What are you most afraid of?

A long time ago, my mom earned some money rearing ducks and chickens. So, I would help her with the chores. In order to get healthy, fast growing ducks, the ducklings had to be fed protein food as in termites and earthworms.

Do you know that earthworms are aplenty in fertile grounds? I would dig cans after cans of earthworms and fed them to the ducklings. Ducklings and little chicks are sooooo cute. Yellow, fluffy furs when they first hatched. There are male earthworms which have harder outer layer and they came in rainbow colours. Yeap, put them on a hard, hot cement floor and you can see them wriggling so hard to run away from the hot surface. And oooohhhh, the rainbow colours are in all glory, very much like our CDs when light is shone on it.

When you stay in a kampung, there are many things to occupy your time. Whenever we came across carcasses of dead animals, the kids in the neighbourhood will swarm there. To do what? To see the maggots! Gross? No! Maggots are nature’s best creation. Maggots help to clean the environment. Maggots are just cute little babies of the fruit fly (or whatever la). Cute little, white, active babies. Aren’t they cute?

Well, one day when I was about 10 yrs old, my #2 brother who is 10 years older than me, killed my love affair with worms and maggots. He threw one male earthworm, the wriggly, shiny one into my clothes. It went into my back and from that day on, I HATE EVERYTHING CREEPY CRAWLIES like worms, maggots, caterpillars, men, more men…… (except Worms Armageddon) Including this type of worm. I told my sons I will wring their necks if one of them dare to do the stunt my brother did. And if that is the last candy on earth, I will not eat it too.

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That is how I got my phobia. What are you afraid of? Why?

(I have another phobia but better keep it for another blog, another day, in case I ran out of topic to write.)

18 thoughts on “What are you most afraid of?

  1. There is nothing within yourself to fear. You are given the gift of the gods and there are no limitations to the self except to those you believe in.

    You can rid yourself of any illness when you realize that you create and draw such illness to yourself.

    What you FEAR most, you DRAW to yourselves. So DO NOT fear cancer and you will not get it!

  2. aik! got such candy wan meh? maybe only boys will buy them and eat in front of gross out girls. muahahahar!

    me? i’m afraid of snakes. whenever i go into the jungle, my eyes tend to see “snakes” but later find out that its just a snakehead shaped wood or sumthing like that. scared for nothing 😉

  3. Hiak hiak… This is a mistake. You exposed your own phobia and weakness. I think I know what “present” to get for my Kai Ma if I ever visit you in Penang.

  4. Yeee… the candy so geli.. I’m most afraid that if something happens to me/hubby when my children are very young who will look after them.. cos as you know lah my own mum died when I was 10. I miss having a mom in my life.

  5. Actually i’ll have to send you a link over the weekend or next week , not of my fears .I’ll ya
    i don’t like round abouts, i aviod them as often as i can.

  6. Im afraid of being “dreamless” I m still here becoz i have dreams, the day i am outta dreams is the day of my departure from this physical world. As long as I still have my dreams i will still be walking forward. How Lilian this one ok ar ?

  7. I am afraid of anything that has bad outcome like failure. I am afraid of those geli2 bugs, worms. Because they are geli lo. hohoho :p

  8. “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” – Yoda… very scared of dentists!

  9. i hav no issues on insects….
    just reptiles…
    hate it a lot
    guess if living in a box-ala-fear factor with all the lizard, snake, frog…

    i choose to die

  10. I’m scared of cockcroaches, cos when i was 5, one of those fools flew right into my mouth when i was having dinner. tiu leh, i terus puke on the table and cry like no tomorrow.

    they say fear grows into hatred, and i now torture roaches before letting them die a slow painful death.

  11. HOHOHOHO, I have more fun reading the comments than writing this blog. Now, I know all your weaknesses!

    Nyek nyek nyek, I had gotten over my phobia for worms and maggots. Because one CNY Kongsi Raya, the sampah men never turned up for several days. My whole garbage tong was filled with maggots, crawling into my porch and I almost died! I used all the clorox, cleaning agent, turpentine, everything to pour on them and spray them with the hose. I was alone at home and would have paid RM100 to find a man to do the job. But no one was around and if I don’t kill ’em maggots, they are coming into my home. *phew* Can anyone imagine the kind of pressure I was under? So, don’t play-play with me hor? I kill maggots head on!

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