Making bloggers world smaller

If you think the world is big, think again.

I went to Perhentian Island for a holiday. Met a group of young people and few weeks later, meet them online. Now, one of them is blogging and she said she knows Jasonmumble‘s housemate. Eeeek, you can run but you can’t hide. Go visit her blog, gang. Especially, Orang Jahat, Jx2, Jason and Surfnux! This is an order! (Yes, madam!) She use MMG as her nickname here ‘cos I called her the muntah-muntah girl. Hohohoho. Her blog is pretty impressive, talking about human nature and stuff.

Which reminds me of an orang jahat who told me that many blogs are damn boring because the bloggers whine, talked about the number of blouses they bought, show their painted nails and nothing much. I think Orang Jahat is searching for a kick-ass SYT.

While I am on the mood of advertising, please also visit these blogs from overseas:

MrsT – In Canada
Sweetspirit – In Australia
Keaukina – In USA

I am also very enchanted with some established, local bloggers like Viewtru. You never know what to expect from his blog. Like it, visit him.

And there is Indonesian blogger, Surfnux. Hohoho, like his views too.

Do I dare to slot in, visit Rojak? Go learn some of his unique Yingrish.

Pardon the promo but I think it will be nice to build a cosy community with fellow bloggers. Why not we slot in some recommended reads in our daily blogs so that we can enlarge our circle of friends? For a shy person like me, sometimes, I wanted to start a comment at a new blog I visited but got tongue tied. So, if I get an intro, then probably, I will dare to comment more often. Shall we do that? Close our blog with one or two blogs you read and caught your attention?


Took the photo of this little cicak this afternoon when I was at the Youth Park. Pretty nice shot, isn’t it? I got so close to it. Reminds me of my transparent chameleon story.

*jumping and waving at the guy with a Konica Minolta SLR camera. (expensive, canggih stuff) Hey, look at my photos lah. Better than yours leh. Agree or not?*

24 thoughts on “Making bloggers world smaller

  1. Hehehehe, lucky oni. If chameleon shy shy cabut lari what to shoot? Btw, I dont see any harm ppl blogging abt their painted toenails and stuff. I do that, sometimes, as in, brag abt the common things. no, i don’t paint my nails.

  2. Okok. Order received. Executing now… Please wait for report. šŸ˜€ Now, that makes me wonder which of my housemates he knows. -.-” šŸ˜› Very scary leh, like stalking people only. šŸ™‚

  3. OK. Order received too (though I also wanted to be your kai-chai):D

    Jason, you see again lah. Always slower than people by one inch. Apalahlu.

    Actualy the world is very small. Even the saintis kreko can met Michael Ooi’s on Mike’s blog for Saintis Kreko’s first visit. The world is very small indeed.

  4. Alphonso, wait! I will be back one. Old aldy mah! Be patience, my friend. šŸ˜€

    Anyway, here’s the report requested.

    Typical student blog, nice one! But I wonder what happened to February archives? All hilang one? Nice blog and very nice to read. I shall blink her now. šŸ˜€ Trying to ask around who is she though. Waiting for my spy to come back.

    Now, my comment on this post. I think that OJ is refering to me as well hor! Yes or not, Orang Jahat! Declare yourself. :bpbp you very shy meh? oh ya..i forgot you are a professional liar. :bpbpb

    I don’t mind doing promotion for other blogs, especially we should do so for those new bloggers like those white cicak, let them feel more confident and continue to blog. šŸ™‚ let them have an audience and such. Sighz, but then different people got different taste ler. WHat i recommend may not suit others. Must have a guideline for this right? Kai Ma, you write the guidelines before we recommend a blog lah? Takkan all ham pa lang/rojak blog also recommend right? At least put a minimum requirement or something like that.

    The first person to promote is 5xmom. nah, no need liao. u darn popular enuff, let me go promote Orang Jahat or Carol Tee punya. :bpbpbp

  5. ayee ayee Madam. Mission accomplished. I have seen the girl’s blog this morning. hoho ;p Glad you found it. ohoh Thanks for introducing me in your blog.

  6. Aiyah…Jason, trust your own judgement mah…For e.g. if you read something interesting, then you put the URL to that particular post lor. Easy oni mah.

    Alphonso – Saintis Kreko met Mike where? Real life? I in small Penang also never caught up with Mike yet. Another kai cai? Cannn…Jason teach him what to serve?

    Silencer – Hahaha, saja nak make OJ’s famous. So all the girls go flame him for saying their blogs boring. *muahahahaha*

    Jason – I know which housemate but I am not telling. You go spy around la.

  7. lalala..i m back!! 5xMom, all ur order really so berkesan mannnnn!! Jason immediately add me to his msn mannnn…then he order me to better blog within today or tomolo to hold my readers…wahhh..suddenly feel that i got such great responsibilities (*sweating sweating*)

    hey Jason, January blog is like testing onli, after come back from perhentian then inspired by 5xmom to blog looo…kekeke..

  8. MMG, you are a friend of Teck Loi? hoho welcome to blogging world. I was so happy to see each of my friends started up blogging. hoho As what auntie has said, build a community of blogger, how nice to have that. :p

  9. Hey.. Lilian,
    Thanks for the promo hor.. šŸ˜‰ but warn yer readers.. MrsT blog pretty mundane too..hor.. so donch be too disappointed hor.. kekkekeke!!! šŸ˜‰

  10. Wah, jason is so popular liao, even ppl from overseas know him. Then 5xmom must be even more popular.

  11. 5xMom, u so popular ah…online, offline also I see your name. Read this month’s edition of Mother & Baby, hehehe…there was an interview you did with regards to antenatal testing. I saw your name and shrieked to my hubby “Eh, this is 5xMomlah. You know, I read her blog everyday. Wah, banyak canggihlah this women.” And of course, my hubby roll his eyes..he doesn’t understand why I’m so into blogging.

  12. wahh good idea.. alphonso already following your footsteps liow.. orang jahat the best coz he categorizes bloggers into different group.. easy for ppl to click ma *wink *wink..

    don openly say i so bad la ok.. later ppl all come n flame me i die lorr

    we have 1 underground blogger gangster community la.. you be the tai-ka-che.. we be pengikut :PpP

  13. “And of course, my hubby roll his eyes..he doesn’t understand why I’m so into blogging.”

    Along, I get the same reaction everytime I tell hubby about something I read on the blog.

  14. Sexymama – Serious wan…you don’t believe, you ask the moms whom had attended the MGT and see? True wan…. Especially if there is hensem-hensem men around. Hahahaha!!!! When I was single, I like to believe it is demure, arrogant, coy. But sudah married, lain cerita liao.

    MG – yayaya, mine will not even look at my liulian logo. tsk!

    letti – I am going to paint my nails, one of these days when my toddler will leave me alone and not pour the whole bottle.

    OJ – This is call attention seeking mah. Make you the bad guy which girls seem to dig more than the nice guy.

    Along – I had written a blog about that and will post it later.

    MG – mumsgather. Not muntah girl la.

    Rojak – yeah, yeah, where, where?

    MMG – It is my pleasure! I see so many comments liao. When I started, Dr. Liew also help to promote for me so I am learning from Doc lor.

    Mr Kiasu – what popular la, nothing la, just being true to our thoughts oni.

    JxT – Kam siah

    Surfnux – You are the one who leads MMG here lor.

  15. Call me “established blogger”, hooiyoh….kembang lah, I. Summore use big word like “enchanted”….wah lau eh!

  16. liulian…i mean, lilian jiejie…intro-ed ur blog to two of my kpc frens (…uh, mayb not tat kpc la…) =P okay, ur blog shall be our control center!!! *evil laugh* bloggers rule!!! *evil laugh again* šŸ˜‰

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