The ‘bo liao’ Singaporean tongue project

Oh WOW! I got an impressive hits from MrBrown‘s blog these two days over the silly, sohai, bo liao entry I made. Yeay, yeay, call me whoring for traffic, who cares…. The project even went on some online Singaporean daily – Todayonline.

So far, MunKit started it and I did one silly blog followed by Jolene and some other bloggers in Malaysia.

Because of MunKit hensem, mutated toad, ‘kam yuo lou’ (goldfish uncle) face, my kids challenged me to take a shot like his too. Tadaaaa, here it is.

But errr…..tongue on the wrong side lah. Blame it on my brain. I have brain damage where left and right are concerned.

Image hosted by

What? Photo not big enough? You want to see a better photo?

Tongue not protruded enough? But Mr. Miyagi said :

Er.. great tongue action!

in my comment board wor.


I got another shot….

Image hosted by

And another shot of 5xmom at Penangfaces.

Have a good weekend to all! Happy Easter, Alleluia! God bless! Rejoice, rejoice, Christ is Risen!

16 thoughts on “The ‘bo liao’ Singaporean tongue project

  1. hahah..oei!! dun be chicken shit lar, lilian:D

    hehehe.. i know you purposely put lipstick for this shot eh?:) cantik juga.

    yeah, tell me about it. at first damn happy got so many referrals from mr.brown. after awhile I’m like, “what else……”

  2. kehkehkehkeh, surelah, put lipstick then wet the lips sumore. HOHOHO, half a chicken shit is better than no shit at all. HAHAHAHA. I cannot show full face mah, sked all Xiaxue’s fan-si run to me. Kesian her traffic dropped. Perasan sial. And then hor, I oredi so busy ironing underwears, where got time to endorse products wor.

    BTW, people, that dog is a police dog. I took the photo just this afternoon at my son’s primary school .

  3. Jason – Did I ask you for comments?

    JxT – Wah, lengchai, want me to help pass your photo around for the lengluis ah?

  4. haha i use to have a “Im 2 sexy for shirt ” t shirt,, then of course the song eh. Then came for babies,, my son had a I’m 2 sexy 4 my nappy ,,t shirt,, Of course ya have heard the ” I’m too sexy for the catwalk hehe,,,, Okz Lilian i think were 2 sexy for everything haha just joking
    cheerz n happy easter sweety

  5. Hey Lilian
    I bought i a digital camera yesterday ,do log by if ya have the time and have a peek at Xander (our cat) his tooo sexy 4 my blog hehe.BTW yes this topic has put me in a good mood he he cheerz tcz

  6. Lilian@LiuLian ahh.. I laughed like a mad siao lang seeing those pics leh! Felll off chair few times until ka chui pain oso. Not to mention stomacheache – laugh too much. I also joined in the fun leh.. hihihi

  7. Aiks crapz wad happened to the comment i typed just now!? Grr

    I said… I laughed like a siao lang seeing those pics posted up online, on flickr as well as on MrBrown’s site. Wah lau eh, some really good wan leh.. fell down from chair few times laughing (ka chui oso pain aa).. Stomachache pun wu arr, laugh too much liao. But leh hor, I also joined the fun… kihkihkih

  8. Paul – The dog eh?

    People, especially lengluis – go see handsome Narrowband photo, quick!!!!

    Sweetspirit – Look forward to more photos from you! Cheers!

    Mrs T – heeheehee, thanks!

    Cherry – Thanks for the wishes.

    Larling – Donch dream hor?

    Romantic – Hahaha, I win, I win!

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