Story 2 – The boss and subordinate affair

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I am beginning to enjoy this ‘almost Hustler kinda tales’. But I hope whoever reads will understand the story behind it. Today, I am going to be rather biased in my version of the story because I was part of it. NO!!! Not in the affair but the kpc in it.

First, let us reflect on the above words. This is taken from the very first book of the Bible. Not long after God created the world and created Adam, God said the above words.. As a Catholic, we uphold our wedding vows seriously because it is said what God puts together, no man can tear apart. (psssttt…I am a Catholic but I did not make that vow ‘cos my husband is not. And I asked my church priest whether that means I can easily escape. Hahahaaha. No leh, civil marriage also kena bind by these words.)

So, there goes a story of a very, very, very faithful husband who adored his wife like gold. He will made us colleagues and staff’ hairs stand on end whenever he phoned his wife or when his wife visited him in the office. It will make the strongest stomach puke because he called her names like, my honey bunny, my fair lady, my sweet baby IN FRONT of us! Fuyoh, if you see how he treated his wife, you will go home and slap your own husband for not living up to that kind of lovey-dovey standard. Then, they had two kids.

It was an inter-racial marriage. He got insecured with his work because of some changes in the company. I was his confidante, telling me almost every one of his insecurities. He is one screwed up guy who needed a listening ear and someone to boost his short ego.

As we work in a big corporation, things went sour between him and I because though I was much lower rung than him, I asserted certain power that he can’t touch. He tried bossing over me but failed miserably and embarassingly in front of the bosses and the employees. One day, he screamed at me that he prayed to the Chinese gods and Hindu gods before coming to work and no one can cross his path without getting into troubles! He also said that he carried the kavadi for 15 years and therefore, very holy.

When a man get insecured, a man sometimes need to find something to boost his ego. The easiest thing is to find a willing, dumb, subordinate who looks exactly like his wife. A subordinate who is a graduate, 30s and don’t know how to drive. So, Mr. Bruised Ego drove her home everyday, staying late for overtime and boy, her home is way, way out of his path. Not only that Mr. Bruised Ego find every damn excuse to travel outstation and the reasons to justify bringing subordinate along.

Dumb Mr. Bruised Ego did not know that my big boss had been eyeing him and watching him with a hawk eye. Just before I left the company, big boss and I had a chat over everything and Mr. Bruised Ego matter was brought up. Boss did not care whom Mr. Bruised Ego screwed but, boss was not happy to be paying for travelling expenses for him to screw.

I had the best last laugh when I told Mr. Bruised Ego that, “As a friend, let me tell you that big boss is not happy with your matters with Miss. X.” His face colour drained. He gave me so many reasons about how helpless she was as she stayed so far away etc. Do I care? Hell, no! That same person could be my own husband cheating on me. I have no mercy on men who cheated on their wives. He only got my curses, never my sympathies.

A year ago, I went for an appointment with my ob-gynae and found Miss X there. Hahahaha, Miss X was so uncomfortable seeing me but I forgot about her affair then. Until now, I do not know what had happened. I just hope that Mr. Bruised Ego did not hurt his wife and two beautiful children. I hope the family is still together and Miss X remained a spinster all her life! *muahahaha* Because she is dumb and stoopiak for wasting her life on him. There are plenty of eligible men out there, much more deserving men.

Moral of the story? – Don’t mess with your boss secretary. *muahahaha* Buy them something this Secretaries’ Week if you want to have a smooth life or you are having an affair with your subordinate.

15 thoughts on “Story 2 – The boss and subordinate affair

  1. you never worked for a lady boss before huh? anyway, me also cannot tahan men who cheat on their wives! but ar, what about women who cheat on their husbands? am in this dilemma now (no la! not me eh!! siao meh!) very good friend punya pasal la… should i treat her the same i would treat men who cheat….susah wor, she my best friend since stone age wor…*pening pening pening*

  2. Chrissy, got, got, I oso got tales to spin on that. Wait ha, next episode. Wrong means wrong leh, cannot double standard leh. Women oso can cheat mah.

    OJ – Nolah, dunwan to be Hustler-wannabe. You want me to die ah? If I remain anon boleh la.

  3. :pPp give you some contoh very nice one.. next time can add sauce between the paragraphs šŸ˜›


    “The subordinate says, “You are so bad. You knowlah… Take care of me and make sure I have everything I need to be pretty-and-nice for you… And I will also be very-very nice to you…”

    Oooohhh, Mr Bruished Ego can feel the blood rush up to his head and flow down to his dick, hardening it in a micro-instant bro! ”


    opss.. 18sx 18sx..

  4. Aiyoh….you are a lousy, mechanical story teller la. I can write must steamier wan lah but *ahem* of course, I won’t because sked you cannot handle it.

  5. OJ – No wonder your story so familiar lah! And I was thinking where I have read it before until I read your 2nd part of the comment.

    Oh well, better not have any affairs (legal or illegal) in the office, else shit stuffs do happen especially when being caught in the act.

  6. i agree with you .. on that.. never mess with your boss’s secretary.. haha!! my angmoh sales ppl learn that all too quickly..!! hahha!

  7. Mrs T – Wah, which role are you playing then? The sexy-turkey?

    OJ – You know what is foreplay or not? If come from Hustler, he will set the mood first mah. But you pulak, tiba-tiba potong stim with the copy and paste. I know Hustler won’t marah with me wan…

  8. Fishtail – Noleh, not secretary leh. They are top guns managers leh, male/female managers travel, where got wrong ah?

    Mrs T – Life has its perks, ya?

    Romantic – You said what I dare not. Thanks!

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