Once, there was a big boss, G who runs a company. Some of his employees are very nice chaps, like you and me. And some are rotten, like you and me too. Things got out of hand and G decided to send his representative, Jay to sort things out. Jay willingly carry out the task but as you know, good guys are the ones who always kena bully. Due to jealousy, some big shots feeling threatened and the usual scandals that happen in our dirty world, Jay was killed. Jay was only 30something when he died a torturous death. Today is the anniversary Jay died.

G, the big boss is very hurt and sad but, he knew that without sacrificing Jay, more and more people will be suffering and these people will not have a future. G, being a very powerful man, raise J from his death on the 3rd day, i.e. on the midnight of tomorrow (Saturday night/Sunday morning). And with that, we live happily ever after. Not in this earthly world, but a life in Heaven upon our death. Therefore, followers of Jesus, rejoice!

To my friends, if you find it hard to digest what some of us Christians are talking about, let me show you a photo.

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This is a photo of my toddler, Matthew. He was about 40+ days old and being carried by his god-father, Vincent (yeah, same name Vincent). The priest is pouring water over Matthew’s head. All my four children were baptised with me in April 2003. Some questions in your head?

Question 1 : Lilian, why lah must a little baby be baptised? Why didn’t you wait till he is grown up and able to decide for himself?

Answer : As a mother, I have the confidence that I will be the one shaping their future. I have the faith that I will bring them up with a religious foundation. When a child reaches Form Four, they will go through another ceremony, called the confirmation, where they will be asked again if they want to be follower of Christ.

Question 2 : Why baptise? Is it to clean away the sins? How can a newborn baby carry sin?

A newborn baby and all children certainly are like white sheets of paper. They are sinless. It is symbolic. It is like receiving the baby into part of the family. However, for adults like me, yes, my sins are washed away (symbolic)at baptism but that is just a small part of being a Christian. The major one is whether I can live the rest of my life, following closely to Jesus’s teachings. That is to love one another as God loves me (i.e. unconditional, forgiving, selfless etc)

Question 3 : It is often said that Jesus died for our sins. How can that be? Aren’t we suppose to bear and carry our own sins?

What it means? Long ago, when God created the world, it was suppose to be Heaven. But remember that Adam and his Eve stole the apple and ate? That one act had caused all the evil things to seep into the world. And with that, everyone who dies, dies. The end. But God loves His creations and therefore, send Jesus to live as a man on earth. This way, Jesus’s job is to make good what has turned bad. By dying and live again, all God’s creations, that is you and me, will have the same glorious ending like Jesus. Die and live again. The sins that we often heard are the sins of the original Adam.

And yes, we are suppose to carry our own sins that we messed up. That’s why it is important that we have some religious foundation, whereby we can live with a guide. And a big boss, God, who is ever forgiving and forever loving. That is the greatest love of all.

I found some very good read about this related matter. One of them is Chief’s blog on Good Friday (today).

And another one, surprise, surprise is some thoughts penned by a Muslim. As a Christian, I always overlook the points that can cause arguements but I only focus on our similarities. Glad that Silencer share the same views. This is part of what he had written:

I applaud the Christians for being so in love with Jesus and proudly showing it. For I too, love my Prophet yet I don’t quite know how to show it. For the most part, my love is expressed in private during prayers by regularly sending regards [selawat and salam] in his name.

Though there are differences between us, for many reasons I believe we are but brothers. And that’s why I feel it’s just terrible to hear people going on about Muslims hating Christians and Christians waging war on Muslims.

To all my Christian friends – Happy Easter and God bless!

To everyone – Peace!

**If I have misquoted, please feel free to tell me. I admit my understanding of Christianity is very shallow. I have only 2 years of being in Christ.**