Shit blog

My sons insisted I blog this. Both are sitting here and demand that I blog this. So, what can I do but to listen to the kids?

My earlier blog Blogging brings out the silent voices generated some responses which I would like to share.

Mr Kiasu said :

blogging can bring alot of harm also. Especially, when we say something wrongly in accident. Ppl will not forgive us for our mistake, or we will go to jail.

And someone said that she got into trouble before.

Of which, OJ said :

nowadays better blog about how nice a sandwich you just had

And I retorted :

Or the kind of shit you just load. Was it brown, yellow? Hard or soft? Smells like shit or with a slight aroma of the durians? Hahaaha. Dey, this is like my own forum liao.

OK back to my kids. They are not aware of all these controversial, adult matters. It is just that they surfed upon a website talking about shit, or rather in kids’ lingo, poop. And had been LOL reading it. They insisted I sit down and read through but I refused because I had just had two persons meal at Mr. Ho’s. I had eaten several cows, lambs, pigs and acres of greens. So, I promised them that I will blog it and read it later when I cannot puke.

The sites are :
The Poop Name List and
The Web’s largest souce of bathroom humor :
farting, pooping, peeing, burping, vomiting, and more

This complements my How to shit properly blog.

8 thoughts on “Shit blog

  1. KID – actually, it is just humorous, nothing gory or yukky. It is reall funny.

    Jason – apa lu cakap? Tak paham. They do read my blog, dey.

  2. Me too – spag vongole and penne with creamy mushroom sauce. We take photo and compare what they look like after process, want? Then we put on our blog.

    Jx – No problem wan, my kids are all very broad-minded.

  3. Ur sons really damn boring until go find this type of stuff to laugh at ah? Haha! Disgusting or creative? I also dunno liao. Sons reading Mom’s blog, cool! šŸ˜›

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