Blogging brings out the silent voices

“Grow through a good child’s childhood, live through a good person’s life, and die through a good [God’s] servant’s death.”

So says an uncle of mine on this kind of issues. (Silencer)

Blogging has brought many an interesting characters. Blogging has shown me the many facets of a person. Sometimes, some blogs have such wisdom embedded in their writings. I have found many of these special qualities in a lot of blogs. The above quote is a comment left by Silencer. We had one short IM 2 nights ago which turned out to be very enlightening on both our ends.

He was baffled with me and asked about my religion as I told him, “Insyaallah, (some things better left not mentioned here)”. I told him I am a Catholic and explained that Catholic means universal. So, God by any names is still God to me.

Then, I aaah and errrmm and asked him, “About your drawings…” And he got my meaning. You see, I had grown up with Muslims friends most part of my life and I know their sensitivities. And he has this to say in his blog:

So right, this evening I chatted with Lilian and she jokingly asked me about my drawings. Just so you know, most of my latest submissions at deviantART are sketches of fantasy. To be exact, I’ve been spending time drawing Angels and Demons. Let’s just think of it as umm,.. wings are my current drawing obsession. I’ve had different obsessions throughout my whole drawing years, including guns, aliens, swords, kung fu stances, dragons etc.

Blogging has enabled many of us to express certain parts of ourselves that are not freely shown in our routine life. Blogging takes us out of our silent room or as I see it sometimes, bring out our silent voices.

Note that I have opened a new category to make my blog easier to read. I called it Blogging Art. It is my vain idea that probably, all my thoughts on blogging may prove useful to new starters in future. The never-malu me wants it to be the bible of blogging. (bible = A book regarded as authoritative in its field)

This is a spur of the moment entry, I wrote at 7 am in the morning. Without my contact lenses. I am almost kissing the monitor. If I do not have an LCD monitor, my hairs and eyebrows would be zapped so curly with the static electricity. ‘Cos one Orang Jahat asked why I no need to wake up to get the kids to school meh? Now, I end up with only 3 hours sleep. Which a rojak guy said no amount of SKII can cement back the face. (diuu him) Never mind, I have the whole day to snooze.

In closing – remember, a lot of people may be reading your blog, so blog things worthwhile for others. Bring out the silent voices, give it to the others and may they be inspired. Then, blessings will be on you.

36 thoughts on “Blogging brings out the silent voices

  1. But, blogging can bring alot of harm also. Especially, when we say something wrongly in accident. Ppl will not forgive us for our mistake, or we will go to jail.

  2. could not agree more with lilian. i blog because it makes me sane or else, all the pent-up ebilness will spread like wild fire liao, worse than the forest fire…bwahahahaha!!!

    im still facing a lawsuit for what i ngam2 cham2 with my very very very old journal. im still undetered to speak my mind.

  3. Oh wow. Err.. umm.. Wow. I’m flattered. Thank you so much! *hugs* Yeah, our chats have been very entertaining and enlightening indeed.

  4. Yeah, I tend to “speak” more in my blog than in real life. I am happier in my online world than in real life. It does bring out another part of me though.

  5. MG, Mrs T and Jason – sama pangsa punya durians la.
    Silencers – Yeah, *hugs*. Funny how we click.
    OJ – You are very humble, indeed.
    Twinsmom – I hate that song, so lau beh.
    Chrissy – *eyes open wide* Really?
    Fishtail – Quote of the day?

  6. ya lor, i go dig up the letter ha and scan. actually, can do that or not? this happened end of 2003 but i think the tara guna fella swept in under his carpet liao coz no sound ady for 1yr+. remind me, i need to check with my loya buruk šŸ˜€

  7. oh yeah, my loya buruk said this tara guna fella eat full nothing to do/sek pau moh si cho, so can just F him!??! hahaha šŸ˜›

  8. Wah… Chrissy, you will make headlines in the blog world leh. Scan but censored lah. Put disclaimer sumore. Then, we help you beat gong.

    Actually, I am kinda pissed off with Mike and Doc because at one point, I really thot that our days as bloggers are numbered. You see, if one of the blogger kena, the rest of us sure silent liao.

  9. Or the kind of shit you just load. Was it brown, yellow? Hard or soft? Smells like shit or with a slight aroma of the durians? Hahaaha. Dey, this is like my own forum liao.

  10. I blog cos no one want to hear me talk cos I so ngam chum. And I’m really glad can meet so many very wonderful poeple..I like the sound of silence and I like to eat durian.. I’m a polisher can you tell? :PPPP

  11. Oi, orang jahat, go put a few sparkles on the thorn? ET polished until so shiny liao.

    Autumnmusic – You made my day. Thanks! Will be in the neighbourhood soon.

  12. earthtone, i gang with you want or not? ppl oso say i ngam chum šŸ™ but hor when i really shut my mouth they say i got PMS, ceh! need to add new new year resolution: BITCH … ooopss… BLOG OFTEN! thats a good way to piss all those who say i too ngam2 chum2…muahahahaa!!!! *grinning ebily*
    ouch! yesterday kena bitten by J today kena poked by lil’s sharp sharp liulian thorns. Wah seh!! so shiny lah the thorns *eyes blinded liao*

  13. oh yeah (forgetfulness is my copyright ;P) okokok, must go back n cari the surat or easier, just get another copy from the loya buruk. help me type the disclaimer can ah? i very horrible in that dept leh. must have enough cover for all shit holes la.

  14. I dont blog, i no blog !!! dont stalk me !!! PULEZZZZ !!!!

    Yeah, I tend to “speak” more in my blog than in real life. I am happier in my online world than in real life. It does bring out another part of me though.

    Jason is this kinda like the split personality thing ? šŸ™‚

  15. oi petpet liulian … why your komen knot edit one har ? dius … i wanna add komen also knot … i make 2 komens later will kena dius by u also … sigh …. susah susah …

  16. lil!!! checked ady, cannot post lah. got lots of trails if i do that. i’ll sure kena gantung if i did, yikes!! *shudders* so kenot lah ha. but hor i blog abt it liao. loya buruk say can put like that.

  17. Quote of the Day? How about “Blog till you drop”?

    fishtail : hehe wat bout blog till your balls drop ? lol!

    Jason, hmmm mayne my frend whois a thelma wannabe can help yew… u know where to find her rite ? hehehe….

    Larling : y u love to sexually harras me in your blog one geh ? i know u arm luen me long time adi lar … i orso know u got sexual fantasy involving me orso …. one last thing i know is .. you always TFK with my image in your head one !! LMAO !!!

  18. Wah… Chrissy, you will make headlines in the blog world leh. Scan but censored lah. Put disclaimer sumore. Then, we help you beat gong.

    larling u beat the gong i handle the lion dance part okeh ?

    Chrissy, if you could reveal some details that would hinder us from repeating the same mistakes ever again and those cums wont be able to touch us for a very long long time!

    I think its about time we establish some kinda ass-sociation to protects the rights of bloggers. Geng up, form a body, appoint an actual cyber loya then we can really blog without the fear of being cucuk in da pantat hole anymore. hehehe

  19. Cilaka Wingz – I went to nap for 2 hours, wake up, hak sei ngo, I see got 31 comments, I thot kena flame for being too nice. And you, tiuuu, you got no life izzit? Why you appoint yourself to be my representative izzit. Answering everything for me but THEY ARE ALL FULL OF SHIT!

    Abuden, ladies and gentlemen, I really do not know Wingz until I gaduh with him at doc’s forum just before the April Fcuking Fool thing. This is my disclaimer. I do not know Wingz. I do not know Wingz. But he does have some points. Chrissy, we need some awareness on our limitations. Before one of us turned into the kambing korban. Maybe by then, all of us pun kena sekali. Then betul-betul silence of the lamb.

  20. Hello lilian long time, been busy plus other problems. Blogging yeah its a creative outlet plus a place to lepas geram. Sadly blogging also exposes you to the outside world which at times can cause problem aka if you expose on certain incidents people want to keep in the closet, nanti kena burn šŸ™‚ I agree the silent voices gets an outlet to be heard, live on blogging.

  21. chrissy..soli I cannot appreciate you..I want someone I can ngam chum to, not someone to ngam chum me back leh… šŸ˜›

    I’m laughing at lilian’s reply to Wingz… funny..never gip face..hahaha

  22. ET – This man, I dunno where he comes from but he has made life miserable but also laughable. So I tolerate him.

    All of you have to go to Chrissy’s blog. Read. Her link can be found on my right pane, under links.

  23. i check with loya buruk 1st see if there’s anything i can blog about that fateful day. If not, i mah email lor. All this internet always come with a disclaimer but we (me & loya buruk) also don’t know how she (bio mum) able to impeached me.

    ET – come to think of it, yeah hor, if we together then both mah die lor. buden, we can still gang up to ngam chum other ppl….*evil grin* muahahahaha

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