Happiness is….

Happiness is having innocents kids looking up to you:

Happiness is having a trusting dragonfly which ‘pose’ for you, in macro mode. (btw, dragonflies and butterflies are my imaginary Vincent’s soul)

Happiness is finding that rare ‘firecracker’ flowers because it reminded me of the very few moments I had spent with my father. I remembered long, long, long, long (something like 3 decades ago) my father showed me these flowers which made a ‘pop’ sound when squeezed. (never mind that my #2 son complaint that my big bum is taking up the whole tiny lane whereby everyone has to squeeze through because I was squatting there, butt in the air, nose on the ground, just for that perfect photo)


And if that single flower moment had stayed on in my mind, then, shouldn’t I make sure that I leave my kids with enough happy childhood memories to last them a lifetime? Like letting them get drenched with the sprinkler at the Youth Park? How can any parents deny their kids the joy of running round and round the sprinkler on a hot, hot day? It is our lucky day today ‘cos no one stopped them from this spur-of-the-moment childhood whims. Oh yeah, got a lot of spoilsports who said, “aiyoh, can get sick, water so dirty, can get white fungal spots, can get chills, against telur (the law)”. To them, go find monkeys and get diusss…. The fun and thrill are priceless.


18 thoughts on “Happiness is….

  1. Twinsmom is faster than me!!! WTH!!!
    Now, this is what I called kick ass mom!!!
    Happiness is when you got a wicked cool mom like auntie Lilian

  2. Happiness is going home and finding 500 SYTs in your bed.

    Happiness is having $50 billions in bank and having headache just by thinking of how to spend them.

    Happiness is looking down atop from NY’s tallest building and knowing that how many ppl are working their ass off in cubicles writing reports in order to make you rich.

    Happiness is being young, healthy, handsome and funny, intelligent and rich.

    Happiness is having 5 older sisters and 5 older brothers who care for you and you’re not obliged to care for them in turn.

    Happiness is being the most selfish and self-centred yet getting recognition from people around you.

    Happiness is a choice šŸ™‚

  3. As always, your children are so adorable! šŸ™‚
    My parents would never ever have let me or my sister do what you let your kids do i.e. get drenched by the sprinklers. They will say that its dirty…I’ll catch a chill etc etc…
    Not saying that I missed out anything but I would really like to try that one day…

  4. its so so nice to be ur kids..and ur #5 is cute!!~~
    i hope i’ll hav a mom like u 2 šŸ˜€

  5. The number 4 picture, Auntie Lilian successfully tangkap basah of a few kids:p

    Jason is always 1 step slower. Try harder next time.

    Happiness is life:)

  6. Lilian, you got soooo many energy to bring your sons go out and still can manage the web. I very pui fok you.
    Really very happy to see the children have a memorable childhood.

  7. 1+2mom – sap sap sui only, once you get used to it. Not only that leh, I got time to take photos all over the garden. Each time I go, I come back with 200+ photos. From the sky to the grass and everything in between. ‘Cos my kids can watch out for each other liao.

    Wingz – I still laffing. Nvm, there is viagra.
    Sarah – TQ.
    Alphonso – yes, yes, tangkap (gambar) basah
    Jovin – Aww…I am sure your mom is special in her own way. I am rotten in many other ways, btw. ‘Cos the blog has only one face mah.

    Cherry – You can always run out into the rain. I do that sometimes. Walk in the rain without umbrella.

    Mrs T – So is Chloe.

    OJ – No one dares to flame me lar. ‘Cos I got Orang Jahat watching here.

    MMG – Yes, that’s the most important of all.

    Twinsmom – You must venture out of the house more often. Very nice lor, no need to keep jumping in front of the computer to see how much traffic liao, got anyone commenting etc.

    Jason – Wah, kembang with the :
    Happiness is when you got a wicked cool mom like auntie Lilian

    P/S : Orang Jahat – Wtf you want with 500 SYTs huh? You sakit jiwa ke? You ingat you China emperor ke? Pokok kelapa nanti tumbang tau?

  8. Letti – Yes, yes, my kids hair all no need to comb wan. ‘Cos it goes in the direction it wants, no amount of combing can help. Just like my hair!

  9. Auntie, your kids are so adorable. I don’t think I could ever care for 5 at the same time. My mom had a hard time with just the two of us (me and my brother). You must be super-mom!

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