Must women prim themselves? – Part One

This is part one of a few issues, like make-up, skin care, dressing, character etc etc. Wah…I am diversifying my blog so much I think I will go gila (mad) one day. BTW, guys, you won’t be interested in this blog. Go find some porn sites to surf, ok?

Dsaint said this in my previous blog. I blogged about how men are so sloppy in their appearances. I was referring to those guys as ‘hippos in the watering holes.’

actually, don’t u get bored preparing to go out? make up la, comb hair la, change top a few times only to end up with the first one you chose?

Well, well, that got me thinking, observing and analysing for several days liao. First, I look around. I found someone who said it so well about the manner some women are dressed. So, without actually saying bad things about nice people, I shall let Safrraan says it. Saves my tongue from being cut! LOL!

Then, I was out grocery shopping yesterday evening I noticed that many women, very old ones, still stand and listen to the promoters promoting. (what la, boring choice of words) These cunning promoters will woo the lau ees (old aunties) with promises of whitened skin, spotless face, shiny black hair, tighter errrr, bigger arrrrr, etc etc.

At the same time, the arrogant, educated me (cis, self boasting again)will get my research done at home, go to the cosmetic counter and ordered all the things I want. I am too damn proud to stand at costmetics counters listening to promoters talking bad Yingrish leh. So, I will act like I am damn busy and got no time to spare. Tapping my fingers, I asked for this, this and this. Then, quickly run to the cashier.

I donch know about other women but I do place skin care, make up and dressing on my priority even babies after babies. Prolly, it is because I was groomed as a secretary whereby my rice bowl depends on my look, a long time ago. So, it is a second nature for me to look good, feel good, kinda thing.

Of course, I do not care much about my shape ‘cos I can always blame it on my mom’s genes and baby fats. And I also donch care about my health, die faster or earlier, doesn’t matter to me.

But my face? I do. I would plaster sun protection of the highest factor (currently it is SPF 60) before going out in the hot sun. I scrubbed my face, apply all the creams and check that I do not have any wrinkles and only allow minimum spots. I will be running to the dermatologist should I see some huge spots.

Then, my darling (this one spell with a d ok?) atm fed me with bird’s nest. Who cares two shits if it works or not? It is expensive mah, so good to get him to spend money on me lor. And I topped it with evening primrose oil (no, not EPO the blogger) and some multi-vits. All these for the sake of maintaining a radiant skin.

What about you ladies? Do you constantly check your facial skin to see that it is not too ‘charn’/teruk/chialat/horrible? No moon craters (large pores), volcanoes (pimples), desert (wrinkled) or cow dung (dark spots) decorated?

Married women with kids? When was the last time you took care of your skin?

Young girls – OI! That is your valuable asset. Are you investing on it?

*Of course, I am not advocating spending beyond our means for the sake of vanity. I used to have one tea lady in my office who was 60yrs old and her skin, fuyoh….pink-pink and her hair, all black. And she said she only use L*x soap only.*

22 thoughts on “Must women prim themselves? – Part One

  1. make up does wonder.. so just putput powder.. few layers.. mascara.. lipstick tadaa become pretty liow .. no nid skincare what care also šŸ˜›

  2. Ei, OJ,itu maciam mia make-up tak kira la. After satu malam berdiri, wake up in the morning, you see a witch how? Must be olijinal wan…

  3. OJ – not that simple 1 la. skin no good, no matter how much you plaster on the face still look like shit 1. For make-up to look good, skin must be flawless leh or else will have to use the whole bottle of concealer…you seen geishas before?

    i got make-up lessons during PSC year. 1st day at work, make-up full swing (but dont look like i pack everything on my face la), then got shocked out of my daylights o_0 NOBODY wears make-up in the office!!!??!?!? how la!??! everybody laughed “You think what? Modelling agency ar?” “OOOO! Chrissy going for photo shoot leh!!?” you couldn’t imagine my horror šŸ™ After that, no more make-up liao, lipstick pun takde now. Really plain Jane. I still care for my face tho – can rival 5xmom’s SKII-ing regime šŸ˜€

  4. Wah, OJ learning very important tips from two married women. His standard is going to be so high, he can’t find a wife in Malaysia and need to go to Japan to look for imported model.

  5. Mine’s really simple, I wash my face when I’m showering and then apply Neutrogena On-The-Spot and moisturiser. I think I’m also supposed to use a mask once a week or something like that, but too lazy to sit there and not move my face for 15 minutes. :p

    All the makeup I ever owned expired liao. It’s a good thing I plan to be a journalist, where looks aren’t that important in the grand scale of things. šŸ˜‰

  6. i had pretty bad facial complexion b4 due to chicken pox. had to go for facial treatment. after dat i start to take care of my skin. now can say my skin is ok. not like super smooth lar, but at least not prone to breakouts anymre (except for 1/2 zits at dat time of the month u know). i use facial gels, cannot use scrubs cos scrubs aggravate my skin. and i cannot use alcohol-based products (it burns my skins). i use oil-free products, hypoallergenic wat wat. i’ve tried using brands like clinique, biotherm b4, all tak boleh pakai. made matters worse only šŸ™

    now my skincare regime is simple. morning i use gentle face wash, alcohol-free toner, oil-free moisturiser (day), eye gel, sunblock. in the evening i use gentle face wash, alcohol-free toner, oil-free moisturiser (night). i use evening primrose mask once a week. i take EPO every morning (been taking it for over 12yrs)

  7. Hmm… I must admit I’m the lazy cat when comes to skin protection. But much better than last time liao. at least now everyday I apply wrinkle seraty to prevent wrinkle :P, and once a week I use oil cleanser to clean off my nose pore… I think I use my time thinking too much on food and my blog… ok… maybe should on my study too.

  8. emm…I used to pamper my face and body in Clarins, Leonard Drake SPA, sighed up for package get better deal, make it at least once a month. on top of this manicure and pedicure also a must, can’t do it in the saloon DIY at home.
    Now can no longer go to beauty center lar, no working where got money to spend? twinsdad not like lilian’s ATM mah, some more have to save money for the girls go to SPA in the future leh.
    So now all DIY at home, no branded stuff? any homemade wan also can, some more earthtone can make scrub and moisuriser for me, why not?
    no bird nest, white fungus also very good, double boil with gingko and lotus seed also garantee nice skin complexion.
    bottom line, if there is a will there is a way, either high way or my way.

  9. Skincare regime? Where got time?

    Got brush teeth and wash face good enough already-loh. Luckily got reasonably good skin, so don’t worry too much.

  10. All the mummies are here to discuss about make up and skin care. Only me and OJ are the odds one here. the only thing I take care of my face is Biore facial wash and that’s it. šŸ™‚

  11. Jason – Aiyer…if you join in, you become metrosexual liao. Geli, geli, go away.

    Sexymama – Don’t be too sure….muahahahaha, you will realise it only when it is too late.

    Twinsmom – yalor where is that ET hor? Why she no beat gong on her soap? Let me beat gong for her on my next round of blogging about my beauty regimen. Wah…. tok like some tai-tai like dat. But seriouslah, I got more time now, so can pamper a bit.

    fish-fish – Japan climate so cold, doc said all the girls there perfect complexion leh. He is going to marry a Japenese girl liaoz. So, I think you no need to worry about your skin when you are there hor?

    Oli – funny thing about our skin is they either improved or get worse after children. Mine is very tame now.

    Saffron – Aiyoh…kenot……your life is not limited to only work mah. Phak tor that time leh?

  12. Hey..Lilian,
    So funny.. i also just blog about home facial..hehehhe!! Makeup not important to me now.. that i donch have to “officially” work.. but skin care VERI important lah.. to me..;) must have regular home facial.. and wax eyebrows… and go and trim my hair at least once a month..depending on how fast my hair goes amock..! and of course .. i try and try.. and slap plenty of lotions on my face.. and body lah.. !! gotta upkeep lah..irregardles.. got kid.. no kid…. got job..or no job.. got ang moh or no ang moh.. šŸ˜‰

  13. As a student, no need wear make up go class…so no need have so leceh punya skin care ooo..wash face everyday, scrub sometimes, shiok shiok do mask, then gao dim liao lo !!

  14. My beautician told me SPF60 is too high for the skin as it will block the pores… not sure if it’s true?

    When I go for parties/functions I’m normally on contact lenses, put on foundation, lipstick, mascara and eye shadow etc etc. Must look presentable mah. If I go for lecture, simple- toner, foundation, sun block (if it’s a sunny day), tie my hair, put on glasses and off I go.

    of course women must know how to prim themselves lah. Takkan when you’re in your 30s and look as if you’re in your 40s meh. aiyoo.. Pantang lah! hehe

  15. I everynite put mask only goto sleep one, b4 mask i put toner sin, then my hands n legs hor i use lotions all ekepensip one impoted from Milano wan~~~ I gay enuff anot ?

  16. HAHA…..for lazy bummers like me…i only wash my face once a day…hehe…every nite…to cleanse away all da dust n bacterias if the day, then apply some moistouriser…eheh….then if i din step outta da hse for the day…that means, i just rinse it with H20,also minus d moisturiser….that’s it…hehhe….i din sapu sunblock too…lz+ feels weird,no??kinda sticky…:P

  17. I dont have clear skin and i am very prone to breakouts…but its under control cos i use neutrogena products and they are good for me.
    make up? of cos! i use it every time i go out (not to class though). i like blusher very much. i have many different shades of blush for different occasions. when i wanna look sweet and demure for the boyfriend..i put on very light pink…if i wanna look very radiant cos the dress im wearing is not so sexy..then i’ll have plum’ish colour. šŸ˜›

  18. I use the same soap for my body and face…

    Can’t be bothered with moisturisers yadda yadda… I have no time šŸ™

  19. My boyfriend had a shock of his life when he first came over to my apartment and saw my collection of skin care products… hehe.. Facial cleanser, facial scrub, toner, astringent, freckle cream, tea tree oil, night cream, day cream, eye cream, mud mask, clay mask, peel off mask, vitamin C mask… (and thats just the products for my face… :P)

    but now he’s “converted”.. hehe… he has his own skin care regime as well šŸ˜‰

  20. Last time when I was dating my hubby, his bar of soap washes everything… from head to his undies. Now that we’re married, he repented…… by stealing my face cream, sunblock, shampoo and perfume!! Now who is vain?

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