Marrying a much younger man?

I posted something at MG’s comments board but the damn internet censored it! I was having some older, wicked, women devilish talk with a bunch of married women about hooking up with a younger man.

(OK, that lines on top are meant to attract PPS’s traffic, the blurb.)

Now, first of all, the little voice in my heart says:

In all the years I started this (grief) group, I had never felt as blue as now. Sometimes, those emails that you have all sent? I dare not even read it. I saw (the 2 mth old baby) photo and I broke down. I do not know what is wrong with me so I keep on pushing my humour, more and more. I do not know if it is a good thing or bad. Sort of a person turning alchoholic or something (blogaholic?), I decided to venture into a new world, mixing with ‘normal’ people to avoid my own inner pain.

OK, I am not asking for anyone’s sympathy. Just that I have to clarify these as my blog is read by many and I do not want to be misunderstood. The above is an excerpt that I had just mailed to my grief support group. Now, back to the main story……

MG was telling the SYTs to marry a man at least 5 years older than a girl. That’s how the older women/younger men talks start. MrsT said her husband is 8 years younger than her. And some of the women agreed that after some years, the men seems to stay young and the women older. Don’t miss MG’s comment board, ok? Some famous blogger is quoted……*wink*

If there is anyone who is in a dilemma about younger man/older woman, it is me. Like they say, love is blind. In my case, love is totally blind. I married an OLDER man, 4 years older than me. But he is well, young looking. KS can attest to that? How old do you think my atm looks? Late thirties? I had been in many awkward situations where people are actually waiting for my husband when he is already standing right there. Unless I say ‘THIS IS MY HUSBAND, WHOM I MARRIED’ no one will guess. *sigh*

I want to ask MrsT if is fun to be married to a man 8 years younger than her. Because it is certainly not nice for me exteriorly when internally, the hormonal older man rules! LOL! I am a mother to my husband. Ewwwss…..Or an older sister….. Shitty marn. And people may thinks I digs younger men.

Anyhow, with my durian thorns (and now, SKII), I do not care at all lah. But once, on my 16th wedding anniversary, I have the bad luck of bumping into my ex-bf. I hate it how men seems to grow old slower than woman. He looks still the same and yikes, he must be relieved that he did not marry me. LOL! But at least I have bigger cars, houses, more kids and richer husband than he is now. (4 vs 1)

So, now I better put more MSG into my atm’s food so that he can go bald or something. In order to make him look old and I feel young. *muahahaha*

So, SYTs, leng luis, Ah Lian, Ah Hua sekalian, remember? If you want to find a man to marry, find someone at least TEN years older than you. Or even better, 20-30 years older. That way, you have a better chance of marrying twice. Hahaha. Once he kicked the bucket, you sapu all the harta-benda (properties) and re-marry a stud. Woo hoo!

And all the lek chai (clever boys), never marry a girl that is the same age as you. Or older than you. Otherwise, you will be following your cheh-cheh (older sister) or even worse mommy around in a few years time. Hahahaha. I tell ya, it must be damn malu-fying. (But in reality, this is not the case of us married women ‘cos we know how to menambat hati jantan (tie the male’s heart). hahahaha. Gimme a five, ladies!)

Anyone married to an older woman? Or a much, much older husband? Wanna share your stories? Comments, please.

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  1. Quote : “So, SYTs, leng luis, Ah Lian, Ah Hua sekalian, remember? If you want to find a man to marry, find someone at least TEN years older than you. Or even better, 20-30 years older. That way, you have a better chance of marrying twice. Hahaha. Once he kicked the bucket, you sapu all the harta-benda (properties) and re-marry a stud. Woo hoo!”

    Don’t spoil the market ah! Kill you, Jason aldy is depriving for SYTs, and you say like that, me no need to get any gf liao loh!!!

    Follow my sister/gf go out ah? Good wut, I love being pampered or manja by an elder sister. Coz i’m the eldest and I have to manja my sis. Knn!

  2. Don’t get girls in secondary school now. They are probably thinking how to score 18A1s šŸ˜›

    Remember Anna Nicole Smith ? Yes, the playmate with THE boobs. She married this old bone and inherited his wealth when he died.

    I mean if a girl abruptly marries someone so much older than her, tongues will start wagging.

    My personal comment ? I have a girlfriend two years younger than me, but sometimes she is more mature than I am.

    Buden again it’s better to have two people who are about to look out for each other. No matter the age.

  3. Auntie, this is the matter that keeps wondering inside my head for long time. Lets say, I am in love with a girl whom is older than me around 2 years or less, what will you say?

    I have asked my mom before, and she said, aiyerr.. y lar? its already considered cyeh cyeh to u ler.. and some of my friends said girls tend to get old faster. Is it true?

    hoho I am in deep confusion now. :p

  4. Hmm… I like younger gals who can manja-manja around me. That means she can make me feel man enough to shield and protect her from everything bwahahaha. Sometimes we can even manja-manja together. But not so young la… 4 years younger at most. hehehe

  5. not onli KS can attest, i can attest too !!! *wink wink*

    nahhhh, auntie lilian, i bet that u wont put more MSG food into ur atm food :P, u really “seh tak” or not??

    u have a happy family with ur atm n all ur kids, so no need care so much bout looks n age looo, u sudah very bahagia oo..kekeke..

  6. From my point of view, the best choice will be the one that is understanding, matured, not old enough, pretty inside-outside (outside so-so can already la), easy to make friends, easy going, friendly, socializing (but not too far ler, can get jealous also u know), will lend her shoulder when you are in need, and can stand any pressures, hard time, and simple life.

    Fiuh…. Long list… But this is based on experience and so came this list. That is why now, if find girl, damn hard for me. hahaha Sked this, that, here, there, everywhere sked.

  7. Ya, got any questions about her husband, pls ask me. I can verify and clear your doubts. See if Lililian is lying or not! lol!

    Liulian, my comment like that ok kah? Lol!
    Eh, your name also got ah “lian” in it! šŸ˜‰

  8. Hey.. Lilian,
    Thanks for the special mention hor..!!! now put me in the spot..!!! I asked my spouse about the whole issue.. younger man .. older woman.. and he said from the very beginning that it didn’t bother him at all. Initially, i was kinda afraid too.. that his parents and family may not accept me.. because i’m so much more older.. but i was once again .. proven wrong.. my parents in law and my spouse extended family.. accepted me with open arms.. šŸ˜‰
    As for whether fun or not.. obviously lah..!!!! he has more energy.. and smart.. but then.. you have to understand that my spouse’s mentality is different.. from those i know from before.
    Am i more like his older sister or mom..?? no lah.. i never felt this way.. coz’ he is the one that is taking care of my every need.. be it monetary.. emotionally or anything at all. I went thru’ a hard time.. when i was having Chloe.. but he was always there for me.. at my beck and call and of course saying the right thing also another plus. I never have to spend a single cent of my own.. ever since i came to Canada.. my spouse supported me in everything financially.
    Do i look older than he..?? no..!! that’s wat everyone say.. but true or not… i donch know. but i donch feel like i do look older than he.. so i’m fine in that dept too.
    Being with a younger man does have its perks..!! Wanna know what it is.. ???!!!?? Email me.. i’ll tell you ..heheheh!! šŸ˜‰

  9. Funny post!

    i think i prefer a man who is older and more matured than me. I don’t like going out and being mistaken as ‘cheh-cheh’ or mother! icks! My ex is same age as me (11 months older) but I got mistaken as his sister by one of his friends. can u imagine how embarrassed (and malu) i was!!!

  10. Actually who cares about age. I know one lady with 4 kids who divorced her abusive husband. Heard soon afterwards that she got married to a guy (a doctor) 9 years younger.

  11. How about feeding 5Xdad more and more till he develops a beer belly. After all your cooking so first class. Anyway my mum was 2 years older than my dad.

  12. my first wife was 7 years older than me. i loved her very much and so does she … even until today. but que sera sera … whatever will be will be.

  13. Hanyi – *speechless*
    OJ – hahahah
    MG – Tried that for the last 20 yrs, he never gets beer belly or white hair or wrinkles. So, tell me how? Last resort is botak!
    Adam – that happens in real life? Wow.

    Oh dear, I am beginning to love this! So many feedbacks.
    ET – Yeah, I envy MrsT too.
    Eileen – Good that is an ex now.
    MrsT – I don’t have to email you, I know. LOL! I am blushing, in fact.

    KS – you can charge them, ok? For every question.
    (KS was here at my house for CNY)
    Jason – girls do marry very old, old man, ok? I wish I have the luck.

  14. Surfnux – Actually, not all men remains youngish looking. Just that some do. Like my atm, he was small size and boyish. So, you guys don’t worry la, unless you look very boyish.

    MMG – Wah, if atm see, he is going to be so happy. TQ. (MMG was in Perhentian Island, on the same boat as us)

    Fabian – some men prefer to be manja. In fact, I had written many posts about that – Mens being boys. My old blogs.

    Ah Boy – 2 years only mah. Dun care la, love is blind and ageless. Dun let the age be a problem.

    Jx – yeah, the character also has a part. An older woman may not boss you around but who knows, a younger one will be the ‘ork kai na’ (mother hen). Die jugak, ya?

  15. My hubby is 1yr older than me. But I still look younger than him even after two kids :PpPpPp
    Some of his colleagues actually asked him whether he married an under-age girl when he showed them our wedding photos! And the funniest was, the F&B manager of a club lounge (supposed to be for 18 and above) came to tell me of the age restriction (he thought I was under aged) when I was pregger with 1st child @~24weeks! LOL!

  16. Heh. Looks like I better stop looking after myself so that Mae and I can age gracefully together.

    Oh wait, I NEVER look after myself! šŸ˜†

  17. I know a guy who married a woman 11 years his senior. He was 25 and she 36. That time got kick la, dapat successful and matured career woman.

    When she hit 40’s, insecurity and menopause kicked in. Kesian him now.

  18. I think it doesn’t matter who’s older – Don’t got splitting up because of age issue. This auntie liulian influence people marry for $$ wan – aiseh.

    I prefer older ladies though – When you (guy) are able to hook up with someone older, it’s kinda like an ego-booster u know :p And the experience… The maturity… OMG *slurrp slurrp*

    Btw, my friends always make fun of me when they hear “mature” and “maturity” uttered by me… They’d go like, “Dude, go online and do a search on ‘Mature ladies’ and see what that means!!”. But hey, i don’t mean senior citizen ma!

  19. David – Yikes, you must specify how much older la. You early twenties, find someone mid twenties ok la.

    Otherwise you will end up like ah pink said. Marn…11 years older is way, way, way too old. For a kept toy-boy ok lah, but for a husband? Die. How to fight off SYTs lusting for the husband?

    James – you are funny.

  20. i read chinese novels “condor heroes”.. the girl “xiao long nu” is 8 years older than the guy.. but they ended up quite well coz the girl used lotsa chi gong to preserve her beauty.. SKII does the same trick la šŸ˜›

  21. My aunty married somebody 20 years her junior … in 1997 .. she was 51 .. he was 31. Somehow, the guy eventually became more mature and she looked a tad younger …. like achieving equilibrium like dat … Still living happily … and very much mooshy mooshy with each other.. and no… my aunt is no Joan Collins or Crystal (from Dallas .. u young guys know this soap opera or not?) .. just a simple lady who resides in the kampong.

    Then ahh … aiya .. when Mr Pompit(same age) was admitted to hospital .. this Ah Pek next to him asked me .. “Itu lu anak umo lima belat tahun kaa?????” .. thinking I was his mom …. That made his day … :0 Darn!!!!!!!

  22. hoho Narrowband – I agree with your idea. Maturity is one of the main criteria. Unmatured and unreliable kind is not a perfect one. But, its all depends on the person itself to choose their liking. :p

  23. i read chinese novels “condor heroes”.. the girl “xiao long nu” is 8 years older than the guy.. but they ended up quite well coz the girl used lotsa chi gong to preserve her beauty.. SKII does the same trick la šŸ˜›

    Posted by: orang jahat at March 11, 2005 01:14 PM

    Olang Jahat, itu last time lar ancient time … now latest version not more call ‘Condor Heroes’ liow .. its now called “Condom Heroes” they using SKII and marie claire now

  24. I will never marry a gal that is older than me one, cause she definitely wiser than me. I cannot tahan!

  25. wah…talk about marry marry and older women and men only..comment berlambak giler

    Anyway, like what Dav said…age doesn’t really define maturity. Sometimes some 20 year olds can be more mature than the 30 year olds.

    But then again, you see, I’m a student, I’m dating a working ‘man’ who is 3 years older than I am. He already pass his teenage years and somehow don’t seem to enjoy the things young ppl do. So my problem with him is, sometimes I feel that I’m as old as him because since I was 17 till now…I haven’t been close with much friends my age. How? It’s like I skipped the having fun stage like dat u know. Sigh. I always complain to him saying that I feel so old…then he would ask me to stand outside our skool and hook up with 5 years old looking 15 years old kid.


  26. Will I date a younger guy (younger by more than 1 one year)? The answer is NO. Why? I prefer a more mature man so he can lead the way =P

  27. *burp…* tomyam prawn flow out from my ear liao…
    27 comment liao…all great view, I share teh same with a lot of you.

    well, twinsdad younger than me 1 year, but since i’m a very happy person so I don’t look very much older than him, in fact he don’t really care about this age thing, not even my white hair, so as long I feel happy, he feel happy too.

    not very much about age, LOVE that count.
    if we really in love with that person age never a matter, if the couple have no love in between them, a single white hair or wrinkle will be the issue.

  28. i know a girl who’s getting married to a guy 10 years younger than her. Let’s see, when he was 10, she was 20, when HE was 20, she was 40, when HE was 40, she was 80!

  29. Adoilah, I went out grocery shopping and come back got so many funny things to read.

    First, Lyza (pompit) – Wah…you give hope to many women out there (especially the spinsters). 51yo woman married 31yo man. Boleh cari auntie u jadi sifu liao. How to tackle young man. Adoi, sakit perut tak tahan gelak.

    But some apek memang rabun. Sometimes, I know apek is going to ask me, yang mana satu anak and yang mana satu laki? I got psychic power, cepat-cepat jawab sebelum apek tanya. ‘Cos my eldest son is very tall and fat. Tapi bapa dia nampak kecik.

    The rest – I comment later.

  30. Kekeke… 5xmom, u bring another good topic. In Japan, get married with an older women are common phenomena here. I’ve ask many Japanese guys, half of them actually prefer older ladies. šŸ˜‰ They say older woman more attraction wor~

    For fish fish… it’s not a matter of age, but more to if be with him would be something I really looking for or not. šŸ˜›

  31. why liulian no diu me one leh ??? i knot live one day without liulian diu-ing me!!! diu me pulezzzz !!!!

    fish fish – older jab-penis owmen hor are richer mah …. most jab-penis men are dickhead lol

  32. I prefer older guys and guys prefer younger girls generally. Of course there are men who like younger women because they like the feeling of being dominated.
    Older guys give me a stronger sense of security, their thinking is more matured and they usually have a stable job and are financially independent. I like to hold intellectual conversations sometimes with my bf and with a guy who is the same age as I am, I can hardly do that.
    My bf now is 2 and 1/2 years older than me. He’s a working man and so has a lot of things to share with me about his working life, his boss and office politics..

  33. i was praying to get married at least to a guy at the same age, or an older guy. my prayers was answered when I met the husband, who happen to be a year older only.

    still, i wish he could be 3-4 years older. hehe. but then, ok la. at least we can grow old together at almost the same pace, and we can jaga anak sama2. if i married much much older, later sapa nak tolong jaga baby?

  34. i’m still here la.. damn tl bcoz of this post la knn.. all the SYTs scared away by your post liow la!! i go their site and comment they call me to get lost bcoz they don wanna end up marrying me. that i should have been 28 instead of 18.

  35. Can you repost your entry ah? change it from.. like 10 years to about 4 years la.. coz the youngest blogger i know is 14-year old la


  36. Eleh, sudah tahu tanya pulak, Mr B ini.
    Cherry – I just recalled that my dad is abt 10 yrs older than my mom. Not sure la, but if I got a chance, I think I like a much older man, got loads of money and everything ready. Then, no need to toil with him, just spend, spend, spend. Hahahaha.

    Wingz – You want to kena IP banning, issit? Then u totally cannot surf to my site unless u go cybercafe.

    Fish fish – We ask doc to go and observe and come back report, ok? If what you said is true, wah, next time, I retire liao, I go yapunis to stay.

    Simon – OI, I am 40 yrs old but not acting 80 yo wei. Someone said only 25 yo. LOL!

  37. …continue.

    Twinsmom – Wei, why you so geli ha? LOVE counts. We no talk love here, we talk age only. Next round, I write about Love ok?

    ALAMAK, the comments are coming faster than I can comment-balik.

    OJ – U think I set law ah? You go and marry 20 yrs old than you oso not against the law la.

    S-Kay – your idea is good. Security now and later. Otherwise, if one has a younger husband, when older time, alamak, worry about competitors dah.

    Mr Kiasu lives up to his name! LOL!

    Hazel – yeah, maybe old man better patience with kids?

    Wingz (wah mentioned u twice happy liao?) and OJ – you and your condom heroes…..ROTFLMAO! But Wingz more accurate, got SKII and Marie Claire no need chi qong liao. BTW, Wingz is 48 yrs old, anyone interested?

  38. Oi, non-teh-jiu nang, this blog is not ‘one for all, all for one’ ok? But you also keee-kooo-kooo oso, every few minutes come back here.

    MG – I thought I got flame war but it turns out to be hot topic. Thanks to your blog and the non-working comment board lor. I so desperate want to add my comment, blogspot not working, so I came back and blog. Manatau, become so funny.

  39. Wah…I was not sitting in front of the computer for less than 8 hours…and its like I havent read blogs for 10 days…-.-“”

  40. OKlah, we make it hit 50. This is entry #49. Whoever hit number 50 will get the honourable chance of commenting twice in one blog. kehkehkeh

  41. hohohoho normally, from my experience, me and some of my friends, tend to look for older girls as girlfriend, after broke up with the young one or rejected. Hohoho Dunno maybe its some kind of dissapointment, and then if got the elder one, can improve in maturity also.

    The boy and the girl knows a lot, matured, both are geng, then age will be no more problem. kih kih kih kih.. Does it sounds right?

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