Traffic whoring – Blogging art

Whore = working girl = A young woman who is employed (so says my WordWeb)
Hmmm….nothing offensive, right? Dun la think of any other whores. I am blogging about working hard to get traffic only.

Since I got my domain a month ago, I adopted what most new shops will do. Promote, advertise, offer freebies, ensure quality products and service plus good PR.

*ahem* After reading so many WOWs, Brands and other blogs, I did learn something, no?

Promote : I promote my blogs at forums, blog directories etc.

Advertise : I advertise my blogs (note the plural form) by dropping my URL at other people’s comment board.

Offer freebies : Errr…this one, no la. But consider offering nice food pics at my Penang Faces as one of the way.

Ensure quality products and services : So far, so good. Being a new blogger, I still have plenty of fresh, brain juices oozing. (borrow your tagline, NeeShen?)

Good PR : It is my nature, I am such a warm, bubbly person, no one can resist me. LOL!

The evil secrets to getting traffic?
1) Drop catchy or mysterious comments at other bloggers’ comment board. The kind where others read and want to know the commentor’s blog.

2) Be the first few to jump in when a flame is imminent. Never mind that you do not really care about the issue or the blogger. Just go char-grill for the sake of drawing attention.

3) Be nice to all, high and low, new and old, popular and unpopular. You will never know who is going to be your partner-in-crime or brother-in-arms. The internet and blogging is so volatile. Remember my chameleon tale.

The prim and proper 5xmom’s secret?
OK lah, I use all the above evil secrets but deep down, I am not evil at all. I have good traffic simply because:
1) I wrote from my heart
2) I speak the truth
3) I have no airs
4) I am witty and amusing
5) I am a great writer
*yawwwwnnn, yawwwnnn*
6) I have a purpose in blogging (ok, many purposes like religion, legacy for my kids, rantings and to stuff the cili padi when I dare not do it in person)
7) I am a kiasu, must win, be ahead
8) I believe in myself (after God la)
9) I have a good mentor
10)I believe my blog has a moral behind each story.
Reason #1,001 : Simply being 5xmom.
Reason #1,000,001….. okokok, I write more next time.

Well, my onestat says it all:


(Reading : Horizontal number is the date, vertical is the daily hits)

For the month of March 2005, up to today:
Total pageviews: 25,462
Total visits : 12,147

*Addition (moo_t, tks for the info. here it is, terror or not?)
Monthly Unique Visitors: 5,071
Daily Unique Visitors : 8,978
First time visitors : 4,841

Kehkehkeh, to big boys bloggers like Jeff Ooi, Dr. Liew, TV Smith, Mike, Hustler, they are probably foaming at their mouths at this new blogger, chicken little perspective. But who cares, just sapu every reason to quote big bloggers’ name mah. (evil secret #101)

And to the small farts like me who can’t make it bigger than my traffic yet, take 5xmom advices. It works! It works! No shit! It is free too. And donch lar sour-grape that you blog for yourself, you do not care for comments or traffic. You do care, admit it! (Ah Wingz ah, I am not tokking about you hor?) ‘Cos it is damn thrilling when you see the numbers escalating from 100 > 200 > over 500.

My next series on Blogging Art will be ‘Reading between the lines’.

New domain to watch out for : – This is not a new blogger but a new domain. See how the blogger can make the most mundane issue interesting by KISS.

18 thoughts on “Traffic whoring – Blogging art

  1. Quote big bloggers name? Why so? I try to refrain myself from quoting the big guys’ name since they have all the publicity they need from online and printed medias. I support the small guys all the time.

    But heh, since I openly admit that I’m a whole like you (no offencee. ;)) I shall take your advice in due time. I’ve already started with Xia Xuey… *cough* Xia Xue.

  2. I’m taking your advice…hmmm…”mysterious comments at other bloggers’ comment board”… “advertise my blogs”….

    OK, here goes…

    “Lilian, is that you?!! I’m K.K.”Dicky” Ramaganathan, your old boyfriend from Pulau Tikus high school!!!

    Izzit FATE that we DESTINED to meet again after all these years?!

    You haven’t aged a single day in the last 10 years! come to http://WWW.WHEREGOT.BLOGSPOT.COM!!!

    Yes, for those who didn’t quite get it…


    “Mari, mari, mari…!”

  3. larling u know me la, i still prefer to blog as myself therefore i will definitely not be fehmes bcoz lotsa peeples will tulan with me LOL! anyway, to sapot ur theory this time i got put url links in this komen, see my trapik got increase anot hor ? šŸ˜›

  4. And dun miss going to buangmasa and read his pussy tales. Bring lots of tissue along, please. What for? Oh, you are going to need the tissues, trust me. Pussy = tissue????? Now curious? Go and read! Dun buangmasa (procrastinate) at my blog!

    Ah Wingz – Yeah, that’s the way aha aha. Put your URL mah, why so humble leh? Errrr…you got see your name high high on my links or not? Go check it out, larling.

  5. JxT – Hahaha, we must form a club. Selling each other blog all over the blogsphere. Beating gong, doink, doink, doink.

    Oui Oui – Surprised to see you here! I was at your blog last nite! But I am the shy one, dare not make first move one. Unless I want to flame the person or it has something as cute as your toddler talks. Hahaha.

  6. Hey.. Lilian,
    Thanks for your input hor.. šŸ™‚ very useful i find.. šŸ™‚ But hor.. can ask one question or not..?? wat if you kenna flame like i did for no reason at all leh..?? sakit hati.. i tell yer.. !! yer mind yer own business.. and then talk about yer own business.. and then some idiot flame me..!! can die or not.??? saying rubbish..!! lagi can die..!! say i belittle my spouse.. most tulan..!!! so how..??

  7. Cold water for 5xmom (moo like to do it)

    Hits not equal to visits.

    “Unique visits” is the keywords. Don’t worry, even some listed company also proud of “100,000 of hit per month”.

  8. moo_t : okokok, I add in liao lur. Actually, I don’t really know the differences of what is what.

    Mrs T – I went to your blog cannot find any flame to help you fan. Hahaha, next time call me!

    Dsaint – Kembang sial

  9. Web hits = number of web object transfer to the reader. E.g. if a web page contain 3 photo, 1 header and the contains, this is consider 5 hits(including the contents body).

    Web pages served = Number of the web pages (including all header, photos in the page)

    Unique visitors = An individual visit you web site. For example, if I browse 20 of your blog archives, you will see 20 webpages served.

    If each blog come with 5 different object, it will be 5×20 = 100 hits. If I go directly to “”, the main page contain at least 20 objects, so you can easily get 20 hits with a single visits. When you inspect your own page, you also generates hits šŸ˜‰

  10. Aiyah.. Lilian.. i delete already lah.. !! how can let some Multiple Sclerosis Personality (Ms Personality) post remain in my guest book leh..! Say i childish wor.. for 40yrs old woman.. hahahhahah!! can die or not..!!

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