Shaken earth, shattered dreams

The stark reality that our country is no longer safe from natural disaster hits everyone of us. I usually do not like to read too many things, especially all those geological reports which are too complicated for my simple mind. But someone who is a mother, a geologist and a PhD holder penned some thoughts on the recent earthquake. One sentence stays in my mind.

…but Mother Nature takes its course faster than human being.

Which, I know and she knows (thanks! R) that though we may get smarter and smarter in detecting potential quakes, tsunami and etc, we can never fight back entirely. Our fate lies in God’s hand. Like it or not, we can never be safe enough. We can never predict our future.

Long ago, I must admit that I worship money and try to change my fate. Yes, most things revolve around money. I have to buy more properties, save more money, find the right investments all for the sake of the future. And in order to earn more money, I have to ensure that all the things are align. Call it whatever mumbo-jumbo, many of us think we can be the captain of our own future.

When I first grab hold of the Bible, one very powerful verse struck me,
“Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” (Matthew 6:34)

And therefore, I became a ‘tomorrow-less’ person. I don’t get ulcers worrying how I am going to finance the education of so many children. I don’t worry whether I am feeding them right to avoid getting cancers, hyper-tension, diabetes when they are old. LOL! Many women do that, you know? I don’t worry if my husband is suddenly going to be out of work or he will bring back another wife and a few kids. Heck, worries can fcuk off as far as I am concerned. (of course, I also have God given brain to think smartly, ok?)

Then, another verse (which I can’t seem to find the exact chapter at the moment) is God asking us not to store up treasure on earth, where thieves come near and moth destroys. Instead, store up treasure for yourself in the Heavenly Kingdom.

“For where you treasure is, there your heart will be also.”
(Luke 12:34)

God is not asking you to declare yourself a bankrupt, live in loin clothes by the roadside as a holy man but rather, not to emphasis on money so much that you forgot the basic needs of humankind – i.e. love. (this will take a lot of explanation, maybe next time I elaborate).

I had just sold one of my house and previously, I would probably be hunting for more ways to increase the money through investment or searching for another bigger property. But the recent earthquake has made me wonder. Will there be a tomorrow? What if tomorrow never comes? For all I know, the prime properties I own may be swallowed in one gulp. All the monies I have may be meaningless.

Oh well, back to square one. Don’t worry. (can you imagine Jesus singing the song, Don’t Worry, Be Happy?)

And step two – be closer to God. Live His Word.

(To those of you who are eager to know whether those emails circulating around predicting the blah, blah, blah of the world ending, you may want to read the Bible, Matthew chapter 24. Don’t let these emails bother you, trust your heart, trust God.)

**Addition :
My name and blog are quoted twice by two writers from Sun2Surf. One is about the earthquake. The other is my infamous ‘Smoking makes a good girl bad.’ Oh WOW!, I wrote a long blog but only one sentence is mentioned in the article and I got flaming comments which I had deleted. (sorry, guys, this is the diskspace of a non-smoker. Flames and smokes are automatically put out and flushed down the toilet bowl.

7 thoughts on “Shaken earth, shattered dreams

  1. Hi Lilian
    Actually only one hour ago i was reading that with my “Bible reading friends” Once every 3 weeks we have bible morning together .I agree with you trust your heart,trust God

  2. I’ve been a tomorrow-less more than 4 years ago when I met my better half. when i look at the world, i felt lucky to be what i am, and thus stopped bothering what tomorrow brings.

    A wise man told me that if i do my very best today, tomorrow will take care if itself.

    I hope he is right.

  3. if tomorrow never comes.. would she know how much i love her.. wow reminds me of the one day when ppl mistook me as ronan keating when i was sopping at klcc :PPPP

  4. Hi Lilian, heard you loved my post yesterday. Thanks!!! Today’s even better…They reconciled and got back together! Hallelujah gal! šŸ™‚

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