What are you most afraid of – part two

As a responsible rakyat and blogger, I have gone out on a mission to please fellow bloggers. I had been out of the house from 10am till 6pm, working hard to make this blog a cun one. *muahahahaaha*

Since so many of you ‘love’ snakes….., here’s my toddler with a baby phyton.
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Unfortunately, I can’t find enough cockroaches to scare the macho guys, so I hope the following two will please you.
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A scorpion, taken with macro shot. Hey, I am risking getting stung, being so close to one. So, go pat-pat the scorpion. I have photos of them in A4 size (2650 pixels) so tell me if you want a wallpaper.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
A thousand-legged worm, all shiny and black. This is a huge millepede. I put the RM1 note there to compare size and also tip Mr. Millipede to pose for me.

All the above photos taken from the Penang Butterfly farm. (What la, this 5xmom went to butterfly farm but captured photos of creepy crawlies pulak. Ya mah, like dat can make people geli mah.)

But you know what you should be afraid of? The liulian hairstyle. Hahahaha, be afraid, be very afraid. Whoever flame me or my gang of bloggers, I poke them with my sharp-sharp hair.
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I am lousy with photoshopping so my hair turned out a little blue. I took my own photo with a mirror so it became too bright.

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13 thoughts on “What are you most afraid of – part two

  1. Jason – wah, you sked of the hair more than the snake, scorpion and millipede? Very kerng, that means, my mission accomplished liao.

    Twinsmom – Sai meh kong, very funky leh, not ah poh-ish at all. Still sore over ah-poh comparing with my hair. Thinking of getting a tattoo liao. (but not allowed by my religion, ok? or my age LOL)

    Fishtail – Yalor, my older kids put the baby phyton on their head and let the thing crawl all over them. Eeewwww…

    Nicole – Wait ha, when I catch one, I shoot big-big photo for you ok? Want me to make it into sushi or not?

  2. MMG – Actually hor, when I went to Perhentian, I was at my lowest. I escape to Perhentian hoping I no nid to spend CNY here in Penang. So, what you saw was my lowest, bluest, depress-st, kengsim-st moments. I would have wanted to swim with the turtle we saw in the sea forever….. So, errmmm, I normally not so ‘lan si’ wan lah. (kekekeke, I am usually a lot friendlier)

  3. Interesting site you’ve got. Especially those creepy crawlies. Risking your life taking a photo near a scorpion for the sake of your blog, is a remarkable thing.

    Besides that, nice lotus you’ve got there! Keep up your good work.

  4. 5xmom – neither do i love CNY too..its such a bored festive…i also hope that i can stay in perhentian longer, coz i havent see the shark yet..hohoho..but daddy was telling me ” everyone is busy going home for CNY, but u busy go travel” hohohoho..

  5. Wuah Lilian …. what happened to your hair ? kena strike lightning ka ???? got hujan lebat meh pg this 2 days ???

  6. Wingz – Gomen asked us to save water mah, no rain for months. So, short hair use less water to shampoo lor.
    MMG- Yalor, CNY is so boring.
    MrsT – Actually, it isn’t that spikey, I purpose put gel to make it stand. And I don’t go out of the house looking like dat!

    Eileen – Hahaha, anytime you want to get goosebump, come here, ok?

    Debra – Not really la. The baby phyton is harmless and my kids loved it. And the scorpion, can sting but won’t kill. These creatures are part of the reptiles show where the kids can touch and feel the creatures. And I only dare to take phot but not touch them. Eeewwww….snakes are so cold and scaly.

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