The father of all kembang-ness

See my shoes? So shiny. (someone just polish 99)

See my nose? So shiny too. (just blew too much hingus)

‘Cos someone said this :

One thing I really admire about her is all the energy that she has, she told me once she is exhausted but I never did see her stop offering advices and helping peeples in needs. Where did all that energy comes from ? Maybe the satisfactions she got from the smiles given to her by those she helped before are fueling all her efforts over and over again ? Well only God knows!

So, go visit this blog and read the full story. Please go ok? And drop a comment in his comment board ‘cos he is damn desperate for traffic. LOL! No ek, he is very nice la.

7 thoughts on “The father of all kembang-ness

  1. wah lau eh … say me lidat meh ? its a blog a blogger day mah … not despo for traffic day leh …. *go cry in the korner*

  2. Peeples ah, Ah Wingz is my didi hor? And I am his jiejie. Don’t think anything else hor? ‘Cos I just realised that I had been blinking his blog almost everyday for the past 3 days eventhough he got nothing much in his blog yet.

    Aiyoh…didi ah, dun cry la. Just admit lah, you enjoy the traffic surge.

  3. Wah, that rojak man must be grinning like the cheshire cat to see MG and OJ gracing his blog.

    Mrs T – LOL, not an admirer but my chee mui (sista). We clicked after I flamed him a few times. I wanted to annoy him out of one forum but ended up, he become my chee-mui.

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