Is this another April Fools joke?

Let’s admit it, Michael Ooi and Dr. Liew have created some very good laugh with their April Fools joke. We have also learnt some very good lesson of never trusting what we read on the internet. Like I said earlier in my blog, The internet is a dangerous place.

So, are we going to believe Buaya69 has closed shop for good? Here is an excerpt from his blog:

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Sunday, March 20, 2005
The End
This is The End of Buaya69’s blog.

I will not reveal what I think. But since Da Buaya said it is the end, then, let me reflect back on what I think of this blogger.

In the early days before I started blogging and just reading his blog:

1) I thought he was a Malay.
2) I thought he was a playboy.
3) I found his art of cucimata amusing but can be downright sakit hati because most of us, married women, know that our husbands do that too and the only difference is they dare not admit it.
4) I thought he worked in some glamour job with models or something.

Then, this is how I found Da Buaya NOW
1) A man of faith, my bro-in-Christ
2) He is a Chinese, my kind of Chinese who mixed freely around with other races, speaking in their tongues.
3) He is a devoted father and husband, with a lovely Mrs.B who came by to my blog when I need her supportive words
4) And he is nothing by a boring accountnut! (He will understand this joke.)

The end of Da Buaya.
I actually wrote something on his comment board but get an error 500 and cannot post. In honour of Da Buaya, I blog this.

Goodbye, Da Buaya. May you find the light. Go say your farewell to him.

(P/S : I steal your 69logo from YOUR photobucket.)

13 thoughts on “Is this another April Fools joke?

  1. If it is for real, I wish to know the reasons behind it…kind of closure like that. Or maybe it is just too personal. If so, wish you luck Buaya69.

  2. Ayoo buaya, sad, you were always the good read, seems like a lot of the old guards are quickly going, maybe someday the cuci mata buaya will be ressurected.

  3. sorry to pinjam your space to say goodbye to Buaya.
    bye Buaya, hope you get to do what you want by taking time off from blogging.
    Cheers for the good time.

  4. I am not sure if he had really stopped blogging. Although there is always the temptation to stop writing. This is the fate that will befall all of us. No blog can go on forever. Its getting lonelier all of a sudden.

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