Photo theme – Leaves

Just for fun, I am making every Wednesday a Photo Theme day. Each week, I will show off a few photos either taken by me or borrowed from others with their permission. I curi this idea from Kervin’s Thousand Words : Snapshots of Life.

The first will be on LEAVES.

First, a shot of some palm leaves taken from the Botanical Gardens in Penang.
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and the leaves of some ferns which reminds me of the curls on my hair.
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And these evergreen tree from Japan. This photo is stolen from someone’s recent Japan trip.
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6 thoughts on “Photo theme – Leaves

  1. OJ – you need help liaoz. Quick MSN me and tell me your problem. LOL!

    Twinsmom – Dunno what tree, must as doc. I like the tree ‘cos it is suppose to live in the winter, like those postcard pictures I saw.

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