The internet is a dangerous place.

The story of a grey chameleon

Before the story begins, let us learn a little about the animal kingdom and also some English. What is a chameleon? It is a huge cicak or lizard. As explained below by WordWeb:

1) A changeable or inconstant person
2) Lizard of Africa and Madagascar able to change skin colour and having a projectile tongue

Now the story….

Once upon a time, in a land far away, there lived a colony of chameleons. The funny thing is the chameleons are either complete white or complete black. The black ones are always plotting how to make the white ones black. But the white ones are nice, little creatures, harmless and full of love.

In the colony, there is an old, wise, grey chameleons (wgc ok, I lazy to type). Because of it’s colour, the grey chameleon often mixed with both sides. It knows the mind of the black ones and at the same time, know the weaknesses of the white ones.

Out of boredom and itchy butt, plus a shortages of female grey chameleons to mate with or probably, the old kkc has withered due to overusage, the wgc decided to do something for its amusement. Wgc in its mood swing, did something which I shall not elaborate (‘cos I know all of my dear readers have imaginitive minds so go conjure up your own stories).

The main intention was to make white and black chameleons to have some warm fuzzy feeling going through their reptile, cold blooded bodies. Wgc thought it will be nice to have them shaking their scales in the manner a buaya does. And wgc does have a HUGE** purpose – that is to teach the white chameleons to be careful of black ones as they can infilterate into their white world just like what chameleons are best at.

In the process, some white chameleons were injured. Some black chameleons were damn black faced (hey, they are black oredi, how to be blacker?). And whatever few transparent chameleons (yeah, got transparent ones too) turned into cloudy colour because they do not know which colour to change to.

One silly transparent chameleon (stc) sat on the fence, flitting between grey, black and white. In the process, the stc got very confused, not sure which side of the fence to stay at. Stc forgot the **huge purpose that the wgc had told stc much, much earlier, months back.

Because of jumping fences, stc forgot wgc’s early warning and allowed mistrusts to creep in and accused wgc of intentionally killing white chameleons. Wgc got damned tiu-ed and screamed, “The INTERNET is a damn dangerous place. Many white chameleons are not ready to venture into it. They do not realised that black chameleons outnumbered them. So, I have to sacrifice a few white ones so that the rest will know how dangerous black chameleons from other island (international waters) are!”

Stc still do not know whether wgc is black or white or true grey but the lesson learnt is certainly beneficial to white chameleons. Because stc does not want to see any of the white chameleons getting injure or kill in future, stc resolves to venture into the dangerous territories, armed with a lot more wisdom. As for wgc, it has gone up to the snow mountain for meditation. And those injured chameleons? Well, they are resilient creatures, with a forgiving heart, stc hopes. And their tails have grown again.

The above story has no relation to any humans, plants, animals or germs. However, 5xmom has these words of wisdom – In times of trouble, it is hard to stand by your friends when they are at both ends. But standing by, I would. I have God’s given gift of intuition and I know my intuition is always right.

Ok – now the comment part. Don’t dare to comment even if you think you knew what I am saying. Because you are all either black or white. Go work on the grey part, it is hard, it is tough. It is not easy but someone has to do it. Or turn transparent, which is hard too.

(I wrote this story during lunch break at the seminar I attended. So, it is very chim though you may think it is shallow. Jesus was sent to the world as a grey chameleon to conquer the black ones. That I can tell you.)

15 thoughts on “The internet is a dangerous place.

  1. Like that also can ah? Not counted one, ok? Where got ppl be the first commentor for her/his own blog one?

    Anyway, I should have skipped the story and read the last paragraph. šŸ™‚ Haih~better choose not to comment. Too complex for simple minded people like me. My brain nearly burnt off while reading your story.

    And again, I am the first commentor, ok?

  2. liak-bo-que! lost you completely…. how can wgc be jesus and so giak-siaw one, n cause so much trouble for black and white ones in the first place. why can’t stc be a fence sitter n bo-chap-sue! or better still, the fuzzy feeling causes black n white to copulate…. what do you get if you mix black with white? grey!!! then everyone becomes wgc. end of story.

  3. OJ – think so easy to be transparent? Gotta drain all the blood first wor.

    Mrs T – Yeah, chim indeed.

    Mike – JC story came in as I was about to publish blog. It is not entirely related lar ‘cos JS is all white wan. People who sits on fences will fall like humpty-dumpty so stc better get a foothold on both sides. kahkahkah, got you more confused hor?

  4. After 5xmom explained, baru I know what is it all about. Man, Jason is simple minded boy, dun put it too complex mah. šŸ˜›

  5. So chim so chim..

    “Jesus was sent to the world as a grey chameleon to conquer the black ones” —> wow, sounds like the movie Constantine !!

  6. MG – Kenot grasps? Must tell you who is who, then probably you will go like Jason….aha!!!
    9T9 – Better dun try to understand, can be transparent like that.
    MMG – I haven’t even watch Constantine!
    Jason – now he knows he is the white one.

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