Words of Life – Day 2

*This is Day 2 of my reflections. It is related to Christianity. Feel free to share my thoughts, if you wish. However, I am not open to debate regarding my faith.*
Day 1 reflections here.

Jesus promised before he died that he would give his followers the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will live in you and give you a new life. The promise of Jesus is for everyone. Jesus says:

“If you love me you will keep my commandments. I shall ask the Father, and he will give you another Advocate to be with you forever, the Spirit of truth whom the world can never receive, it neither sees nor knows him; but you know him, because he is with you, I will not leave you orphans.” (Jn 14:15-18)

If I travel back in time, say to 3 years ago, and I read the above, I would probably muttered something under my breath – This is so weird! And spooky too! It doesn’t make sense at all. I was that anti-Christianity last time. I believe in God then but do not believe in Jesus because he is an ang moh (LOL). And what more, the Holy Spirit (which is also known as Holy Ghost). I believe in God because everyone of us has to be accountable to someone almighty. Otherwise, all the people in this world will turned incestous, homosexual, killer, rapist, you name it, they do it.

When I took the RCIA, my first question was – Who is Jesus? Is He God? In fact, I asked a lot of stupid questions in RCIA. Sometimes,I think the facilitators ended up ROTLOL because of my idiotic questions.

However, now, after being baptised as a Catholic Christian for almost two years, I have became a fast learner. If I were to write about what and how I am convinced that there is God, there is Jesus and THERE IS DEFINITELY the Holy Spirit, I think my book will out rival the CheeKen soup series (have to be a bit vague or kena sue nanti).

There are so many co-incidences (which I do not see as co-incidences but work of the Holy Spirit) in my life in these past years. Things just fall into place. Helpful people come my way. Smooth sailing most of the time when I earnestly want something.

Of course, in all my two years, I never ask to strike lottery or ask God to strike someone I detest. In fact, I think I never ask for anything for myself. Not even in getting pregnant but still I got my adorable Matthew. I have this dislike of people who pray and pray and pray non-stop asking God for favours. It is like so demanding like that, isn’t it? Tit for tat? I learnt to be the weak one, surrender before even trying and let the Holy Spirit took over and then, work on things.

What then is the Holy Spirit? It is the conscience we have in each of us. In the depth of our heart, we have the inner voice. Many times, we refused to listen to our heart and usually take our own initiative to do something we think is best for us. For e.g. if I am supposed to do stuff ‘A’ and I do know that it is wrong, I will still do it and ended up screwed. Then, who do I blame but my stubborn self? Of course, at our baptism, we are baptised with the Holy Spirit. Meaning the Holy Spirit is with me.

How then am I supposed to hear my heart all the time? Of course, I am not schizophrenic. I do not talk to myself, dey. I will find a quiet place, (which is hard for a mom like me), take out the Bible and flip and flip until I stopped being restless. Then, I will read and read and AHA! something struck me and that’s my answer. It can be an answer, a comforting a word or some assurances. It is that easy when you have the faith that God is with you, in whatever form. Just leave everything to God.

One thing I love about Jesus is His witty parables. Like,
“Though seeing, they do not see;
though hearing, they do not hear or understand. (Matthew 13:13)

So, Lord, I pray that You will bless me with eyes that see, ears that hear and heart that understands. And if it is not too much trouble, blog that rocks! Amen!

Coming up next – My views against abortion.

Blog of the day : A very young man who has great potential as a good blogger. Doc has encouraged him and I hope with more maturity that comes with age, Alphonso will be a great blogger someday. Alphonso, your blog is good now but don’t ever let pride get into your head because a blogger will be doomed when the blog turned into selfish rantings.

5 thoughts on “Words of Life – Day 2

  1. Is it because I am free thinker, making it very difficult for me to digest all these inspiration posts of yours? Duh~! Anyway, God bless you. šŸ™‚

    Alphonso must be making noise because you didn’t promote him in the previous post. šŸ˜› Yeah, he is a good blogger with his posts. šŸ™‚ Just waiting for the time to come only. You will shine one day! šŸ˜‰

  2. *Amen*

    huh alphonso gonna be the next femes blogger ?

    *fast fast go n frend Alphonso*

  3. Jason – got ear, try to hear. kikhkikhkikh

    Ah WinGz didi ah – You ask your lou poh to read Mother & Baby, Page 58 hor? My opinions is in there. You know my name, right?

  4. Ah that’s called the concept of Trinity rite? God Jesus and the Holy Ghost.

    tak tau.. i’m not expert in this šŸ˜›

    Will want to hear something about abortion from you. Will even blog an entry for it! šŸ˜›

  5. Wah…Orang Jahat is a step closer…..Come follow the light. (just joking oni ok?) Yeah, Holy Trinity. God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit. 3-in. Just like your father who is a father, husband and son (to your grandpa), one person can play 3 different roles. Go listen to Michael W. Smith la. Maybe you will get more inspirasi from there. And yeap, my abortion blog is written since 4am last night but I am not putting it up yet ‘cos must wait for people to digest this first.

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