Watching balls


Ladies and gentleman, the above title, watching balls and the photo attached is not related, I repeat, not related at all to what I am going to blog. No, no, not related. This photo is taken at the Youth Park/Taman Belia in Penang. I don’t have the faintest idea what is so nice about placing these 3 feet high balls all over the fields. But then, do they ever have to make sense? As long as they got avenue to spend tax-payers money, their job is done.

Now, what I am going to blog about is my observation from female version of cucimata-ing (borrowing Da Buaya’s term). But I am not sure it is cucimata or sakit mata (eyesore).

You see, Chinese married men whom are fathers have no sense of dressing at all. I was at Tesco on Saturday noon, having lunch whilst my kids were playing at the play area. Most wives leave their hubbies and small toddlers at the play area while they go dunno do what (hey, Tesco is a dead boring place for shopping and the only interesting thing to buy are eggs, ok?)

These bunch of Chinese fathers, aiyoh… beh lam nua (messy). Selipar buruk, checks pasar malam bermuda, free complimentary t-shirts and that’s it. Hey, if you take away those garbs, I am sure these men are some pretty nice, handsome, hunky, executives from Monday to Friday. So, why do they have to be so, so selekeh?

There is this guy who is at least 6′ 2″ and wear his yellow titanium sunglasses as his hair accessories. Ewwwsss… And a bloootoooth on his ear. 6′ 2″? Hey, my kinda ideal height for a man. But he is soooooo selekeh too. The legs are like ostrich so dry, scaly and terkangkang. Then, there is another, ouch, even worse looking guy who is a disgrace to all Chinese fathers.

I wonder….why can’t these men wear a little more decent when they are out? Come on! What if they meet their long, lost friends or bosses or working associates?

I observed that only the Chinese fathers do this, wearing like they are at home. Is fatherhood really that taxing that they have no time to look at themselves in the mirror? There is a line between looking casual (ahem, like my atm so smart lah) and looking like a piece of shit. Why ah? Why are they like that?

Do you ladies ever make sure that your hubbies go out of the house looking a little bit presentable? Or you purposely made them look so unattractive that no other women/SYT/anything in skirts/5xmom ogle? Tell me?

Non-related issue again. While at the cashier, one woman was trying to push out her cart, fully loaded but apparently, the metal thingy blocked her way. Then, came this gallant, handsome, young man, dressed in Bonia t-shirt and a nice bermuda pants helped her to pass through by unlocking the metal thingy. But niameh, the hubby (who came later from behind) did not even thanked him and just buat dunno and pretended the gallant young man is some security guard or something. Tiuuu….you think your fcuking ugly wife, my 5xdad wanna khau meh? A thank you or even a smile would be very appropriate but what you gave? Stupid cina-apek. (guess which one? Both? LOL) If I have someone so handsome doing such gallant favours, I would swooned and gave my brightest, sunshine smile plus some coy looks liao.

*decided to change tone of blogging ‘cos my young readers said all my blogs are too chim (deep meaning) for them to catch*

24 thoughts on “Watching balls

  1. Oi, they are young oni. I forgot to mention. At most mid twenties or latest, late twenties ok? Mana boleh panggil apek. Cilaka, you think I go ogle ah peks meh? Abuden, all speako Mandarin wan….That’s why la….I said, never go to Chinese school, all come out jadi Ah Bengs and Ah Peks.

  2. Hi Lillian
    Well considering i’m single I’d have to say hypotheticly speaking,,, I’d never date a daggy dresser or a yobbo.Casual is okz as long as it’s not yobbo casual.

  3. haihh, no need wait till marry, even my bf whom is already 4 years with me also didnt wear nice nice when go paktor..sighhh..when kao u that time, wear long pants, smart casual n sport shoes..NOW? short pants, club t-shirts, n slippers.. šŸ™

    But auntie lilian, i like this part the most : “Tiuuu….you think your fcuking ugly wife, my 5xdad wanna khau meh?” —>shows how deep u r proud of and love ur 5xdad ooo !! *wink wink*

  4. Uhhh.. Lilian,
    my spouse also wear promotional t-shirts.. even to work leh..! so how..???
    And honestly.. i donch think he would dress the way i want him to.. i tried.. but gave up.. he is too casual.. loves his promotional t-shirts too much.. must got 100 of them.. all sorts.. everytime new game come out.. we get new t-shirts .. not one .. not two but 5 ok..!! so can die..!!

  5. MG – Not only balls, got eggs oso. Tak masuk otak betul. Do lah something the kids can climb or play with. Or some Malaysian features. Apa ini?

    Mrs T – Considering your ang is angmoh and 8 years younger, it doesn’t matter! Hahaha, but if your ang is 8 yrs older and dressed like ah pek, then you have to whine!

    MMG – Really lor, our society not used to people being gentlemen wan lor. And that atm damn annoying gentelmanly, kpc open door la, help ppl to carry things la. Like that day, he wanted to ask you to get down from the boat (less dizzy mah) and I told him your bf don’t trust the gf to go down on the beach with an apek like him. Manatau can turn into serigala. LOL! But he kesian see you like that pening ‘cos he also very pening liao.

    Sweetspirit – Yayaya, that’s the correct word. Yobbo or Hobbo! I couldn’t find the right word last nite. Like wearing cheques pants with flowery shirt!

  6. fuh….*wipes sweat off head* luckily my BF not like that, everytime he see me wear something nice..if he thinks that tak ngam or wad…he would wanna go home and change *he lives 3 mins away only so canler* but so far even if tak ngam but appropriate and not selekeh I would tell him no needlahh…buang masa’s good that he’s abit vain…at least he has dressing sense =P

  7. i go sopping with family/alone also i wear like damn messy one.. unless go out with girlflen :pP guys nonid to wear nicenice one i think.. you go clubbing then you know la.. guys all wear like normal.. but those girls.. woot woot

  8. Eh! we fader/husband wear nice nice go out, you maders plak sked aders girls come n kao us, then ask us “u wear so nice for what ? we going carefour oni u know?” then we got used to aver bermuda shorts and branded t shirt ledi + yapun seliper of coz then u all plak saying we selekeh~~ aduh … WOMEN ar WOMEN!!! pulez made up your mind leh !!!!

    Anden hor, we mondei to satdei ledi wear formal wea with tie till so farking sien jor …. sunday also kena wear tie har ? go play far far la!! Want to wear bow tie + suspenser anot ? diussss….

    juz my 1 cents jek …. monday morning mah … dem 9 moody kakakaka!!!

  9. Ah Wingz suksuk ah, you sounds very hormonal you know. When men reach a certain age ha, they get hormonal (tokking from experience lah ‘cos I live with one). You better come to me on IM or else ha, no one dares to go to your blog liao. Here I susah-susah promote your very unique, very farny blog, you pulak go sked away my readers. Diussss la, mondei blooo oni mah. Sai mm sai kum tai kin si wor. We exists to make men life interesting. If you can predict us, what fun is to live wor?

    OJ – Die la, you are going to end up like those hippos at the chewren playground.

    S-Kay – Naz is not Chinese 100%, so he got stylo-mylo, that’s why.

  10. actually, don’t u get bored preparing to go out? make up la, comb hair la, change top a few times only to end up with the first 1 ur chose? i don’t know about other guys, but to me, i wear nice nice to office, every morning allowing 30 mins from toilet time to out the door to groom myself. so on weekend, fark, i don’t shave, dont comb, just put on a cap, and out the door. besides, got wife dy, who cares wat ppl thinks? šŸ˜›

  11. Hey.. Lilian,
    I take picture of my ang moh spouse’s t-shirt to show you hor.. šŸ˜‰
    I post on my blog.. šŸ˜‰ come see see.. hor.. šŸ˜‰

  12. so on weekend, fark, i don’t shave, dont comb, just put on a cap, and out the door. besides, got wife dy, who cares wat ppl thinks? šŸ˜›

    same here sama here!!! i totally sapot lu !!! sunday is time to rest! not going for fesyen pehred

  13. larling ar … human is lidat one mah … me also like aders human …im not perfect, so at times i felt like a piss of shit just like todei so i “throw some fler mia mader’s old smelly shoe” abit lor LOL!

    Your chee muis really sked of me jor meh ??? got ngak me anot jek ?

  14. Wah….gurrrls, go read Mrs. T blog ok? Very romantic wor….Online love affair that leads to baby Chloe, so cute.

    Dsaint – hey, that doesn’t sounds like you wor. Another hippo in the watering hole? Aiyer…does that means my apek is over dressed liao. Must ask Da Buaya, the father for his comments.

    Ah Wingz ah…You never visit my cheemuis’ blog ah? They are Jasonmumbles, Munkit (hahahaha, chee mui konon), Twinsmom, Earthtone, MG and many more. Don’t think the maders’ blogs boring wor, they damn kick ass wan. Careful hor, cover the balls before going hor?

  15. Dsaint – hey, that doesn’t sounds like you wor. Another hippo in the watering hole? Aiyer…does that means my apek is over dressed liao.

    I tell u … me n my geng .. when we go tesco or jusco or carefour to groceries shops and we see ppl who overdress for this kinda event we will labelled him as ahbeng one, go buy egg also kena wear long sleeve and long pants plus leather shoes tim. it makes u felt like … on a normal day hor they dont gets to wear like this dats why they wear like this in the weekend kakakaka!!!

    dont hit my face!!! dont hit my face!!! HELP!!!

  16. I was very annoyed about twinsdad always asked me: “wear short or pant ah?” or”wear shirt or t-shirt ah?” or “can this or that ah?”, everytime go out he have to ask.
    so the other day in a tell-me-what-you-not-happy time, his answer to this annoying behaviour is–what he wear will make me look good, the wife wouldn’t look good with a husband look lam-nua (borrow).
    OK, no more complain, tell him what to wear whenever he ask :P.

  17. After reading this, I better reconsider my idea of wearing my Superman costume (complete with underwear outside) to Tesco next weekend.

  18. fishtail – Now Superman dead liao. You want to buy The Incredibles costume? Go to Penang Road. And then hor, if you are wearing, please date me ok? I bring my sons so that they can swarm you!

    Twinsmom – Wah….like dat so nice wan ah?

    Ah Wingz suksuk – read properly hor, I no said wear long pants and long sleeve la, tiusss. I said they wear those cheap, free t-shirt that is soooooo comot and colour with shorts mismatched. And the shorts are not bermuda but those rubber band ones. And they have only ONE small child. My atm hor, at least wear polo-neck t-shirt and bermuda pants mah. If not meet his staffs, how wor? You want to gang up with dsaint to flame me hor? Beh shiok I call you hippo in the watering hole hor?

    Mrs T – I went to read and search, kenot find leh….

  19. where got flame u? we all so cayang u. treat u with respect like how we treat those triple-bent aunties in wet market liddat somemore. u should be proud ma. kehkehkeh…..

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