RED ALERT – Another earthquake, worse than the other day

Another earthquake happened here at my place in Penang around 12.15 midnight. All the residents of my apartment evacuated. Generally, everyone agreed that this is worse than the other day. My aquarium water overflowed. So, let us pray that nothing bad happened again.

I was on IM when this happened. Excerpt :

doc says: wingz, charger, auyong felt earth quake
*lilian gone missing*

*lilian returned*
lilian says: i just evacuated
lilian says:
and came back
doc says:

More later…

4 thoughts on “RED ALERT – Another earthquake, worse than the other day

  1. I felt it too in Klang exactly at the same time! But nothing in the local news but CNN said that it read 8.2 & somewhere near Sumatra.

  2. local news so slow la…aiya…
    ipoh nothing also…as mad as it sounds..i would like
    to experience this tremor thingy…

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