9 thoughts on “WEI!!! Why so few people go see my food?

  1. 5xmom arrrrrr….not i dont want go see ur Penang faces page ler…ur page make me feel so hungry everytime. Now its already nearly 4am, u want me go where dig food n eat oo… n hostel canteen food sucks lerrr..onli got all malay food, sob sob…can see cannot eat “cry~~cry~~~”

  2. Hey.. Lilian,
    Yer know why i donch visit Penang Faces right…???
    If i do.. i cry everytime.. longing for the food leh.. so how..??

  3. Don’t want to visit your penang faces already.. everytime see i’ll drool only.. 🙁

  4. Hi Rodney! I thot you no longer keep my URL. Hahaha, just tell me what you missed and I got get the photo for you!

    Sexymama – I am still thinking of buah keluak. You want what food? We exchange.

    Mrs T and MMG – Kesiannnnn….so poor…….I just realised how lucky I am! I took it for granted but baru realised, wah I am so lucky to get all these food. And cheap-cheap too.

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