I am too sexy for my blog (ahak!)

I am jumping on the bandwagon on this silly but humourous chain of blogs about Xiaxue.

Firstly, this is what caught my attention:
A young man with a great sense of humour, someone who adores Xiaxue. Hopefully Xiaxue will notice the hensem face one day.

What is involved in the chain is everyone pose the same way like Xiaxue. This idea came from some MrBrown. Here’s my representative.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Now, why would I, old auntie be bothered with a bitchy SYT from Singapore? Wanna know why?

Because we are seriously lacking bloggers like her over here in Bolehland. Xiaxue is a someone ALL girls love to hate. Why? ‘Cos her blog is good. Her thoughts are great. Her identity is not hidden. And who can compete with her few hundred comments each day? Tell me who? No one! So, girls, go on hating her ‘cos probably, all the guys you know adore her.

Meanwhile, lalalala (sing a happy song), I am too old to compete with her. If I can turn back time, say 20 years earlier, probably my ambition is to be Xiaxuey. (in Hokkien it means to ashame oneself. I borrowed this phrase from Kenny, I think, posted in MunKit’s blog)

Gotta run! Dentist appointment! Please spare me on the dentist chair.

**Die, die, I am quoted in mrbrown‘s blog as sexy lilian. So in order not to disappoint readers, I have put up a real photo of me at my new post.**

13 thoughts on “I am too sexy for my blog (ahak!)

  1. aikz.hate dentist.which dentist do u go to?

    i usually go to the Ong one in jelutong.

  2. ohhhh…nowonder her name so familiar….I’ve seen her somewhere before…damn..where…just recently..of course not in person lah…

    oh..sorry I post ter-extra comment instead of putting all in one =P

  3. OJ – If that look is cute, the chicken backside is beautiful. LOL! So bad of me, stealing your photo, bandwidth and then call you names.

    S-Kay, no problem, more numbers of comments, nicer mah. Hey, you must go check out Xiaxue sometimes. Especially on PMS days.

    RB – It is my son’s dentist appointment. In Pulau Tikus, Ang Dental. Expensive…..Let me blog it.

  4. hah…I know where I saw her adi…I think..I thikn only lah..she appeared on FHM..I dunno..I saw some interview on last month’s FHM…I thought I saw her name

  5. Wah, S-kay, blogging also can enter FHM? Like that I must go make-up and take photo and paste all over my blog liao. LOL! Manatau, some retirees magazine wanna interview me.

  6. sorry to say this but..PUHLEASE…i’m sure..for the sake of other women here, no one would have the thick face to photoshop all her pictures in her blog. which is inevidently, lame.

    plus good blogs don’t need cheap tactics a la skim up short skirt, sit cross-legged and look pweety.

    Yea I can’t stand her =P

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