Lesson in shitting

I have to learn so much in order to shit properly. Take a lesson from me.

1) I have to be able to know WHEN I can shit
2) I have to be able to feel if I have shit or just my butt itchy
3) I must make sure the person around me is going to let me shit
4) I also have to learn not to shit on someone or they get really pissed off
5) Then, I must make sure someone is around to clean it up for me
6) After I foul up the air around me, I have to be able to give a smile when people yell at me
7) I have to control myself from yelling back that they do not have to smell my shit if they do not want
8) Of course, I have to find WHERE to shit

But my mommy assured me that it is alright for me to accidentally shit all over the place once in a while. She has the patience to clean the place and I because she loves me very much. But I also must remember that her patience can run thin sometimes.

Mommy told me I will be able to shit suavely next time when I grow bigger (I am only 2 years and 10 days old ok?). But then, she also said sometimes, people still forget the proper way of shitting or sometimes they just never grow up, like Peter Pan. And it is hard to shit when you have eyes looking on you. Do you agree?

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Note from 5xmom : Nope, I did not write that. And nope, this is not my contribution to my parenting group/parents on proper toilet training for your toddler kinda shit.

Can all the kor-kor/che-che/abang/kakak show me the art of shitting?

17 thoughts on “Lesson in shitting

  1. The art of shitting…Cool~! His pose reminds me of The One – Neo in The Matrix trying to stop the bullets.

  2. Oi, chun choy, I did not ask about the photo dey. I expect moral of the story kinda comment. You spoil it la. Come on, what did the toddler teach you?

  3. -.-” Wah seh, scold until like that, okloh. The moral of the story is know what, when, why, who and how to shit. 🙂

  4. Watched a Talkshow before-

    Relax when you shit
    Don’t cross your leg when you shit
    Massage your stomach clockwise when you shit.


    P.s Toddler is SO cute-lah.

  5. Wei Wingz, apatu metafore? udang got….in the toilet bowl

    Eileen – Hahaha,will note that. How to cross the leg LOL, jatuh inside jamban baru tau.

    moo_t – die la, I don’t know mandarin and will need another century to find out what you said.

    OJ – Yeap, sarcasssssssssm. You ask Twinsmom? I always have to clean shit for people all the time.

    Fish tail – Fun? -_-“””

    Jason – clever boy

  6. metaphor =
    A figure of speech in which an expression is used to refer to something that it does not literally denote in order to suggest a similarity.

  7. Aiyah, it is just complimentary meaning to the english comments. It mean “with great depth”.

    The 8 points is a perfect fit for many politikus mentioned in Jeff Ooi blog.

  8. clean shit lar, blow whistle lar, save life lar…phew *wipe sweat* LOL…
    ai yah, shit in the disposable nappy lor, no need to clean too much, just ta-bao and throw, who will remember a disposable shit? :P.
    but thanks a lot to Lilian. nice post.

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