. If you are a girl age between 18-21 yrs old, hates animal and do not mind eating dog and the cow’s nenenepokpok, MunKit may be interested to know you. *muahahaha*

Another lor-sor-fickle (philosophical) thoughts for the day:
Be like the lallang, bend and sway to the wind. Pestillence, drought, Penang conserve water campaign, Lallang still can sing ‘I am still standing after all these years’ (like that Elton Botak Gay John?)

Do not be like the oak. Sturdy and strong but once tumbled in a storm, it will become someone’s coffin.

30 thoughts on “Don’t ask why is my durian red.

  1. Hi Lilian
    I tried durian last yr, import from Thailand.
    I it was okz,Peter Tan said it wouldn’t be as nice as Malaysian ones that are fresh.

  2. why is your durian red. Sorry, i am here to ask the same question again la, and again la. Last question, why is your durian red?

  3. Mr Kiasu – Want to risk getting poke? I like red, so it is red

    Sweetspirit – Yes, Peter is right. Our Malaysians fruit has a stronger and much better taste and smell.

  4. Hallo Auntie Lilian šŸ™‚
    Me never comment anything before this, but have been reading your blog some time liao… Just want to say that i really enjoy reading it leh… You have the same type of good sense and good humour, makes me think of my own family back home. [i study in penang, home is ipoh]. Every day sure must read your blog wan… I enjoy very-the-much šŸ˜€ Just an affirmation lah… šŸ™‚
    p/s: i also hv the same chinese name. last time when go for mandarin tuition classes, always kena make fun of – the other kids called me liulian instead of lilian… ;p

  5. “Smells like hell tastes like heaven” I think is a good description. However, a matsaleh once told me, “it smells like shit” but we love it.

  6. lilian, got small request here? sorry if out of post subject. Wanna start a hokkien lesson online? I’m DUHHH when it comes to talking it (the foul 1s im so far so good la ;P) got ppl bully me coz i hokkien and i no say/understand the language. me wanna learn quietly and kena them 1 day. can ah? can help fulfill my dream ah? pleaseeee *on knees begging with sad puppy eyes*

  7. I like durian!When it’s durian season,i can eat durian as lunch & dinner.No need to eat rice but always scolded by my mum cos in the end,i sure fall sick one.Too heaty liao.:(

  8. I luuuurrrrvvvveeee Duriannnnn. Every weekend, I would travel all the way to the nearest New Zealand Ice Cream stall to get my durian flo. Naz said that I’m the only one who buys them. Sigh, what to do, I’m a fussy durian eater, I don’t eat roadside durians because kena con banyak kali adi, now only eat durians fresh from the orchard. Sigh…….

    Eeuuuuu……cow’s nenepok???? migawdd…I’m definitely someone Mun Kit don’t wanna get to know =P

  9. aiyak s-kay that lilian simply say one.. i think munkit doesn eat dog and don eat cow’s nenepok one la!~ jatuhkan his reputation aje šŸ˜›

  10. Lilian, you know I hate durian hor? but I love you LOL…earthtone know I hate durian, kill twinsmom very easy, just stuff twinsmom in a room with a lot durian (open) want, she will die very fast LOL…

  11. Twinsmom – you mah allergic to my blog lor?
    Orang jahat at my blog, sked, sked.
    PennyPupz – name must not have pups attached
    S-Kay – never take what MunKit says seriously, hahaha
    tEo – there more to the durian story here
    Chrissy – wah, Hokkien in Penang and KL so much different leh. How tos start wor?

    James – LOL, you must be expecting some phallic symbol right? But it looks like boobs instead! LOL

    Kim and Adam – first time posting, welcome, welcome, eat some durians?

    Jason – wei, dun lar, i sked wan, i want to be on low profile wan

    MG – Hahaha, my ngan kwong (eye sight) very good wan…. I don’t simply pick kai chai wan.

    Simon – Hahaha, read carefully, it is MunKit the Orang Jahat, not me!

  12. no worries, can start liao coz most colls (even boss) are penang lang. so best still i know their slangs… muahahahahahh!!

  13. Oi Orang Jahat, you infatuated or wut ha?

    Go give Chrissy lesson in Hokkien.

    Like Si auntie
    Lu bo su cho ah
    Chiak pa siow eng ah

  14. okok chrissy.. you SYT ah? i can teach you hokkien wor.. cantonese also can šŸ˜› mandarin also can.. only engred cannot la.. šŸ˜›

  15. NeeShen – If you are a guy, the price will be triple. If you are a woman but too old for him, double, if you are female between 18 – 21 yrs normal price and if below 21 yrs old and really SYT, free of charge. Oi, siao MunKit ah, you got potential client here.

    Orang Jahat – Chrissy is orang tua liao, if you categorise the usual way.

  16. *sked, running far far away from Orang Jahat*

    whats ‘categorise the usual way’ ar? dis org tua very left behind dy. enlighten pls… šŸ˜‰

  17. Marianne
    Try the YMCA in Penang. They have lessons. Or try any Hokkien Associations around the country? Glad you like the language.

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