Da Buaya’s curse > me > Doc, Thousand Words & Silencer

Warning : Get tissue papers ready.

Wei, Mr Buaya, lu tarak kerja ke? Kacau auntie with this. It is like some bloggers chain letter so better join in.

1. What is the total amount of music files on your computer?

Blush-blush, on my computer? Nothing! Only one Barney song send by Sham to torture me. But you have to excuse me ‘cos I just installed additional diskpace of 80GB. Earlier no space mah.

MY DEAR BLOGGERS AND READERS – quick, quick send me Teresa Teng’s song with romanised words. I wanna learn to sing that yeh liang song and the other one, wa ai ni yew chi fen? Puhleez? And anyone of you got the songs mentioned below, send it over!

2. The CD you last bought?
It was a Christmas songs CD. But I never buy CD la, so expensive and I got no cun player. Moreover, I never get in the car long enough to hear a CD. Kesian, kesian. From my computer, the sound system does not justify the price of a CD.

3. What was the last song you listened to before reading this message?
Holy cock! I was just in the car, coming back from church and I heard that Teresa Teng’s moon song on Light and Easy. Die la, I kena Da Buaya’s curse (while he was blogging). I dun speaking Mandarin but somehow attracted to her songs. Last time kena sing karaoke to bodek boss punya pasal.

4. Write down five songs that you often listen to or that means a lot to you.
Marc Anthony – My Baby, you (something like that la) This song strucked me one day, not long after Vincent died. It made me broke down in the middle of driving. And I sobbed all the way to the hospital (for an appointment with Vincent’s doctor).

Bette Midler – Winds Beneath my Wings – Well, this is again my Vincent signature song. It is God’s grace that had lifted me up for so long. Believe it or not? On Vincent’s two death anniversaries, this song had been played right on the dot of the time of his death. Once,it played on its own in my computer MIDI format. I swear no one touches the computer! The other time, we were at the beach, his brothers supposed to release balloons for him, it played on the radio. (sites URL provided but make sure got tissue hor?)

Josh Groban – Vincent (again!) Yes, I like the beautiful lyrics. I can relates to Vincent Van Gogh’s hardship.

Choir hymn – Yes, I thank you Lord – Boring ya? But this song never fails to make me cry everytime I sing. Because I am supposed to thank God for the trials He brings. In that it may makes me stronger, etc.

Die, die, cannot think of any more. Yes, yes, Michael Bolton – How am I supposed to live without you? Also another sobby-sobby song.

All related to Vincent. But at least I tarak curi-curi listen to some old love songs from the past lovers rendevous or something, kan?

Usually, I listen to Yahoo Launchcast, Love Songs station or MSN gospel station. Songs from my era are Spandau Ballet, U2, Air Supply, Elton John, Whitney Houston. Wanna karaoke bloggers meet?

5. Who are you going to pass this stick to (3 persons) and why?
a) Of course my blogging mentor but I don’t think he has time to reply ‘cos he is flying to Japan the next day. But who knows? Maybe he will quote some Chotte Ma De Kudasai song or something? So, try my luck. Or may the curse be on him that he meets no japenis SYT on his holiday.
b) Kervin – I visited his blog regularly and hence, curious what this blogger cum photographer in Kota Kinabalu listens to. And because he would least expect me to pick him!
c) Silencer – ‘Cos he is young, a Malay guy and a great artist. Plus his blog is full of strong emotions. So I wanna know what inspires him.

(hahaha, I kenot choose all the regular bloggers I sayang one ‘cos I have to choose only 3 mah, I count, count, got 5-6 of you, so how? You all go la-la-li-la-tampong.)

The curse?

**sorry ya, I am not in my element. Living in the past, lost the future and not sure of the present. Very chim, kenot understand? Never mind.**

12 thoughts on “Da Buaya’s curse > me > Doc, Thousand Words & Silencer

  1. KNN, from luncheon meat to letter box, from letter box to hand phones, from hand phones to emails, from emails to IM’s…

    Now even in our blogsphere???????!!!!!

    Wat is this? Stop this spam lah. I am considering it as a spam. I got 2 version of it. 1 without the curse , another one with curse …

    spam spam spam… better eat luncheon meat šŸ˜›

  2. Jason #1 – Eat vinegar issit? Soli lur, my own kai cai i oso no choose. I got two now mah. And got so many chee mui, how leh?

    Jx2 = yes, please excuse me while i pangsai

  3. No eat vinegar leh. Spam is in blogsphere lah. PPS kena liao. Now it started by forcing ppl to post in the blog. šŸ™ I also kena from Papi and Earl-Ku. I will blog about it, but I wont forward the thing. šŸ™‚

  4. Ya lor, got poison chain letter in PPS liao. Jason kena twice by Earl Ku and Papi, Buaya oso twice by Mack and Papi. MG kena from Papi but lazy to blog it went and post in Papi’s comments board. Haha. Sorry again Papi.

  5. Hahaha, twinsmom – you had been cursed, go see silencer’s blog. Just for fun, to see how our blogger frens think of us etc. Go read silencer’s blog. He said I am such a lovable mom. So kembang.

    MG – just for fun. and flattered too lah, that we have people picking us.

    Jason – you very lor sor hor? Blog it one time mah ok liao lor

  6. Hello auntie, kehkehkeh yeah you guessed right, never expected to see me kena, glad it was from you šŸ˜€ Accepting your challenge so go see the result of your cursing LOL.

  7. Actually the “Yeh Liang” song is also the “Ni wen wor ai, ni yeo tuo shen, wa ai ni yeo chi fen” which is “Yeh liang tai piao wor ter shing”. Heck, I’m from St. Xavier’s in Penang but now in KL, but I’ve heard it blast from almost every karaoke joint enough to remember something about it… šŸ˜‰

  8. Hahaha deesee, Wrong liao. There’s another one, that one ‘wo mei wang chee’ wan? Alamak, these kind of songs hor, cannot erase from the mind wan. BTW, you know Chow Kah Weng? I am his aunt.

    Kervin – Glad you found about this. Forgot to inform you.

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