Fugly taukeh soh vs. pretty maid syndrome

This post has nothing to do with the Korean boss who tried to rape his maid whilst his Korean wife is pregnant. (in the news today) The author of this post had observed these from her lepak-king at shopping malls playground.

If you are going to accuse me of throwing stones, laughing at my own female folks, judgemental and whatever blahs, don’t proceed further. I am a very kind and nice person and wouldn’t want to spoil your day with my thoughts. Leave now or forever hold your peace.

Now, do you own a maid? Yeah, OWN a maid, like owning a dog, cat or hamster like dat? No? You only hire a nice kakak to help out? Good. I am referring to people who OWN maids.

People who own maid do not give their maid the same food they are eating. Say, they are eating at Fish & Co where they serve these huge kuali of seafood, they will probably give a McEgg (or something cheaper if they can find it) to their maid and a glass of ice water. Or people who ate every damn piece of the fish, meat and etc and leave some gravy and bones to feed their maid at Chinese dinner.

I am giving the above examples to justify on what I am going to say next. There are some women who looks fugly after a few or maybe even one baby. Their looks, shape, everything just eliek pouchik (disappear in Tamil I think). They have a baby now but they don’t have the fucking idea what a mom should do. After all, she owns a maid mah, so give all the shit to the maid to handle including the cuddling baby, comforting toddler when toddler fell down, preparing food for the family, making drinks for the husband etc etc.

And these lot of women are either blind or don’t own a mirror like dat. Because they go and hire damn, sweet, pretty, desirable, adorable, sexy, barely 16 years old maids. Yeah, they are also colour blind. They think just because the maid’s skin is many shades darker than them, their own husband will not feel anything. Hey women, when you turn off the light, all women are the same lah. Black or white. My male friends confirmed this.

Why do I bring this up? Because I want to educate my women folks. That’s why.

I was in Tesco and Sunshine Farlim watching my toddler playing at the playground and observed these Fugly taukeh soh (female boss) vs. pretty maid many times. They fugly taukeh soh will sit there looking bored, pigging on their food while the maid will be speaking in Mandarin (no shit! Indon maid who speaks Mandarin melts my heart) chasing their toddlers around, so loving, so caring. And the taukeh? Hahaha, the taukeh usually act so innocent, so gwei-gwei good boy. Which from my super-smart point of view are merely wolf in sheep clothings.

But if I am the taukeh, I tell ya. I will be having the hots for these sweet, innocent, young girls who not only took good care of my chewren but also took care of my food and drinks. Folding my underwears, ironing my clothes. Tell me, which man will not be tempted?

Am I right? A man when given another female to serve him and his children, live under the same roof, will at some point in time have the devil ‘knock, knock, knocking on the door’?

*Note : I don’t have a maid simply because I cannot stand living with strangers and I am a blardy super-efficient woman. And yeah, if I am going to hire one, I will make sure she looks like a mutated toad.*

26 thoughts on “Fugly taukeh soh vs. pretty maid syndrome

  1. “And yeah, if I am going to hire one, I will make sure she looks like a mutated toad.*” Hahahaha

    But then Lilian, your forgot ….. “when you turn off the light, all women are the same lah. Black or white.” Mutated toad or not.

    Point is, whats the point of having a child if you’re going to let someone else change, feed, cuddle, comfort and sleep with them???!! I don’t fault those women who have no choice but to allow others look after their children when they’re at work but after work, during social situations, dinners, gatherings etc. some continue to do so, so that they would be free to mingle around and like twinsmom said “sapu all the crab” (*rolls eyes*). Sorry hor, comment so long but tak boleh tahan because I feel strongly about this so geram feel like writing a blog within your blog adi!

  2. Adam : LOL… Too bad loh!

    My kakak is the same age as me, well, she handles my family very well. Everything up and down, all so good. Well, we hire the maid, not own the maid. We even bring her out for holidays to Cameron, Genting, KL and Malacca. šŸ™‚ She can speak chinese already, after 2 years staying in my house. Now, she is going to extend the contract. šŸ™‚ Hehe…

    Now, this remind of the boss who used iron, hot water to torture the maid tats in the papers long long long time ago.Eeewwww…

  3. let me continue on my “feeding 2/2”, I tell you I have to make it very clea that I’m not condemn all the mother with maid, otherwise you all will see twinsmom cover with rotten eggs and tomatoes :P.

  4. Helllooo…can the guy who told me, “I do not agree to hiring maid. I told my wife, if need to hire maid, no need to get married to me.” own up? Nay…I know he won’t admit it here but actually, *someone* here told me this. Wah…no wonder I promote his blog so much.

    Last time, a doctor also told me the same thing. He would rather be extra busy, running between picking up kids from daycare/babysitter and doing hospital rounds than hire a maid. Another man I admire.

  5. What’s the point Lilian? I don’t think you should blame your own womenfolk for this, since it is the women themselves who want to hire a maid in the first place… “hire” not “own”.

    The men, well, they’re too busy with earning the bread, playing their golf to bother. So, when they come home and when they can’t get any jiggy with their wives, who you’re gonna call?

    Think about it.

  6. Hahaha deesee, you actually take what I said seriously? LOL! You have to know me better. Who cares if the men who can’t get any jiggy (this is a new word I learn today btw) and call on their maids. It is none of my fucking business, I merely want to blog something to attract traffic. Hahahaha. And if you want to know, I do know of one maid gotten pregnant, sent back to her home country and later on, came back to haunt the taukeh by revealing the baby birth to the taukeh soh.

  7. someone ask me
    Q : why dun you let the maid weakup early like about 5 to 6 am?(she weakup at 7am)
    A : cause she sleep so late about 11pm so she need more rest to work next day and she just help us not a cow work holeday without enough rest.

    Q : why dun you let your twins sleep with her at nite?
    A : cause i dun trust maid can handle my kids as well as i am and she need rest. If someone not enough sleep maybe will hurd the baby, i dun want it happen.

    So my miad just help me look after the twins and i’m fully takecare of them cause sometime my toddler run up and down stair so i have to follow him.

  8. i hired one last time but she bad mouthed me to my MIL and her cohorts. she told everyone that i don’t feed her well. she came here skinny and went back fat like an elephant. she didn’t even do the cooking and ironing.

    if given a chance, i’d like to ‘iron’ her.

  9. even a 21 y.old girl like me also will know how to treat other ppl’s maid properly…padan muka those ladies out there who OWNS their maid

    but back to pretty maids…abit bodoh lah sum lady..go hire cantik one buat apa…actually buruk or cantik also if the husband giler miang…haih..he’ll just sapu it also…

    Best is, pick old, married and wise maids…not lah until so old. Pick those who’s really here to work..but in anyone’s case, if you’re lucky, you’ll get these kinda maids..if not…too bad

    Naz’s maid and my best bud’s maid damn power, I love them so much…yes, love them like my own relative. They eat at the same table with the family and eat the same food. Ah…best bud’s maid even volunteered to return after her contract ended.

  10. i’m a damn racist so i wont want anybody of different colour.. so even i have a stupid ugly wife (which is very unlikely) but a pretty maid.. i still wont knock the door ahahah

  11. Hehhh… Mae and I getting a maid soon. Can’t help it lah. My wife refuses to let be be a Stay-At-Home-Dad. Hehhh…

  12. eh screw all your anti-homosexuals ppl then..
    you know there’s such thing as a lesbian maid? then the wives wont to worry the husband knocking at the door liow lor…

    dumb la.. anti more la..

    how i hope the whole world is gay expect me.. less competition for me..

  13. Oii…orang jahat, u mya lenglui classrep joke with u, u become depressed liao kah? becareful wor, if whole world gay you might get rape by gay wor LOL…

  14. OJ said he hot & horny which I translate as :panas baran dan bertanduk. So, I kasi chance sama lu to make comments that I cannot understand oso.

    James – All the best to you! LOL!

    kljs – that one is another topic on its own

    Atiza – remember to use steam iron, baru boleh straighten out the creases.

    1+2mom – yeah, treat people nice, people treat you nice

    S-Kay – It is all luck la. I got a friend from SP who treated the maid nicely but she uses her urine to keep in the tupperware, to make charm! Eeek, wonder how much urine dah terminum by the family.

  15. I know the only time I am going to get a maid is when I am bedridden, 90 years old. So who cares if she is Pamela Anderson ‘cos by then, my apek sudah mati pucuk, mata rabun. HOHOHOHO

  16. I guess people forget . no matter how beautiful the wife is, if shes constantly abusive and nasty.. she will definitely look FUGLY compared to the maid….
    I have a live-out and she works straight hours. we go to concerts, restaurants, theatres together. and we as a family take her and family out for her birthday in a fancy place.

  17. omg…my mom’s friend use their pubic hair to make charm…geli mannnnnn

    but yeah..it’s all luck…naz’s previous maid psycho wan..treat so nice but ran away…abit sot sot oso when we see her at home

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