Follow-up thread/Life in the Spirit Seminar

This is a follow-up thread from my earlier post – Do Jesus and Buddha exist before?

Well, I have a cheerful mail from W and thought of sharing it. Blogging has brought me these chances to spread a little love of my Lord and I thank God for the gift of blabbing writing. I gave W a few devotional links from Buaya’s blog too. The mail :

heya aunty,
I will have a good look at those links(in fact, am surfing it
now…)so far, has gained some knowledge from there…:)ANyway, thanks
very much and sorry for taking up much of ur time….hopefully, i can
find my way soon….and thanks again….Have a good day and God


Rojak guy said I am turning into Dear Thelma-wannabe. Diuu him. I am turning into Niamah or Naimah (curse yr mother/milk nurse, bad guy/good guy), whatever you want to call, a little like Viewtru‘s Lai Ma.

On an unrelated news…, errmmm I mean topic (sorry hor, my head got a little big, I thought I am on the world news hahahaha):
I am attending the Life in the Spirit Seminar the whole of this weekend and also the next. It is going to be an intense, motivation kinda thing. And when I am finished, with God’s grace, I hope to be a better person, knowing my direction and come with a map and owner’s manual, I hope.

I will not talk about it unless persons whom know what I am saying are willing to share with me. I attended it partially two years ago, facilitate by Martin Jalleh. I sprained my ankle mid way through the course. I took it as a sign from my big Boss to slow down ‘cos I was moving too fast, too furious for my own good. This time? I will wear slip proof slippers, so God cannot trip me anymore. (just joking) Someone….anyone….you heard about the LSS or curious to know? Nicole David (just name dropping ok?) was in the same batch as me. She attributed all her world titles achievement to our Lord.

It is on this Saturday 12th at the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, Penang. Cost : RM35.

14 thoughts on “Follow-up thread/Life in the Spirit Seminar

  1. Auntie, you can consider of “juen hong” d lah. Not only profesional SAHM, blogger, liar, writer now also profesional advisor/problem solver. šŸ˜›

  2. Go bek to slip laaaaaaaa!!! dunt tell me u even blog in your dreams too! Eh u think got ppl so obsessed with blogging they will even “Sleep blogging” ? hmm … dats one subject dat would be interesting to go deeper into.

    I m actually looking for a personal Nai-Mah formyself also … can i hire you ? I want nen nen~~~ LMAO!

  3. Aiyak! larling got peeple calling u liar wor … so how ar ? mau geng rape him anot jek ? *wink*

  4. Wei, Wingz, you no need to tell the world when I sleep or wake up wor. You want nai-mah? Can…I go pull a cow for you ok? Or you prefer a swine. LOL.

    And then hor, that Jason is my khai chai, he only knows what professional liar I am talking about. See la, you never read ALL my blogs, you dunno our lingo liao. Quick, go read now.

  5. Cow ? Olang jahat mia nennenpok ? larling i go read all your entry got salary one izzit ? šŸ˜›

  6. It is on this Saturday 12th at the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, Penang. Cost : RM35.

    See ? God also need mani !!! LOL!!!

  7. Cina mia god cheaper … RM3.60 only can ask majiam majiam questions sommo can ask for 4D the chances of kena is higher also … skali kena all balik modal ledi KAKAKAKA !!!!

  8. Martin Jalleh .. why the name so familliar ah …. HM………….. oh yes … he facilitated our youth camps last time hehehe. Cool dude ..

  9. Hi Jojo – Yes, that’s him, alright.

    Wingz – You want me to take you and hang alive or not? You can say anything but don’t say my God, ok? But then, I kasi chan to you. See la, one day you are going to speak the same language as me. Which you are tokking now, almost liao. By the time you finished reading everything I wrote, your brain will be infested with my words.

    OJ – Not really, I try to stay away from getting too involved. Because too much involvements turned into politics and not religion anymore. But then, many of the community things are beneficial so in a way, it is good that we work together. As for the fee, it is for food only la.

  10. Wingz, yaloh, me is 5xmom’s kai zhai leh! mau gang rape me woh! :pbpbpb hahha! go read all her previous posts lah! took me about 1 week to finish only mah!

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