Another blogging art – Commenting

I bet that most bloggers blog for many reasons but one of them is to hear from readers/commentors. Personally, it is such a thrill to get feedbacks. But this is not a one-way traffic kinda thing. In order to get comments, you have to do your job well too. I.e. to comment other people’s blog so that they will do likewise.

How do I go on this socialising circuit? What is my style of commenting? Let me categorise them:

1) Big boys’ blogs
People like Dr. Liew, Michael Ooi, Da Buaya are, in my personal opinion (no one has to agree with me ok?) the tai kohs in blogging. There are of course, even bigger boys like Jeff but then, his blog is too difficult for me to digest. So, is Always Wow and Brand Malaysia. And of course, my daily read – Pok Ku. Errr…though I like Hustler, I couldn’t just access it during the day when the kids are running around. (too bad!)

So, I visited their blogs daily, comment when there is something really worthwhile coming from my mouth. I usually refrain from blabbing unnecessary things. And with these big boys blog, I usually try to summarise all my words into one liners. Tai kohs mah, where got time for small farts like me? Not interested to hear my thoughts lor.

2) Frens blogs
Then, of course, the bunch of bloggers who started blogging the same time as me, like all the moms from MMB. And through these period, I have also catch on many other mothers/parents’ bloggers. As I really have a huge number of blogs to read each day, I usually comment only when something strike me right in the heart. With them, I have more things to write because as a mother to a mother, I can relate to what they say and usually share my side of the story. So, I usually got carried away and yak/wrote more than I should.

3) Young people blogs
Wah…I don’t know how I gotten myself into reading 16 yrs old blog but since I am into it and learning a lot from them, I usually drop a word or two when I am very sure what they are talking about. You see, got generation gap, dey. So, cannot simply blabber and makes them think that I am watching them. Then, they will run away, changing URL, ban my IP and blacklist me.

Leaving comments require a certain amount of tact, thoughts, maturity and genuine warmth. Sometimes, I noticed that some commentors did not really read through the blog and made some blunders which revealed that they are merely skimming on the surface. This can be embarassing for the commentors and an annoyance on the blogger’s side. For e.g. a blogger has explained something but the commentor asked a stupid question which had been explained in the blog. Why lah make so much trouble to comment everywhere when one is not interested to read and understand the blog?

Then, there are commentors who are holier-than-thou who goes around, leaving their opinions. As if people care to listen. It is like they are permanently hooked up to Project Petaling Street, eagle eye, hawking around to see whom he/she can pounce on. I hate these group of commentors. Without finding out your true personality, they swoop in, leave an asshole comment and thinks he/she is damn smart like that. (okokok, I hear that, “You are one of them.” So?)

All bloggers get a certain thrill when bloggers we looked up to, drop a comment. Comments are such precious way to communicate and motivate. I had seen how Dr. Liew ‘pulled up’ several bloggers, including myself and therefore, I try to emulate this style.

Of course, I am not anyone big yet, but then, not very small either. So, I often check my OneStat for any new URL I never notice before and visit them. It is always nice to make discoveries of blogs and even more flattering and kembang-ing when I see my blog being blink.

Blogs to share for the day:
Penang blogger – Elphinstone : Sometimes she is so wicked!

Kai Hong has a great sense of humour.

*This blog was written several days ago but I forgot to post it because of the ‘show’ going on. Now, I have learnt another new thing. From the comment board of a blogger, you can learn a lot of things. Will elaborate that in future.*

27 thoughts on “Another blogging art – Commenting

  1. I just love you!! You are the best šŸ™‚ Thanks for putting me into the “WoW” category, and hey – just send me a mail, if you really, really want to know something, enter my blog, and I blast you away with my rambling style – and you are lost. I do that way too often. rambling as a way of life. I am lost in my own style, lol!

  2. And I thought this post was targeting bout my comment style. šŸ™‚ With people giving comments, it is like a recognition/acknowledgement of your blog in the bloggers world. Some kind of achievement, I think. šŸ™‚ However, it has the same lesson like the “shit” post that 5xmom blog before. Know what, when, why, who and how to “shit”/comment. šŸ™‚ Weekdays start today, and everything resumes to normal! Yipppeeee!!! You know how much I miss your blog during weekdays or not?

  3. Sometimes we don’t konw what to say, but want to let lilian know that we drop by, and have a look liao. Though it is quite impossible to read through every single post, every words each day. Cause blogging is only 10% of my life. We have to work from 9 to 5, but ever since i started blogging, already know about lilian.

    Maybe at certain times the thing we write might sound wierd, at certain times, i just couldn’t catch what lilian is trying to express. But i learn to respect others, and try to comment in a not so serious and polite manner.

    Life is already very stress in school and office, so maybe don’t take it to heart. A word by MrKiasu.

  4. Hi Lilian. You know I actually like to read comments on popular blogs because some can be really funny/interesting. But yeah, I somehow agree with you about being tactful and making sure that you know what the post was all about before leaving a comment.
    Uh oh. I think this is too long. Better stop now. šŸ˜‰

  5. And lilian, i think bloggers seldom potrait their true self in this cyberworld, famous bloggers sometimes do a lot of blumpers and get forgiven also. Some plays trick to increase their traffic, some very dirty ones. By just reading a person’s blog, its hard to tell what kind a person it is, and how old he is.

    By the way, our boss always walk around the cubical, and a lot of ppl spent time reading blog during their lunch time. So, fast reading is necessary sometimes. Life is busy, and tough, blogging is just for relaxation. Sorry i commented twice.

  6. I wish I got pretty of time to read thru all the blog, but I don’t. til now oso have not much of comment in my blog coz i only able to read & make comment on few of others blog daily..but for me is very good result liao…

  7. i’m one bad commentor coz i like to stalk stalk stalk and talk cock not relating to the subject matter.. sometimes when in the mood also like to cari pasal

    this one is one šŸ˜›

  8. just like msau, i wish i had like 48 hours per day to read all the blogs i enjoy reading, all the blinks i’ve addded into my sidebar. But no, i don’t have that much time and that’s what i do it only when i’ve time – and by doing so, i believe my site gets visitors too (ada keluar, ada masuk). And due to my ‘no-time’-ness (pardon for super broken Engrand), i also get less visitors these days liaoz. Cant update often also. So when I finally update, I drop by one or two other blogs to “pancing” visitors. Hehehe (if u know what i mean)

    Admittedly, i sometimes skim through a blog post (*sad facial* but credit on the honesty, pweese?), and I repeat: Sometimes only! (esp when during the opening paragraphs i find the blogger very long-winded, beating around the big bush!)! Cuz i believe, like you said it – Why bother commenting at all if you’re uninterested? But lilian, rest assured, this particular post of yours – I didn’t miss a single word (it’s telling, isn’t it?) Hehe.

    luv ur site! :X:X

  9. Wah….so happy to see so many frank thoughts.

    David – I also stalk you but diam-diam most times. And only drop ‘hope your feet get well soon’ when the blog warrants it. :O)

    OJ – Your speciality is to tell it straight to the face, without fear or favour. And for that, I really respect and appreciate you. Anytime, you need a bucket of water or a kuali and a fan, just give a shout. I will reciprocate (balas budi).

    msau – Yalor, sometimes, I read a weeks blog at a time but only comment one or two. Sked if I comment all 7 blogs, people think I too free liao.

    Sashi – Oh wow, speechless, I got sashi-sm dropping by. Damn kembang, man.

    MrKiasu – don’t la say like that. I always look forward to your comments, very frank too. And not kiasu at all. So, I wonder why you call MrKiasu.

    MG & Norzu – Yalor, sometimes, the comments are more interesting than the blog itself. I make sure I check out the comments. Another thing is – one good comment can draw many good comments later. *ahem* Sometimes, I am called (through IM) to go and comment the right thing so that the rest will know what the blog is heading/referring to.

    kljs – The god of postings! Hahaha, are you going to earn the god of commenting too?

    Jason – Oi, makan cabai rasa pedas? Got leh, I was referring to you oso leh. You sometimes, get the wrong message of a posting, posted a comment that is irrelevant. That’s why I censored it ‘cos I don’t want the rest to think what you are thinking. The first few comments of a blog is very important in getting the rest of the people to comment because probably they may see a different view and the earlier comments potong stim. So, remember hor? Being first is not always necessary good.

    Andreas – Another blogger making me kembang. Dielah, keep changing a bigger and bigger chair also cannot accomodate already. I stalk yours and Mack’s to learn the art of writing like the gurus. Even when I don’t know the issues you guys are discussing. Just learning the flow of words.

    Jon – You are back here or still in UK? ‘Cos I know you said something about back in Malaysia because of the food. If you still in UK, go hang around my other food blog la. I love torturing people, killing them sweetly with food they can’t eat. LOL!

  10. And I thought this post was targeting bout my comment style. Very sorry lah if I had offended any bloggers before.

    Sometimes we bloggers are trying to compete among each others. The more comments, the better blogs you have. Comments for mostly bloggers are like their paid. When there are more comments, you’ll feel that your blog is an achievement, even I’m the same.

    Yes, I agree, the tai-kohs have the ability to influence the readers to drop by other blogs which they advertise.I had seen how Dr. Liew promoted many bloggers, including myself. And I try to emulate Dr Liew and 5xMom’s style, do some advertising about other bloggers.

    Blogs are for relaxing. And yet I think it is useful though. I often tell strangers online that my job is a blogger. Nothing more than that. Bloggers put efforts on their blog and mostly bloggers really wanted to make their blogs to be reconized.

    Your this post is a nice one. Keep it up.

    Thanks for your dropping by my blog. I really appreciate that. If there’s aywhere that offended you, please forgive me. I’m sorry.

  11. Alphonso….come, we drink tea together? You have not offended me but you are one great young guy, learning the ropes very fast. Keep it up. I know you remember my words, which I said with good intentions the other day. And also because of my heng-tai-chi-mui bloggers’ relationship with the ‘two’ of them. (you know who I am referring to). Oh ya, I also ‘gaduh’ with Wingz before too.

  12. OMIGOSH YOU RECOMMENDED MY BLOG ON YOUR BLOG?!! thank you thank you thank you!!!

    excuse me while i go brag to everyone.. heh heh..

    p.s: really, thanks šŸ˜‰ im really flattered šŸ˜›

  13. Just my personal thought : I used to worry that nobody will read my blog, when I just started it. So seeing comments in my blog that time, actually a great encouragement for me to continue on. But nowadays, I’m more on to blog what I want to say, share what I know with others… and at the same time enjoying other blogs. Then it makes me realise, comments should not be domain in my blogging purpose. Just like I learnt quite a lot of things from other people blogs, including yours. šŸ™‚ Then I know, I dun really have to put comments frequently… only when it is necessary. And when I feel like to. Another good thing bout comments, I’m learning things from there. šŸ™‚ *oops, sorry panjang lebar liao~*

  14. Yes, I agree, seeing comments at the end of your posts feels somewhat of an accomplishment. Like you wrote something damn good, people just had to agree/disagree with you. Or sometimes you write about everyday mundane things in your life, and still people leave comments to congratulate, encourage, give advice, etc.

    My blog not so much traffic but that’s ok. I see it as mostly a therapeutic way of destressing myself at work. Plus the actual reason I did it was for my children, so that when I’m gone from this world, they will have something to remember me by.

  15. hey lilian,
    how ya? looks like u have moved to ur new place eh.i dont have a net connection,so a bit lost in the blogging world.

    will catch up with ur entries after i get streamyx.

    so take care!

  16. Lilian,
    i am one of the people who skim through your blog sometimes. too many words lar, too little time, somemore a lot of other blogs to read, somemore colleagues and bosses walking past.. have to read fast..

  17. Ah, I sometimes read liao don wanna give comment one ooo. Comment needs skill ler, and I am tengah belajar lor, so from now on I will comment more.

  18. Nope, I was going to gun for God of Commenting, there would be about 10% of my comments already. Now, only 2 comments by me. šŸ™‚

  19. All this is of course in response to the tea drinking / drug abuse undertone flame.

    Let him be, no need to bother too much about flames from self destruction people.

    Carry on doing your thing

  20. Anyone knows what happened to tai koh Da Buaya’s blog? I hope he didn’t choose to disappear like Mdmafia did. Blogoshpere sure would not be the same without Da Buaya.

  21. OMG!!! lately i am really outta comment liow … prolly kena rob by kljs the god of commenting! LOL!

  22. Silencer – Dun lah…I terribly sked of fame ‘cos when it gets into my head, I cannot think properly dy.

    Wingz – I thot you found someone else liao, never come to rescue me. Hahaha.

    Bushido – Nay….I wrote this much earlier but did not publish it. However, that ‘self destructing’ episode does make me think deeper. Thanks for your words and welcome!

    kljs – Wah…you very ambitious hor?
    Fabian – Yes, actually if one wrongly commented, it can kill your future in blogging. So, it does pay to be silent sometimes.

    Neeshen – I read your blog too and usually, keep quiet when necessary.

    RB – You are back! Which one are you, EY or ??

    Along & fish fish – Yeah, we shouldn’t be counting comments but when it increases, the motivation to write something worthy for others to read also increase.

    Elphi- I hope your traffic increase. ‘Cos that Ah Beng blog is funny leh.

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