Proof of quake

OK, this is not official but merely my comparison. The quake in Penang on 26th December 2004 which caused the tsunami did not cause my fish tank to spill it’s water. But this time, water spilled over. There is about 1.5 inch of height between the water level and top of the aquarium.

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The tank is placed on my altec lansing speakers.

And the water spilled all the way down to my TV cabinet.

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So, you guys can judge for yourself if this is worse or less.

Another thing – This quake really makes me weak in the knees because it went on for sometime and when I was carrying my toddler down the 3rd floor of my apartment, the staircase is still swaying. And when my hubby and older kids followed behind, the staircase is still swaying.

My #2 son, 13 yrs old insisted his hamster became very alert. And the rats in the ground floor drain are squeaking. He insisted he heard them.

My precaution?

I am not sending my 3 sons to school tomorrow. Reason being? Their school field is just next to the sea. Their school is therefore, also near the sea.

And probably, I am going to make sure my atm stays home too. (He works in Kulim, Kedah, crossing the bridge)

When the quake happened, I haven’t prayed as loud and as hard before. And even my kids also started calling on Jesus. Yes, it is that spooky. The 8 yrs old was running down the staircase, calling Jesus, please protect us and keep us safe from harm. Now, he will learn not to use God’s name in vain.

Some IM messages:
paul says:
paul says:ok
paul says: they detected it liao
paul says: northern sumatra
doc says: yup
paul says: magnitude 8.2

Everybody, pray!!! Hope there is no more tsunami. If Sri Lanka/Bandar Acheh can be flattened, so can Penang. If you have relatives staying around the sea, tell them to be on alert. Don’t mean to scare you guys but that’s how shaken I am.

8 thoughts on “Proof of quake

  1. i pray and seriously hope that nothing bad happens …..

    * i knew we cld rely on you for instant updates .. 🙂

  2. Pompit – Yes, the first thing I did when I came back from evacuation is blogging. My poor neighbour (malay lady) was so shaken. She was in confinement when the last quake happened. Just now, her husband was bathing, so he came out half naked, all wet. She was too shaken to even carry her baby. So kesian, I gave her a hug. But this time, I dah pandai. I sempat pakai bra! LOL! The last time tak sempat, my story masuk US punya blog.

  3. auntie, it’s dangerous to put ur fish tank on top of all the electronic appliances leh. looking at all the wiring and the water makes me worried. take care now!

  4. yeah .. can imagine how traumatized everybody is .. especially the ones who were hit by the tsunami the last time .. like ppl in Aceh … sure giler punya lari from their tents .. kesian .. Tapi , I missed the vibrations .. funnylah .. everybody else in our place felt it and were running out… then the police came to announce that everybody cld go home .. As a precaution .. I lak kelam kabut cari both undies and bra .. dah tido maaa and wearing kaftan .. … (just in case kena BF kat luar ..)

  5. Called back home, my family is saved and know nothing due to sleep so early. But, this is bad. Hope not giving another tsunami or worse thing.

  6. Hey surfnux, I was wondering about you just now. I read it happened near Medan this time and I remember vague you are from Medan. Take care!

    Pompit – Yalor, nasib baik dalam gelap-gelap, dengan lantai yang bergoyang tu dapat jumpa bra. LOL! Tu pun nasib tak tengah dok ber-romance. Nanti silap-silap, ingatkan self-activated quake. LOL!

    ccp – yalor, tell it to my husband! But usually, no water spill.

  7. i was sleeping juz now,so din feel anything.Received my sis call,saying there’s an earthquake in Sumatera.She asked me whether i’m fine,do i feel any shaking or not cos she could feel it in PJ.
    Hope everything will be fine soon.No more tsunami,pls.May God bless all of us.

    Me,now very busy,watching Channel News Asia,CNN & BBC World.But,CNN & BBC World din report as much as Channel News Asia.

  8. agree with ccp, electrical socket are dangerous near water source, even didn’t spill in normal time .. accident can happen anytime .. then electrical appliance to be taken care of lah .. electric circuit and water not good friend ..

    eh auntie, school got field beside sea ? SXI ??

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