Prelude to blogs on marriages

What happen when,
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In order to help the blur sotongs who don’t have the faintest idea, the first pic is a photo of Mandarin ducks which symbolise love. The second one is a pic of thorns. The third one, is….clever…butterfly. But this butterfly find many flowers wor. So how?

Wait for day break. I am blogging this at 3am so cannot write too much.

13 thoughts on “Prelude to blogs on marriages

  1. You not only is a macro blogger, but also macro photographer. -.-” Every picture (not every, almost all) also macro pics. Well, I will be waiting to see your post tomorrow morning. Hopefully, I can give a better comment. 🙂

  2. Reading your post early in the morning, I see the Mandarin ducks as lovebirds. But looking at the same pic during lunchtime, I’ll probably see them as Ngap Tui Meen. Dinner time, I’ll be seeing them as Peking ducks or roast duck, hehe. Great pics.

  3. Wei, dont keep me hanging la….what the pics all about yeah? But is it what I’m guessing???

  4. 1, once happily married couple (mandarin ducks) got got third party (butterfly) because one of them too difficult(thorn) to communicate.
    2, once happily married couple (mandarin ducks), then one of them too difficult (thorn) to communicate, so the other one (butterfly) go fine another flower.

    *trying to be clever*

  5. Optimistic — Marriage is not a bed of roses, it got thorn, but still so beautiful, if you are a brave butterfly you will still atracted to it, never afraid of the thorn.

  6. izzit that the thorn got some special kind of mutating poison and once the “yingyong” bird gets hurt and then they metamorphose into butterfly ah..

  7. At first married dat time, like lovey dovey mandarin ducks, then the wife became a thorn and stupid as well hired a butterfly maid instead of mutated toad so mandarin duck turned to butterfly loh.

    Aiyah, this Lilian ah, make everybody think so hard in the morning.

  8. You all so early come, I usually 11am baru wake-up leh.

    Neeshen – Yeah, I remembered about Butterfly Farm from your blog. And learnt about the Tropical Spice Garden from Kew’s.

  9. You want to know the truth…kekekekekeke..

    Mandarin duck keep changing mate in their life, they never stick to one.

    Butterfly need to take at least 5-10 sip of the nectar, 1 flower is not going to sustain the energy it nneed.

  10. moo_t – OOOOO, like that I must discard the wooden mandarin ducks prescribed by Lillian the tu which is supposed to enhance marriage wor. Bad chi. Wah, you really spoil the mood liao. No more butterflies also. hahaha.

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