Women who don’t act their age.

Hot topic that just cross my mind. Is the above question an insult or compliment? Tell me, tell me.

If it comes from my sons, they are very prejudiced btw, it is an insult but I take it as a compliment. Just yesterday, one of my kid said he wanted to pierce his ear (only one). I was driving home from Tesco, like all housewives do, buy eggs and sugar. I go, ‘Siao ah, that will be so ghey.” I had been badly influenced by Mike, I know. I even pronounced the ghey with the ‘h’ prominently loud. Then, we went into debate about it and usually, it will end up with my kids telling me, ‘you are not acting your age’. That I hope is they see me younger but I am like an old lady. (we debate about ear piercing next time ok?)

Then, this morning, Sweetspirit, blogger from Aussie said this :

I do not act my age as i play xbox ps2 , roller blade basketball.

(OMG, Sweetspirit even told her frens about me!!! She linked me!!! giggles)

I too used to play computer games like Stronghold, Age of Mythology, Sims to name a few. And when my sons’ school friends (15 yrs old now) dropped by, I had joined in their conversations with the games strategies and cheat codes etc. But these are now put on hold with the arrival of my toddler. Must make mental to start ‘Not acting my age again’

So, mature women, yikes sound so porn-ish. No make that, wise women, what do you feel if someone tells you, you are not acting your age?

1) Want to slap the person for insulting you? Meaning he/she said you fatt hou/naik miang/turn lusty.

2) Swoon and start twirling your hairs, giggles and blush? Then, go out and buy something trendy?

3) Go home and cry your heart out because people accused you of being older than you thought. And burn your husband pockets on La Mer, SKII, Marie France and plastic surgery?

4) Come to 5xmom and ask what that means?

Now, the tricky question. Hahahaha, I am extra daring today. Testing my luck. What age do I act? Remember…it is a tricky question. Someone said I have the enegertic mind of a 25 years old and maturity of a well, matured woman.

Gotta run!

Oh yeah, don’t dare call me auntie. ‘Cos Rojak referred me as Liulian siujeh. Go to this old man’s blog? He paid me for advertisement.

25 thoughts on “Women who don’t act their age.

  1. Nyah nyah, you act and sound like an excited woman in her late 30s. Actually I don’t really mind women who don’t act their age, hor. But if a 50-yr old acts giddy and yappy like a 13-yr old ada jugak rasa nak lempang sekali.

  2. oi piercing the ear is not gay okay!! i have earrings oso hor!! -_-”

    well it’s bad to be old
    it’s good to be old and feel young (that’s you)

    but it’s best to be genuinely young (that’s me)

  3. That’s what I wanted to ask you last nite on MSN ‘cos this little guy asked me to ask Mun Kit. Tiuu..he is a reader of your blog now.

    Silencer – that’s kind of answer!

  4. Isn’t it great women don’t act like their age?? hehe..u know laa..women bear so much of identity..mother, daughter, darling, sis, & etc..must act different for each identity maa..

  5. Women ar ? they are strange animal, they are born with mental problem ledi so i call them saiko sapien. When they young dat time …. oh they so wanna be more mature and looks older, i got a 16 yrs old relative who always dressed up like 30 yrs old ahsum, wo she wanna impless ? 40 yrs old suksuk ?

    Buden when they old ledi … like in their 40s .. they suddenly wanna look young back … thats where all this junks SKII la LAMER la Kum Kwai Fei la Mari France la … all come in to con their money … and they willingly part with their money just to “feel” young again.

    Sigh* Women.. pathetic arent they ? Larling i correct anot jek ?

  6. I remember when i was younger.. i wanna be old.. and now.. i’m older….. i wanna look young.. and veri the happy.. when ppl tell me.. i donch look 40.. and then i proud proud tell everyone.. oi.. i 40 have 1st baby ok..! and then the reply from a kid one day.. was .. wow!! you so old..!! Wa-lau..!! so honest.. but a then.. children donch lie.. so must be true lah.. πŸ˜‰ So OLD!! hheehehe!! anyhow real question.. how old do you act like Lilian.. ??? i’m a pretty smart woman .. ok.. πŸ˜› so this one trick question.. like my spouse always say.. hahhahaha!!! so here it is..Lilian.. you act like 27yrs old.. πŸ˜‰
    Why leh..you ask..?? you sound young.. you look young.. you very smart .. very compassionate…. very garang at times.. πŸ˜‰ so yes.. 27 is my answer.. πŸ˜‰

  7. Ah. Having kids allows you to not act your age as you get to relive your childhood together with your children. (goes away singing *Forever young, I wanna be forever young*).

  8. Hi Lilian
    Arr we have a few more things in common , as you know i have 5 children ,which at one time a few yrs back every weekend my home was filled with at least 22 kids of all ages, even now if i see the other kids some of course are older then my children and not kids at all they have have their own children now,but they come up to me in the shops n hug me πŸ™‚

    But yeah i blade with my children my son’s gf ,play games as my eldest son is a writer for game mags in oz but to my children i am their friend but always a mother first.cheers do take care

  9. DonÒ€ℒt worry; old age must be viewed as a highly creative part of living with much wisdom.

    The mind actually becomes more itself, freer to use more of its abilities, allowed to stray from restricted areas, to assimilate, acknowledge and create.

    The chemical and hormonal changes that occur are conducive to spiritual and psychic growth.

    It is not a time of spiritual/or physical deterioration or the beginning of an era in which all the hard worn attributes of maturity vanish and the reasoning faculties vanish.

  10. i don’t think that’s an insult nor a compliment – it’s just a statement. erm, if a young girl is said to be “not acting her age”, it is more of a compliment. for other age groups, i think such statement is ‘neutral’ lor :p

  11. Wah, I very tired liao, not time to reply all comments ‘cos i took out my contact lenses liao.

    But tiuus Ah Wingz suk-suk. No wonder no one visit your very farny blog la. You never learnt PR yet. Bloggers must have good PR. You tok nonsense, my cheemui semua dun wan to go near you liao. Better pou farn sou with some nice things.

  12. when 16+ many girls like to look older like 20+ but after 40+ they seem like to look younger like 30+. If really very old like 40+ over i know they wont be act like a little girls lar.

  13. Hmmm…i’m not sure whether i’m “acting my age” or not leh.
    Last time,during primary(Standard 3),one of my parents’ frens thought i’m the eldest daughter(older than my elder sis).That time,i was so sad & cried.Haha…
    But,now(in term of look),ppl thought i’m the youngest(among the 3 siblings of us).Even some of my younger bro’s frens thought i’m his “younger sis” when they 1st saw me.And last year,when i went for Flag Day collection,ppl thought i’m only Form 1 leh.Muahahaha….=P
    I definitely dun mind ppl say i look younger than my age.But,for “acting like my age”,i think i’m quite mature in thinking(sometimes even more mature than my elder sis).That’s y i’m always asked to take care of the family whenever my parents go outstation.But sometimes,i’ll seem fragile,vulnerable & blur too & it’s the time for me to be “manja” & taken care of.;)
    Btw,i’m only 20.

  14. I say you’re acting younger than your age which is good. It means that you’re still the same you + more experience

    I’m 21 now and I still watch cartoons and act like a kid sumtimes…and I think I’ll carry this on even if when I have kids weh

    But I have friends who have said that I’m more mature than other 21 year old girls…most are damn immature nowadays

  15. I din watch any cartoon for a long time alrdy,since Standard 2.Except those box-office hit Disney cartoons.
    Most of my frens r still watching cartoons now & they always discuss about it.This is the time when i’ll be real bored cos we r not tuning in the same “channel”.Somehow i always wonder what’s so good/funny with cartoon which i think is rather ‘childish’.=P
    *sorry for those who r still watching cartoons.Maybe i miss out all the fun in cartoons.*

  16. you go auntie lilian! there’s so much fun to be had in life, no need to waste time acting your age la, hor? πŸ˜‰

    what bugs me, though, is the fact that more and more young girls are trying to act like older women. wearing designer clothes, make-up. (i once saw a 10-year-old walking around in gucci clothes, wearing mascara, eye-liner… the works!)

    they’re losing out on their childhood.

    p.s: this is my first post here! *yay!*

  17. 1+2mom – your observation is so true!
    tEo – At 20 yo, you want to act which direction oso can. Wait till after 25 years old hor….then.. *scary music in the background* the fears will creep in.
    Dr Letti – Cartoons? I wish I have the same interest ‘cos my kids tune to it all the time and I am so tired just listening!

    s-Kay – if you ask me to guess your age, I would thought you are older too. ‘Cos many girls your age are blogging about their nails colour, how many blouses they bought and bitch blog only. (so says some orang jahat, muahahahaha)

    ganaesh – You are right! Even in my church, we have these girls, barely 12 years old and wear bare backs, tied up their hairs like those errrm…i dunno how to describe with lots of colour beads, make-up and short, short skirt. The they swing their head around. Eewwwsss, come on, this is a church (where we, Catholic women, once were expected to even wear a head scarf)

    Aiyohhh…sad, only Jason missed me. Twinsmom leh?

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