Do Jesus and Buddha exist before?

I still doubt the existance of any GOD at all in this world..i mean, not only Jesus, but also
Buddha…..i dunno what to believe or how to believe…..this is
hard…u know, i mean, how do u know if they exist??how to
believe….what to believe….

The above is an email from a Chinese girl. A few simple questions she forwarded to me. I told her she is not the first person who asked me. I am not a learned person, able to preach about Christianity or Buddhism. But I am not entirely stupid either.

Before I go on, note that I am blogging this merely as my views and it is meant for W who asked me. I am not soliciting any learned person views. I do not want to hear anything on Buddhism or Christianity or anyone telling me if what I intepret is wrong. I don’t give a shit. Don’t Psalm me or question my views on Buddhism. If you think this is religiously sensitive, then go flush your head down the toilet and give a good scream.

I know where I stand and I know where I am going. Amen.
Question 1
Doubting existence of God
I do that all the time too. Just like I doubt our Government, my parents, teachers, spouse, children, friends and even my ownself. But what matters is I acknowledge that out there, someone has to be responsible for me, live or die. And who is better to trust than some huge, almighty being that everyone called God?

And there is nothing that irks God than people who insisted for Him to jump out of thin air and do the samba or joget or something miraculous like parting the seas to prove that He is there. Same as me. If I tell my kids I am going to buy something for them the following weekend, I get annoyed too if they ask me from Monday to Friday if I am going to really do that.

Ok, still doubt? Never mind, look around the world. Look at people flocking to mosques, temples, churches, datuk kongs and all other places of worship. Do you think all these people are brainless, with nothing in themselves but clockworks tune to move towards these buildings? Something must have prompted them to go and build all these marvellous, magnificent buildings.

For e.g. Hungry Ghost Festival. Do you think they exist? Yes, otherwise, why do you think the Taoists never got fed up if they see nothing and no improvement and yet every year, bring on the sexy girls to dance and sing (as in opera and koh tai). Wait, don’t accuse me of any syirik (devil) practice ok? The Taoists have their belief and their own set of rules. Don’t question further.

Question 2
Jesus or Buddha, do they exists?

Of course! How else do you think our world stay sane? Religion provide the straight road. Yeah, yeah, it cause wars too, I know.

Buddha is older than Jesus. Buddha lives in another continent, Jesus another.

The world is big, dey. So, how is God going to organise the world if He sent only one manager? (I know, we cannot use manager but I am explaning in layman language, ok?) So, as far as I am concerned, they existed, without doubt. But it is not the person Buddha or Jesus that matters.

It is their teachings.

BTW, before my young friend here confused, in Buddhism, they don’t believe in God. They believe on some complicated explanations which I cannot comprehend till today. (now, I am not being disrespect wukay? My IC stated I am a Buddhist and if any tongkua-taufoo, I will be buried by some strangers with Buddhist rites wukay?)

Sort of like you are in charge of your own destiny. Whereas in Christianity and Islam (and other religions which I am not quoting) they believe in God. Yes, there is only one God.

Back to Jesus, yes, he was born 2,000 years ago, died and resurrected. That is to live again. And His Holy Spirit is in each of us, well I mean those who believe in Jesus.

Question 3
Who, how, when, what, which

It is not for us to choose. As far as I am concerned, God decides. He must have sorted our eggs in the incubators, labelled us J, C, I, B, T and all the little alphabets, you know, like the nasi lemak wrapper with Ikan, Udang, Telur like dat? So, who is going to be what is pretty fixed. When you hear the heart tugging that you love Jesus more, then, you open your heart to it and God bless, you will follow Jesus. And if you think you prefer being a free thinker and has your own sanity to pull through life and its storms, then be a free thinker. No one can forced you into any religion.

In closing, if anyone of you want to hear more about Christianity feel free to comment below. But don’t ever preach anything to me, thank you very much.

(Flame-retardent : I am a Catholic Christian and I believe in God, the Father Almighty and the Lord Jesus. And I embrace people of other faiths with the same mutual respect.)

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  1. Wah, took u 3 hours to write this post ah! Anyway, as Jason is a free thinker, I choose to remain silent in this religion related post. 🙂 However, one of the customer always tease me, since I am a free thinker, when only I will be a busy thinker? -.-”

    Hmm…Buddha?Jesus?Myself? Hmm,think think…

  2. I think its not important whether God exists. Its not even important if there is more than one God. More important is the faith that people have and the fear of sinning. If such stories about God can inspire faith and instill fear in people, then does it even matter if those stories are true or false?

  3. I come from a Christian family, although I do not fully embrace the religion.

    God exists. Jesus exists. Why ? I believe the answer is because people continue to believe in them. Faith is the only thing that keeps God and Jesus alive. If nobody shows faith and loyalty to them, they could not exist.

    Just like other religions. Buddha exists because of the followers. If nobody was following traditions, customs and stuff, it’s gonna be like everyone’s ignoring Buddha. Hence Buddha would not exist.

  4. I’m an atheist but I respect the religious beliefs of others. Like vincent said, when religion inspires faith and instills fear in people so that they do not commit earthy sin, it doesn’t matter whether the stories are true or false because the ‘aim’ is ultimately achieved, the world stays in place.

    What I cannot tolerate is fanatics and extremists who resort to violence in realising their religious goals and people who insist that what they believe is the ultimate truth, and those who don’t agree with (although have respect towards) them are wrong and will go to hell.

    Since when does preaching become a blackmail with promise of eternal damnation if one chooses not to believe in them?

    Faith is a very powerful tool. I fully acknowledge its existence and the good it has brought to the people.

  5. I don’t understand why most of non christian will treat those christians as direct sales category…

    I don’t understand why Christians like to pull in more peoples to believe in GOD, like recruiting members whenever they have chance……

  6. I do not believe in buddha or jesus or allah …

    but i do believe in God, which is something way way way above us … he either peering at us or jeering at us … or just me!

  7. Many peeple actually do wrongly perceive Buddha/ Buddhism. Its not really a religion (depends on whether u r looking at it from the correct agle anot lar) its actually a teaching just like the current skool’s curiculum. Why ? i’lltell u later coz now i not free…. i very sikap i wanna go bomb tokyo first! LOL

  8. I believe that Jesus married Mary Madgelene and they have a lineage that we know now as the Merovingian. I believe that there exist the Holy grail which contains the true story of christ, the bible after all, is not a fax from heaven and is compiled by Emperor Constantine 600 years after the death ot jesus.

    sounds familar to you?

  9. What if one day the pope walked out to the balcony and said “There is no God. There is no Jesus. You guys have all been MichaelOoi-ed! Happy April’s Fool in advance! Hahaha”


  10. We know who you mean by ‘Jesus’. By ‘Buddha’, I suppose you mean Siddhartha, who said that he was not the only Buddha. The two concepts are different. You cannot aspire to be Jesus, but you can aspire to be a Buddha. There are certain similarities in both; the parables of Jesus resemble some of the stories told in Buddhist texts. As for me, well, I noticed that as soon as I shut my eyes, the whole universe disappears. I therefore conclude that I am a very powerful entity.

  11. I believe in the Holy Trinity and of course with that I believe that God exists. Just like you said Auntie Lilian, God doesn’t reveal Himself to us in the physical form. Instead he reveals Himself thru many ways in our lives like the weather…the plants…the animals…because of God’s hands and love for us, He laid all that down for us…
    As for Buddhism..its not actually a religion. It is a philosophy. A thinking. A good thinking to keep men sane and good.
    No one is right or wrong to believe in Buddha or Jesus. They both existed in the history of mankind and both did good to this world. Just like Nabi Muhammad did.

  12. “Grow through a good child’s childhood, live through a good person’s life, and die through a good [God’s] servant’s death.”

    So says an uncle of mine on this kind of issues.

  13. My understanding of Buddhism is a philosophy turned religion as it got assimilated into the Hindu or the local beliefs/practices of religion during the ancient times. People go to Buddhist temple to worship simply because they pay respect to the founder (Buddha), teachings (Dharma), and followers (Sangha). Burning of josstick or incenses is a practice from Hinduism/Taoism or the local religion. It is merely a philosophy which originates from India. Some pay homage to other gods or goddess, devas, spirits & angels because it blend very well into other beliefs and religion during that ancient time. I am not surprise that the whole world looks at Buddhism as a religion as it can be easily incorporate into their beliefs and systems.

    Christianity/Islam/Jew on the other hand, strongly believes in one true god (monotheism). There are various schisms in Christianity which questions it fundamental beliefs of Holy Trinity (Catholic Orthodox, Protestants , Jehovah Witness, etc). The schisms very much centered around The Father is the God, The Son – Jesus & the Holy Spirit is ONE. For Islam, it branched out into Sunni & Shi’a because of fighting over the leadership to be the next caliph.

    Bottom line, does anyone ever met GOD? I’ve always question this. How I wish I could’ve travel back in time to witness the world creation, meeting the prophets/Buddha and tell everyone that God does really exist. Could we perceive God as a Alien from outer space having extremely advance technology which can bring things alive? Am I in real or I am non-existence…..So much to ponder….I am not a free thinker yet I have all these questions.

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