Most eligible bachelor – Girls, come please!

Many female bloggers are mad with me because I said that we (Malaysians) are lacking bloggers like Xiaxue. To make it up to them, I hereby offer my olive branch. Go get yourself a copy of Cleo and ogle the most eligible bachelor # 23. Then, come here and take a number from auntie. Line up properly, please. No cat clawing and no bitching please. Auntie doesn’t like animals such as dogs and cats. Especially female dogs.

Thanks to Penny and YP for the tips. Otherwise, I wouldn’t know that I am auntie to a celeb most eligible bachelor in Malaysia #23. Wah lau eh, I am fehmes lor. To reward the two of you, here’s one photo of the most eligible bachelor for your ogling, pinching cheek, messing hair, whatever.

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He was 1 years old, as you can see from the cake and I was 11 years old. Gee, I was very pretty hor? See my smile? I am still as sweet, as you can see from my earlier blog.

Err…did I mention take a number for wut? No? Oh, it is for MunKit actually. Not for most eligible bachelor #23 because auntie doesn’t fancy having bloggers as her in-laws.

Don’t pout now….

21 thoughts on “Most eligible bachelor – Girls, come please!

  1. #23 so cute lah lilian hehehe… my comment on those so called eligible bachelors, most of them don’t know what pedal-pushers are but not macho enuf to admit they dun know. some of their answers are down right funny.

    if they can’t say “dunno but i’ll find out” coz they think that is not macho enuf, have to reject lar like that.

  2. The baby so cute!!! heehee.. and Auntie Lilian.. that’s you??? looks like a Singaporean actress.

  3. Yes, Lin, Sushi King. Black T and jeans. (my SWAT uniform) Which Lin are you?

    Penny – 11 yrs old girl no bluff about their age wan…My nephew born 1974, I 1964. He is going to be 31yo on April 1?th.

    Sweetspirit – Hey, I bought one copy too. So let’s feel young again.

    YP – Yeah, so cute.

    Cute girl – Why…you no say about any hiroshima hair leh? And then hor, you not qualified to take number. Munkit donch fancy cross dresser.

    fish-fish, I just got mine. Hmmmm…it is a voting contest and can vote via sms and online. I must help beat gong for him. Pssttt…he is the only doctor in the group of 50 so got advantage hor?

    Sue – Funny, they did not ask my nephew what pedal pusher is. But I like his reply to this question :
    Have you ever been in love?
    “many times over.” Cool ya.

  4. Woohooo! I met the (in)famous Lilian of The Pearl Island. My own encounter with a celebrity šŸ˜‰

    I’m just Lin the blog reader.

    There I was breastfeeding in public to my husband’s displeasure (he’s a big supporter of me bf my baby but he gets very protective of my ummm modesty in public), I looked at the entrance/exit (near McD) and I saw this lady in black with her children and I thought she looked like Lilian. Then I saw the kids…then the husband. Hmm, she did say that her husband looked younger than her. I looked closely to the smallest toddler and I knew it was the adorable Matthew. I wanted to go up to you and ask whether you were THE LILIAN. I told my husband, “I think I just saw the famous blogger.” He told me to go and say hi to you but our baby was stuck to my chest.After the baby was done, I actually went to see if you were still around, but you’d vanished into thin air.
    I think your husband actually did look straight in our direction. I wonder if he still remembers seeing a woman wrapped in a black Maya Wrap and a red-headed mat saleh standing by our baby’s stroller. If I had met you just now, I would have said, “Lilian, I am bf in public and I read your blog everyday. Can I have a picture with you?”

    Next time I see you in public with or without the baby stuck on my chest, I’ll walk up to you and say hello. šŸ™‚

  5. xiaxue is a very good blogger. I used to read her posts as she was very expressive and cute in her writings(esp when she swears in Hokkien). I had to give up visiting her blog when she posted too many pics because I have a slow internet connection and it takes like forever to load.

  6. Could you direct some of the pretty(-iest) gals amongst the 104,049,214 who’ve taken a ticket thus far to me? šŸ˜‰ I’ve been single all my life… šŸ™

  7. Yuen Li – Nvm, I will give u the top 10 numbers.

    Reta – Not really ‘cos he did say, skinny boy with big ears. In fact, he is real chubby, no? Actually I got another photo of him but I look like an anorexic/malnourished 15 yrs old so dare not post.

    Viewtru – For her sake, get stimyass, go lay the cables yourself if Telekom can’t supply.

    Lin – *flattered* Hey, if you are a breastfeeding mom, have you signed up with We have mothers/babies meet on and off. Check it out?

  8. I dun like bachelor no. 23…*bluekz*…I like no. erm…40 something…43 i think? the one he said his accent is real..his mata so sepet…and pedal pushers…thank goodness my bf knows what is it =P

  9. S-Kay – Ouch, why la you choose that guy? He looks really Sepet leh. All putih-putih like that. Bluekz. Hahaha.

    Sweetspirit – I do wish to read more of your blog but haven’t got around to it. I am mystified, how come you have so many kids and they are so grown up and yet, you look so young and feel young too.

  10. Wah, you look damn “sui” lah at 11.

    (Ouch! Ouch! Get those cat claws off me please. I was here first!) Sound like women fighting it out at a sale or not?

  11. sexymum – You think I got degree in clowning meh? Must ikut gua mia mood la. Tiap-tiap hari humour, nanti gua boleh siao wor.

    MG – What 11 yrs old pretty? 30 years later, still pretty wut. kehkehkehkeh

  12. coz he answered one of the question inside there just the way my bf answered…wahahha…I mmg like sepet eye guys =P

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