Women magazines – Help or Hell?

Tell me, what do women magazines mean to you? I am pretty sure most women subscribe/buy/read/flip through women magazines. Do they give you a sense of pride or do they remind you how fugly/outdated/poor/dumb/under-achiever you are? Note that this is my bitching blog, so don’t take me seriously ok? I just injured my big toe and it hurts like hell. A woman with a swollen big toe is not to be messed with.

I just received my last issue of the Malaysian Women’s Weekly for the month of April. The March issue is somewhere around the house, still a virgin, untouched and un-opened. Why? ‘Cos I don’t read women’s magazines. It is evil. It is devilish. It corrupts the mind. It makes wise and smart woman like me dumb. It makes pretty girls feel ugly. It turns good girl into wallflowers because these mags preached, sex, sex, sex.

*muahahahaha* Don’t get me wrong. I love MWW and the editor, Tara and I have exchanged many emails. MWW is probably the only mag that seems ‘proper’ to me. MWW is for women of all ages. Tara is an Australian living in Singapore and hence, I suppose her exposure with the Australian WW have made MWW more palatable. And I had appeared in it twice.

But take a look at other mags. Ewwwss….It is nothing but a huge product catalogues. I do read these women mags, 4 times a year when I am at my hairdresser, waiting for a haircut.

When I was in my late teens and early twenties, gosh that is like some ancient time!, I used to read the US version of Cosmopolitan, Elle, Vogue and Glamour. The mamak stalls along Jalan Macalister used to sell past issues at very cheap price. So, I always have this arrogant attitude ‘cos I am so well-read mah. I keep up-todate with the current international fashion and phrase whilst my friends were only crawling along with Her World and Female. I knew about pilates but over here it was still aerobics. Wah, damn proud man ‘cos I thought I am some sort of high class, rich girl. I even learnt the karma-sutra (hahaha) from Cosmo and all the ethics of one-night stands. Like, “Should I bring along my own toothbrush?” Woohoo, is that something to be proud of?

Not really. But I am pretty level-headed and well anchored. Otherwise, I probably would have followed those lifestyles which seems so ‘pure and innocent’ as portrayed by the mags. Someone I know told me that our local magazines are only interested in topics with sex undertones. She actually told me that if I can write something sex related, it will be printed. No thank you, if I am going to write, I might as well blog.

So, agree with me that women magazines are mostly craps? Now, there is a better alternative to reading women magazine – A Liulian Lifestyle (ALL)! HOHOHOHO.

OK, my toe is less painful now. Back to doing housework.

16 thoughts on “Women magazines – Help or Hell?

  1. Aunty Lilian,

    I oso ardent reader of MWW wor…its has alot more practical, daily thingy compared to the other female magazines around lor.

  2. i agree, local women mag are CRAP & it’s all loaded with advertising only which makes the mag even worse. wanna know what i do with the free mags i get monthly? i let my son use it as hand-eye-coordination practice. 1 session with my son, the mags are minimized to bits & pieces…hehehe ;P

  3. Not only Women magazine full of adverts page..baby magazie oso lots ler..
    buy women magazine seem like a product catalogue for me liao..keep introduce wat wat product how good how good..no use of it sure get old very fast..:PP

  4. I just bought a woman’s magazine 2 days ago because I was so bored of flipping through my work. I like women’s magazines. They are glossy, colourful and have great tips for health and some recipes too. Ok..sometimes they do make me feel a bit inferior but I try to work towards looking like those lovely models there. I get make up tips from the mags too. I’m not a compulsive buyer of such mags…just one every few months. It has actually been 6 months since I last bought a copy of it.

  5. The best way to prevent anorexia and bulimia is to tell those girls to stop reading Cleo, Vogue and all the fashion mags that over-glorify stick-thin women.

    Guess where I stand on this issue. 😉

  6. local mag not really all craps lar, when the time I got money to spend, it help me a lot leh –tell me how to spend money, what to buy, where to go for spa etc. LOL…gone was the day.
    but MWW quite good, at least the recipe is good, but anyway I got so much to read in the blog why buy mag leh? and I can write better than the mag why buymag leh? *haolian*

  7. ahahaha i just bought April’s issue of Cleo.. just for the 50 eligible bachelors! 😛 damn this year’s bachelors not very lengchai :X

  8. I used to buy women mags every month, without fail. When I was in Malaysia, I bought Cleo, marie claire, Her World. When I came over, I bought Marie Claire every month- it was £3 a copy but now it’s £2.50 a copy. I used to love them but I stopped buying now. Too many ads, too few nice articles. Not worth the money anymore!

  9. ohh lUi lian ahhh
    u are great mannN~
    ur blogs attracts me..
    i came here by reading ur comment fr a fren
    and i was like omg ~ i found u ~!
    so nice reading ur blog like giving me strength
    like tat.. so good ahhH 😛
    walaoee.. i m so happily flipping and going all
    of ur blogs jus now..
    especially those abt ur kid one ahhh
    wahh piang ahhH.. ur kid so damn good wor..
    omg ~

    sorry if i talked too much here.. anyway
    i think i ll become ur great fannsi also ahHH !!!

    great blog ahh~!!!! 😀

  10. eh i read CLEO one okay!! nice!! woman mags are not evil.. they’re good (at least to us male).. wow we get to cuci mata see pretty lenglui *salivates*

  11. MrsT – oggle, oggle, pants on fire! Hahaha

    OJ – You need help, seriously.

    Rachel – You are so full of bubbles. Go start a blog la, I am sure it will be full of funny things. Your comment is already so cute.

    Eileen/Penny – I too can’t live without women mags last time. It is like an affirmation that I am not a dork. Have to keep up with the latest mah, or else nanti harga saham tak melambung naik. Sendiri rugi. kahakahakah

    Sweetspirit – Yeah, I found some of the stories very inspiring. But OZ’s mags is very different from US. OZ’s mags is still very feminine with some soul stories.

  12. Man should read “woman magazine”. Just expect most of us buy it, not because of stupid “sissy” reason, but man has many “toys” to deal with 😉
    It give man a clue why woman make up “like that”. (Honestly,man read woman magazine is to so see lenglui)

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