Horse shit/Tahi Kuda/Beh Sai

Guess what makes these two boys hanging on the tree, peeking over the barbed wire fence?

Guess where these bunch of people are heading?

Go straight ahead, the crematorium. (crematorium = place where you burn dead bodies)

Turn left, the graveyard

One thing they have in common.
They jammed up the road, causing me a blardy 20 minutes stuck with them, when usually it takes 2 minutes.
They are losers who could better spend their time elsewhere.
(They are losers not because they are poor, please don’t misunderstand. You will know why later.)

Let me tell you the conversation I had with my #3 (8 yrs old) while #2 was busy snapping these photos for me. He even wanted me to open the sunroof of my Naza Ria so that he can have better angles! (I wouldn’t dare to risk my life getting bashed.)

5xmom – *spewing Hokkien words* What la you guys, go home la. Go and spend with your grandchildren, children, wife, mistress whatever. Go throw you money to more deserving places. Go donate it or give to beggars la. Why la you all so stupid! RM6 for parking only!!!

(Isn’t my #2 so cleber? He even snapped one apek with a forlorn look holding on to his wallet.)

#3 son – Mommy, where got stupid? They come here to win money mah. Win a lot, a lot, then they mah can go home and buy nice things for their chewren lor…..

#2 son – You stupid or what? (Rolling eyes at younger brother. #2 is the sensible guy.)

5xmom – Dey, you see these apeks? Do you know how old they are? They had been coming here every Friday, Saturday and Sunday plus whatever race days in Hongkong and Singapore. They had been gambling all their lives. Do they look like they are happy, rich men? Remember OI!!!!! no one get rich by gambling, ok? These poor apeks probably have children and wives at home who do not have enough money to buy school books, clothes, nice food and everything. Yet they are throwing their money away betting on horses running. Now you geddit? Shouldn’t they be taking their wives and kids and grandkids to the park or something rather than coming here? Jamming up my shortcut to home. Wasting 20 minutes of my time and who knows….people may think that I am part of the crowd going to the race course. *continue with Hokkien vocab*

My wish – Please move the Penang Turf Club far away from my island. Build it next to the area where they rear pigs. Let it stinks so much, no one wants to go to see racing anymore. And those who still stubborn want to go, let them contract SARS, JE or Nipah, whatever. Horses are good as studs only. Not for poor old people to waste money on.

(I know of some people who bet too much, got so poor, they had to sell their properties/businesses, causing the family to suffer. So, I am very pissed when I see these guys heading to the race course.)

10 thoughts on “Horse shit/Tahi Kuda/Beh Sai

  1. Happy Easter, Lilian!

    Hehehe! It’s funny to see a Chinese who completely abhors gambling! Even my grandmother until now will sit down with her whole book of 4-digit numbers and goes through her pile of Big Sweep lottery tickets hoping for THE win (marrying my grandad and converting to Islam made no diff to her lah, insofar as gambling goes, hahaha!)

    But yes, I truly agree with you. I too, find it strange how these people don’t realise that you’re NOT going to make money at the races, the 4Ds, lottery. Better to put that hard-earned money (since as you say, most of the gamblers CAN’T actually afford to throw that money away on chance!) into spending on your family, your savings, yourself! But I guess it’s the hope that out of the 1,000,000:1 probability, they just MIGHT be that lucky one millionth dude. I feel very sedih when I see the people who come out of a 4D shop – have you ever seen how they look? They hang on to their 4D tickets as thought it was made of gold, and if looks of hope could translate into wealth, they’d be MILLIONAIRES now! *sighs*

  2. If we were all sensible we would bring out our calculator, get out the form 6 books on statistics, factor in the various variables to calculate our odds of winning and multiply this by the amount we spend for tickets in our lifetime and then carry out a cost benefit analysis to see if in the event we do win do we still win or after deduction we still lose. Gambling not a thing that should be taken up, as for taking number from graveyards, pleeeaaasseee!!

  3. Hahaha Kervin – Actually, the Turf Club, Syariah Court, crematorium and graveyard shared the short one kilometre road. The irony of it, huh?

    Blaberella – Ya, my mom used to gamble too. Small timer so it is more for the thrills. As for me, I do get itchy hands in Genting sometimes but I see it as a game (at the one arm bandit). Gambling is forbidden in my religion ‘cos God provides, right?

  4. twinsdad also wish to kena lottery, I said “you never buy lottery how you wish to kena?” he said “if I really will kena, which mean I’ll have the luck to pick up one ppl throw wan and kena.” which mean never gambling already winning.

  5. Same case here in KL la, every weekend those magnum 4D damacai and TOTO all triple fourple parking!!! knn i always wind down the windows and shout “SHE SEI LEI AHHH!!!” when i drove pass LOL!

  6. Ah Wingz – I worry for you wor, you committing suicide or wut?

    Twinsmom – My atm more practical, he does buy lottery, Toto, 4D and DaMaCai on and off. Chances of me becoming millionairre better than you lor.

  7. Hm. I hate people who park on the roadside when they know all too well they’re gonna jam up the traffic. Bodo macam tiang talipon.

  8. sigh…gambling….my father lah!! one month I tell you…easily RM500 at least on 4d watever D toto wateva toto…give me the money and I save for you oso will collect more than the amount you’ve won man…aduiz..geramz betul

  9. i know someone who has been gambling for 25 yrs 3 times a week without fail and still have not won a shit yet. I told him if you put all that money in a big piggy bank i think you are a millionaire ledi. 🙂

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