Mom, your blog is getting boring, wei.

Today, my #2 son, a fan of my blog, told me the above. He said my blog is getting boring and he doesn’t know ‘what the sai I am writing’. I told him I cannot help it because these are things tugging at my heart and therefore, I have to write what I feel.

He wants me to blog more humorous things. Things he can relates with. But how to write funny things when I feel so serious? I feel dead serious because I had been imprisoned at home with 4 kids who are having their school holidays. We can’t travel anywhere because between my kids and I, we have our calendars full. I feel dead prim and proper because my atm is not working these few days and I have to be the good girl and stay away from computer.

My kid even warned me, “If you continue like this, all your fan-si are going to run away.”

Then, I think, “Ya hor, correct also. I want to share my faith but not many people can hear or understand.”

And #2 son replied, “Yalor, you gong wan. (dumb) You go and talk like that, who can understand you? You write at a level they understand mah.”

*sigh* Why la, I go give birth to a critic like him? Just two days ago, I was turning left and right, looking in the mirror.

I asked, “My backside got big or not, ha?”

#2 son, “Of course lah”

5xmom, “See lah, if I got a daughter, at least she won’t criticise me like this.”

#2 son, “Wei, I am telling you from the point of view of a man, ok? If you got daughter, she will probably bluff you to please you. But men like bulat-bulat backside mah!”

5xmom – @___@, bo wa kong (nothing to say)

So, errrr….is my blog getting boring ah?

21 thoughts on “Mom, your blog is getting boring, wei.

  1. I like your #2’s straight forward-ness! šŸ˜›

    Your blog is not getting boring, but the kick is not so strong than before liao. Maybe because recently there are alot of inspiration posts gua, and yes, like ur #2 said, its very difficult for me to decipher and understand. Nowadays, if I see the topic weird weird, i tend to skip it or just read through. U know, like our hainanese kopi-o, no more the kick liao~ šŸ˜›

    well, tats my 2 cent. šŸ˜›

  2. *snores* huh? blog wat blog ? LMAO!!!

    not boring la … where got boring! plz lar … its not Lilian duty to entertain us with jokes and lufter ok ? Shes a macro blogger !! remember my post ? thats what she do best mah … aiyo … šŸ™‚

  3. got here from pok ku blog… hey, ur blog is interesting la… in fact i think i’ll add u to my blogarithm list šŸ™‚ btw how old are ur children? they seems… cute hehe

  4. ur blog still inspirational to me, though i tend to skip the faith sharing parts (temptations are great especially during lent)…but when i DO go thru them, my faith gets reinforced (im a catholic too ;)).

    but ho, i tot blogging is for our own pleasure and release, we wan to blog wat, blog wat loh…isn’t it?

    for me, u definitely stil rock, gal! =P

  5. Heee, heee, heee, so many kena my trap liao. Tok like my sons liao. Neber mind, thank you, thank you. Today I go people watching and find something to kick ass. Open eyes big-big, close the good girl brain, think with the evil mind and sure I got plenty of things to see. laaaalalaaaalaaaa, I am going to take lots of photographs today.

  6. i like gay post and abortion post coz i can flame.. but reflection of the day i tak boleh relate to šŸ˜›

    if you think your blog is boring hor.. post some hamsup pictures of yourself sure become not boring liow!! ahaha.. auntie spanking

  7. whoa i admire ur sons’ terus-terang nature. but i doubt he’s like that in reality, heh heh. and of course no, your blog isn’t getting boring. still manyak fan-see wad!

  8. WEI it’s about time u blog about how to kau chai!! and kau lui (to suit your sons).. hahaha so cute sials. but i tell my mum the truth.. if she asks whether her ass is huge i’ll say “damn huge”.. haha the truth maa ;p

  9. life is like a roller coaster ride, so as our blog which reflect our life, up and down, boring and exciting, serious and funny, all will happen, just write what you feel to write.
    did I feel bore to your blog? wouldn’t want to bluff you, sometime, right blog on my wrong mood will cheer me up, but wrong blog on my wrong mood mah no comment lor…hohohoho…
    ai yah…one day got 1000 hit traffic why care so much your blog bore or not? you still as funny as usual mah most of the time.

  10. Smiles ..Well i luv reading ya blog, yeah my eldest son will always tell me my butt is big lah.I just think arhhh his teasing me .As for girls well they just steal my clothes n make up ect. But of course i borrow there’s um well not Em’s bcoz she isn’t suppose to wear make-up but she does sneek mine and Sissy’s now and then. School holidays ours start in two weeks , well at least i can sleep in “maybe.
    cheers enjoy the holidays n tcz

  11. The thing is that it is hard to keep readers, and with so many choices, ppl tend to blog hop everywhere. Another thing i learn is that blogger tend not to be honest when they give feedback.

    Blogging has its life cycle, and each blogger had the attitude of caring about themselves nia. Haiyo, the real world is memang like that.

    5xmom, i think when you are popular, there are always ppl that loves you, and those that hates you. Worse those that envy you, and would try to bring you down. Just like the way it is in real life.

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